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TS/TypoScript Library

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The TypoScript Library Project


During the run of June 22nd 2007, there was a thread in the newsgroup typo3.german about "How to collect TypoScript snippets". There are many sites out there that are collecting such code parts of very different quality. Users who are looking for code have to struggle with different issues:

  • several sites are difficult to find
  • as those sites are mostly driven by individuals, there is no code review
  • the same task might be done in different (more or less efficient) ways

Even not sure that a wiki is the best mechanism to finally maintain a TypoScript lib, it might be a good start to collect them and to get feedback on them.

HINT: If you open new pages inside this wiki, please prefix the link with TS/ so that they are all in a virtual directory.


  • Setting up a Wiki based TYPO3 snippet archive
  • Developing a coherent system for TS names, so that they be combined without conflicts
  • Developing a coherent system of CSS classes
  • Developing an extension(tsrep) holding the archive, so that it can included as static templates.
  • Providing example implementations (t3d) of the the archive under the URL
  • Until this URL is available those implementationw will be presented on

Library section

The "package structur" is one of the first points to discuss. There is a collection of some idea for naming scheme.

Quality Control

Quality control is planned to be achived in 3 levels depending on availability of team members:

Low: Community Control by the wiki community

In this level the community of users is responsible itself for the control of the TS. Especially authors of TS are responsible to maintain their own contributions.

Medium: Control by selection into the tsrep extension

The maintainers of the extension "tsrep" select out of good quality snippets of the snippet pool. While doing this, they foster the wiki.

High: Moderated control

As soon and only if the lower control levels work successfully, the third controll level can be started:

I'd like to overrule the often spoken objection "the quality won't begood" with my idea how to achieve really good quality. Because we don't want to have a tangled mass of non efficient ts code snippets, we need to check these ones and need a quality measurement.

There will be a tsrep quality team, which will have a look on every snippet in the ts repository. The snippets will have for examples the seals "unchecked", "efficient", "efficient and well documented". Also the users will be able to rate and comment the snippets.

That way the code quality will be very high.

Link to Websites with TypoScript code collections

As it will take some efforts and time to collect, review, rework etc. Typosript code it might make sense to list sites where such code is already listed to give further options where solutions can be found. Feel free to add your favorite site here, but please take care that it shall offer valuable Typoscript code!

  • sorry, some are in german only. :-(

The wiki

We decided to use a wiki, because it's the best way how everyone can participate.

The next question: will the official typo3 wiki give us all options we need, to achieve our goals?

  • First of all there has to be the possibility of uploading code files
  • There has to be the possibility to make sure that only the author (and the adminteam of course) of a page can edit this or upload new versions of a code file
  • The users of the wiki needs to be able to rate and comment the uploaded typoscript snippets
  • The quality team needs to be able to seal the single versions ofthe snippets.

Therefore we have to decide wether we really start here, or setup a new wiki on our own server with, of course, the goal to move it to as fast as possible.