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T3board/football competition

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Dear T3BOARD08 participants,

On Wednesday, April 2nd starting at 5:30 pm, we will have our traditional soccer game at the local gym in Falera. You can get to Falera by two chair-lifts (Mountainhostel - Curnius, Curnius - Falera)(last ride at 4:00 pm from the mountain hostel), walk down to the white church, there you will see the post and the sports hall, or take the gondola to Laax Murschetg and from there take the skibus (16:13, 16:43 or 17:13) straight to the sportshall of Falera.

After the game we will take a bus to Laax Murschetg. There we will hit the local bars to celebrate the Swiss victory :-) (Riders Palace and/or Casa Veglia, before returning to the hostel.

At 11:45 pm and 3 am, the gondola will have an exclusive run to bring us back to the hostel. This are going to be the only runs, so please be at the gondola terminal on time, because there will be no other opportunity to get back to the hostel.


  • The registration has closed, we are ready to play.
  • The playing schedule is now published, see bottom of this page.


  • When: Wednesday, April 2nd, 5:30 pm
  • Where: Sports hall, Falera
  • Who: Teams of 6 people and (hopefully!) many fans & cheerleaders
  • Tenue: Please play in sportswear and clean sneakers. Due to insurance reasons it is not allowed to play barefoot, in socks or ski boots :-)
  • Showers: There will be showers at the sports hall.
  • Motto: Play fair and have fun!
  • Lunch: Those of you who will go to the soccer game will get a free lunch pack and dinner is provided as usual for [the nerds] who stay at the hostel. Collect the Lunch pack from 15:30 on at the Owerflow.

More information

If you have further questions, contact Stucki.

  • If you should get lost on the way to Falera, call +41 76 317 71 68 (Claudio). Don't call, if you miss the last gondola at 3 am! We will not be able to help you then.


You can register your team by adding it to this website. What we need is:

  • Player names
  • A responsible person (in case of questions)

The registration has closed. See you in Falera!

Teams can have more than 6 members, but only 6 can play at a time.

Team List

  • Switzerland I (responsible: Stucki)
    1. Thomas Bühler
    2. Claudio Cathomen
    3. Pascal Meury
    4. Michael Stucki
    5. Adrian Zimmermann
    6. Sun Pantong
    7. Beat Hausheer
    8. Andri Steiner
  • Northern Germany (responsible: Ingmar)
    1. Ingmar Schlecht
    2. Andy Lenz
    3. Jan Christe
    4. Mad Herr
    5. Tim Lochmüller
    6. Axl Heinze
    7. Peter "die Katze" Niederlag
    8. Dirk "Paulus" Paulus
  • South Germany (responsible: Markus)
    1. Markus Giesen
    2. Dorian Bastian
    3. Sebastian Kurfürst
    4. Daniel "Glomse" Thomas
    5. Robert "Uschi" Shrink
    6. Tobias Sasse
    7. Urs Biermann
  • Danish Dynamite (responsible: Lars)
    1. (team to be announced two hours before the matches following international UEFA standards)
  • Slow Play (responsible: Søren)
    1. Søren Schaffstein
    2. Sebastian Böttger
    3. Fabrizio Branca
    4. Daniel Pötzinger
    5. Peter Kraume
    6. Tecker Siegel
    7. Kian Gould
    8. RinnE

Referee List

We need referees! Thanks to anyone who volunteers for this job.

  1. Ekki
  2. Friend of Ekki
  3. Another friend of Ekki


  • Team 1: Danish Dynamite (favourised losers)
  • Team 2: Switzerland I
  • Team 3: Slow Play
  • Team 4: Northern Germany
  • Team 5: Southern Germany

Play mode

  • 2x4 minutes
  • 5 Players (exchange is possible)
  • no behind, no out
  • within the marked area around the goal, the goalkeeper can hold the ball with his hands
  • Fairplay
  • 4 minutes pause between games
  • the referee is the boss!

Playing schedule

  • 17:30 Danish Dynamite - Switzerland I
  • 17:42 Slow Play - Northern Germany
  • 17:54 Danish Dynamite - Southern Germany
  • 18:06 Switzerland I - Slow Play
  • 18:18 Southern Germany - Northern Germany
  • 18:30 Danish Dynamite - Slow Play
  • 18:42 Switzerland I - Southern Germany
  • 18:54 Northern Germany - Danish Dynamite
  • 19:06 Slow Play - Southern Germany
  • 19:18 Switzerland I - Northern Germany

Uschi says ... zufälliger Weise hat das Team mit Heimvorteil jeweils zwei Spiele Pause ... ;)