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Sat. 13:00-14:00 DB Integration: How to manage other DBs in your TYPO3 sites

Host: Mauro Lorenzutti

Creating a new site a common problem is that the customer already has his own DB containing many information that he wants to show. It could be that he also wants to insert and modify the data of this external DB from his TYPO3 site. To obtain this results the only opportunity was the creation of a new customized extension developed for every single DB that has to be integrated. By now, this is not still necessary! We developed a general purpose DB management extension that can be used to manage every type of DBs without the need of writing any PHP code, with the only TS and HTML knowledge being required.

The "DB Integration" (wfqbe) is an extension that allows you to connect to any DBMS; it'll able customers to construct a query with a visual wizard tool and to display the results in the FrontEnd, to create an inserting and editing data form and to provide a DB's research form.

The obtained layout is template-based, so you can define a particular layout for every query you make, and every field you retrieve can be customized via TypoScript. The extension will also give users the possibility to display results in a default table template and to export them in a CSV file. With a simple customization of your results template, you can reproduce a news-like functionality: you can have a list of records and a detailed page for each one.

This extension allows you to create a search form to restrict your query results. In this way you can provide your FrontEnd users with a module to search inside your database. A visual tool is available to drive you at the search form construction.

Finally, the extension allows you to insert, modify and delete records of your custom database. Again the construction of the insert and edit form is possible via a simple wizard tool. For every field of the selected table you can specify the required input type (free, relation with other tables, list of predefined items and so on) and select the input field to give to your users (text, selector box, radiobox, checkbox, password and much more).

At the conference I'm going to describe how we integrated an external database composed by more than 40 tables with possibility for FE users to list them, to search inside them and to insert, modify and delete records. We are also going to show how the extension can be used to improve other extensions, for example how to provide a better search form for tt_news record.