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Sat. 10:00-11:00 GPG/PGP key signing party and CAcert Web of Trust assurance event

Host: Oliver Klee

What is/Why key signing?

Please read chapter two of the GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO [1].

What is the CAcert Web of Trust?

CAcert is an organization that provides free-of-cost digital

certificates (e.g. SSL certificates for web servers). Trustworthiness

for this process is ensured using a web of trust. For more information,

please have a look at the CAcert web site [2].

What to do before the key signing party?

If you don't have a GPG or PGP key yet, create yourself a key as described in section 4.1 of the GPG key signing HOWTO [3].

As we expect to have about 30 attendees at the key signing party, please print out 30 copies of you key information including the fingerprint. On the command line, you can display that information using:

gpg --fingerprint your-email-address

If would would like to get yourself assured for the CAcert web of trust, please create yourself a CAcert account and print out 3 copies or the CAcert assurance form which can be found on the CAcert web site [2].

What to bring to the key signing party?

For the key signing party:

- the printouts of your key including the fingerprint information

- an official, valid ID with a photo of yourself on it

If you want to get assured for the CAcert web of trust:

- the CAcert assurance forms

- an *second* official, valid ID with a photo of yourself on it (you need two IDs for the CAcert web of trust)