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<< BoF sessions

Fri. 14:00-15:30 Documentation and Training all levels of TYPO3 users.

Host: Virgil Huston

Publicly available documentation and training materials for TYPO3 are generally inadequate and out of date. Three primary issues arise from this:

1) inadequate documentation for clients. What are development companies providing for documentation? Custom manuals or the generic and outdated TYPO3 docs?

2) Certification - there can be no legitimate certification without training materials and tests based on actual work requirements determined in a methodological way. There are methodologies for determining the job tasks required to perform TYPO3 related jobs. From these, adequate training materials may be developed (as well as documentation). Without such a methodological approach to identifying needs, legitimate tests cannot be developed and certification loses its meaning.

3) inadequate training materials for clients or materials that must be custom made. THis results in either por client training or expensive custom training.

The purpose of this BOF session is to discuss approaches to identifying TYPO3 job tasks and developing reusable documentation and training materials and their applicability to certification.

Fri. 14:00-15:30 First Quick Notes taken on this B.O.F.

These are the first notes taken during this BOF, sorry for the layout and the poor english.

Certification, methods to create certification based on documentation management to legitimate certification process.

  • documentation template with extensions
  • general manuel describing general steps for :
    • basic t3 admin
    • editor work
    • related to a standardized
    • very modularized
    • making menus ??

Seems that most attendee are trainers (B2B) The online (contextualized) help maybe on of the better training support.

Language issue : in english : using US english (difficulet for UK cies). Multilanguage is another issue, together with updating.

As an opensource, maintaning doc is hard (same pers dev. doing doc) whereas in commercial open source, the doc is better.

Using a documentation framework is one solution. Publishing inside companies for client are not shared at all or very little things leak out. Why not using books system with specialized editors ? Using face to face (one2one or classrooms) training with training, what about online (somebody is using moodle).

  • lots of material (wiki, blog, tug)

Proposals in few words

  • Michael Cannon of Cannonbose : dev core doc sys that would allow dev to push their doc in like a wiki as a doc base. Using different versions (dev, editor). Open acces to multilanguage versions b versions. Using CSH system also for doc but adding the possibility to add infos a bit like a wiki.
    • One problem will be "doubles" languages not available now : US & UK.
    • core doc system idea - modular wiki-like editing system with taxomony and internationlization capabilities for content repurposing
    • TYPO3 Association is supportive of...
      • Virgil Huston and Cannonbose getting documentation team going
      • using core doc system to help centralize docs and allow for them to be translated with master
    • T3A not able to provide money, but blessing and help in asking for sponsorship from others.
  • Thomas : going with core business of documentation : make a simple app or whatever to start simple doc.

starting writting and using the wiki documentation.

  • Ian : using moodle ? or any outside tool.
  • Paul : asking association (providing material to them) to publish a welcome pack presenting community so as to help good willed people to help and keep them motivated. What about keeping their motivaiton "hot" : moeny, rewards ?

being selective on arguments : most used exts, most required themes.

  • Tyler : using technology (translators ?).
  • Italian guy : using welcome pack.