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We had a wonderful TYPO3 conference these last days. Some say the best ever. Huge tHNx to [] and the MAN, Jurgen Egeling. tHNx Jurgen. After three years of T3CON in Karlsruhe the next T3CON will probably take place in a new location. Keep an eye on for that info!

The official page at

Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Awards went to:

  • 1) «Extension Hacking» by Lars Houmark and Henning Pingel
  • 2) «Development with TYPO3 5.0» by Robert Lemke
  • 3) «20 Things you may not know about TYPO3» by Jochen Weiland

Your pics

Anyone who has a Flickr account upload your pics tagged T3CON07. Olivier is the first to do so. See T3CON07.

Archive BoF Sessions

There were several Birds of a Feather sessions. We still keep the list for your convenience.