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This page belongs to the Design-Template for T3 project (category Project)

Raw report of the last session about T3Template Repository



  • People who want to try typo3 without lots of time !!!
  • Web Agency


  • T3Template is a new way to contribute to Typo3, without reading all the API ;-)

What we need

  • Backend Module (easy to use)
    • Choose a template (thumbnail)
    • Constant editor (easier than actual constant editor)
  • FrontEnd Plugin on
  • Coding Guidelines

Typoheads can help out with these points as shown on room nr. 45 on t3board07. Contact me for further details/steps/infos. Boris (


  • User must accept the license agreement

Person in charge: ???

Guideline / Webdesigner Toolkits

  • UTF8 only
  • Coding language is ENGLISH (id, name, class, ...)
  • Cross Browser (F1+ IE6+, O+, S2+)
  • Resolution is not important, user must choose a "resolution category" on the repository
  • XHTML trans / CSS must pass the validator
  • Header H1-H6 -> Compliant (CSS)
  • Extension
    • tt_news w/ RSS feed
    • indexed_search
    • FE Authentification (with just one user demo, password demo)
  • Content
    • Table (heading, styles, ...)
    • Minimum 2 languges (english is default languge)
    • Use external file for CSS / JS (default in Typo3 4.1)
    • Backend User/Group
      • Admin User with full access
      • Publisher/Redacteur with restricted access
    • Reserved content/page (viewable only by FE User after authentification)
    • RTE (minimal, text, bullet, bold, table, ...) no image function
    • Remove content element: bullet, table, HTML Element (with TS Configuration)
  • Template:
    • Rootline: only constant
    • Sysfolder: Template [TS]
      • intellingent naming convention
      • one template per ext (prefixed by "+")

Nice to have

  • RTE with CSS styles (specific css in the dummy package)


  • How to add Flash or Multimedia content easily inserted on page ?
  • Whitch license for the template ?
  • Copyright on image, text. Source must be know by te team. Contributer must accept a use licence.

Optionale features, disabled by TS constant

  • Indexed Search (on/off)

Name Convention

Person in charge: Alexander Heinze


  • Automatic review (install t3d, cron wget, validator w3c)

Dummy Content / Structure

  • Welcome page
    • Normal content page (w/ reseverd news)
    • News page (w/ reseverd news)
    • Contact form page
    • FE user page
    • Search page
    • Reserved page

Person in charge: Dominique Feyer

1 feb. 07 16:21: dfeyer, The T3D Package is not ready, but I work on it. If some one have a good configuration for the RTE with CSS integration, contact me ;-)

Current Project Members

See #Law, #Name Convention, #Dummy Content / Structure, #FrontEnd Ext for