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T3board/agenda 2008

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Topics you are interested in

Here anybody can store his favorite topics, write down who will be interested ( please comment points that are not clear at first sight ):

  • TYPO3 version 5.0
    • content repository
    • framework
    • services
    • interfaces
    • Domain Driven Design Discussion - Consequences for Coding (could manage that, although there is no experience in DDD yet Volker, also). Maybe Just a round table something
  • TYPO3 version v4
    • performance lab: impact of persistant db-connections and mysql-tuning -- WHO?
    • Code analysis of different important classes (pibase, etc). Would be ready to moderate it (Volker, Ravensburg)
    • Extension development Tipps & Tricks (Volker, also) if there is interest, of cause
  • Misc
    • Symfony web application framework - A quick tour (anybody interested?)
    • tyClipse - the TYPO3 Enterprise Development IDE in a first alpha version. See for more information (Sebastian)

Recreation & Sports

  • Football tournament (Responsible: Claudio Cathomen, Michael Stucki)
  • 2. (semi)annual TYPO3 Award Show (Dan & Mikael, Wildside) Saturday eve.? Properbly not a good night as the next day is the travel home day. What about friday?