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This is about the TYPO3 Glossary. It's a system-extension.


Extract from Wiki

This section contains information about scripts for automatic extraction of definitions from the Glossary wiki page and insert them into the TYPO3 Glossary extension.



Little Scope

Get 250 or so entries into sg_glossary

Big Scope

  • Create cross linked glossary entrys for whole TYPO3 system including:
    • TypoScript objects and properties
    • BackEnd form fields
    • General TYPO3 concepts
  • Catagorize entrys by knowledge area and user type.
  • Have space for links, examples and procedures.
  • Because of the number and complexity of the entries creating this would be an ongoing process which is never completely finished.
  • Entries would be created, edited and approved in some open collaboration process.
  • Entire glossary must be easy to install on any TYPO3 system, ie it won't exist only on one server.

More Specific Requirements

Collaboration in creating and defining entries

  • Allow protected and non protected entries
  • Maintain history of modifications with email address of person who made the modification.
  • Be able to set the state of the entry to any point in the history.

Maybe none of the above is necessary if we have an approval possibility? Or use the version or workflow possibilies of TYPO3? My suggestion is instead:

  • Possibility to suggest a new entry or suggest change / deletion of an existing one
  • Suggestions could be done by every visitor or restricted to only logged in visitors
    • In case of every vistor it should be possible (or required) to leave name and email address together with the suggestion
  • Suggestions have to be approved (or rejected) in the backend
    • It should be possible to edit the text before approval
  • Entries can be fully edited in the backend


requirements for using TYPO3 workflow to collaborate on Glossary defs

(Great idea. I've never set up a workflow. There's a video. I think this just might work.)

  • Editing would be happening in the Backend so each editor would need a Backend login which would restrict their access rights to editing Glossary defs. Perhaps every editor would need their own, or all could share one, or you could have one for different areas of technical expertise.
  • I don't see any obvious way for people to suggest new words. Perhaps an email form.

If you agree (I'd watch the video first if you've never set up a workflow), in order to check this possibility out, we should go ahead and try installing sr_glossary on a TYPO3 system, set you up as the Glossary Admin, me as an editor, and see if we can make it work. What do you think? --Mark rrrrr 19:46, 6 Dec 2004 (CET)

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