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Author: Ingo Renner (developer of timtab)
Extension key: timtab
Document status: draft
Major revision: 27 sep 2005
Minor revision: See page's Last modified date
Prerequisites: TYPO3 version 3.8.0, tt_news (v2.2.0), ve_guestbook (v1.8.2) and realurl if wanted

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This document is published under the Open Content License

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This extension allows users to add advanced blog function to their website. Therfore - timtab is mainly a framework extension which connects other extensions, namely tt_news, ve_guestbook (modern guestbook) and realurl to use TYPO3 for blogging. You will use tt_news to post, your visitors can comment these posts with ve_guestbook and realurl delivers nice URLs. There will be 'optimal' default configurations for these extensions so you can start blogging (nearly) right away. Further this extension ships with the beautiful wordpress default template 'Kubrick'. With this template it is possible to set up a blog within a few clicks.

Setup of TIMTAB

This is quite easy to handle. Read included documentation.

Further information about this extension

Ingo Renner[1]