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T3ACME14MUC (Munich)

TYPO3 Active Contributors Meeting 2014 Munich


The "TYPO3 CMS Active Contributor Meeting" is on the one hand thought to have a meeting of active TYPO3 CMS Core Team Members as well as TYPO3 CMS Active Contributors at one place, and on the other hand the future of the CMS project.


Agenda Monday: Kick our own asses - Day

  • Introduction
  • Where do we come from / where are we heading?
  • Next version
  • UX experience
  • Kickoff in task forces
  • Decide on general things

Agenda Tuesday - Get the idea - Day

  • Develop blueprints / concepts
  • Work inside the task forces
  • Small breaks to sync and to re-iterate

Agenda Wednesday - Take responsibility - Day

  • Develop a plan on how we can make sure that we only define the things we *can* get in the next release, not more, and make sure that we finish them
  • What comes next? We need to have finished concepts for all contributors


The traveling and hotel stay is payed by the TYPO3 CMS Budget. The contributors meeting up would appreciate some sponsoring for:

  • Drinks
  • Food / Meals
  • Sweets
  • Covered travel costs by the employers

If you are interested in helping, drop a line, or go to the shop and buy a Sponsoring Package. Simply buy a multiple of the article "Codesprint TYPO3 CMS" and inform us about it. Thanks!


Monday, September 8th 2014, 10:00 CEST - Wednesday, September 10th 2014, 17:00 CEST

If you cannot make it until 9:30am travelling on monday, please travel on sunday evening; hotel rooms will be already booked for sunday! We want to start in time at 10am.


New Location

typovision GmbH, Elsenheimerstr. 7, 80687 München, Germany

Maps & Routing


Travel and hotel expenses will be covered by the TYPO3 CMS Budget of the TYPO3 Association.


We have a possible maximum at the location for about 30 participants; We booked single rooms for everyone - no need to mention that Please enter your availability until Tuesday, August 12th EOB (6pm CEST).

No° Name Availability (from-to) Arrives on Sunday already Needs Hotel (yes/no) Comments Want a Camp Voucher
1 Oliver Hader Mon-Wed yes no yes
2 Anja Leichsenring all days yes no no
3 Georg Ringer Mon-Wed yes yes (double room with Markus Klein is ok; non-smoking) - Olly reserved double room in B&B hotel no
4 Felix Kopp Mon-Wed yes no, booked myself no
5 Helmut Hummel Mon-Wed no no no
6 Thomas Maroschik Mon-Wed (will leave at 7h AM) no yes - Olly reserved double room in B&B hotel Go by car from Fürth. Have seats left.
7 Christian Kuhn Mon-Wed yes no no
8 Nicole Cordes Mon-Wed yes no
9 Benni Mack Mon-Wed no yes - Olly reserved double room in B&B hotel
10 Xavier Perseguers Sun-Wed yes yes - Olly reserved double room in B&B hotel no
11 Markus Klein Mon-Wed yes yes (double room with Georg Ringer is ok; non-smoking) - Olly reserved double room in B&B hotel no
12 Frans Saris Mon-Wed yes yes - Olly reserved double room in B&B hotel no
13 Jo Hasenau All days yes no, will just extend the room booked for T3CM primarily there to get input for T3UXW no
14 ben van 't ende Mon-Tue yes no (combines with TYPO3camp stay) no
15 Mathias Schreiber Sun-Wed yes booked my own
- Ernesto Baschny won't be there
- Fabien Udriot
- Jan Hendrik Heuing
- Patrick Broens
- Martin Wiederkehr EAB guy
- Felix Oertel will not be there
- Stefano Kowalke will not be there
- Steffen Müller will not participate
- Michael Stucki
- Dmitry Dulepov
- François Suter
- Sascha Egerer Not there
- Wouter Wolters Not there
- Andreas Wolf not there, sorry
- Philipp Gampe Will not participate
- Alexander Schnitzler Not there
- Stefan Neufeind Can't be there :-(
- Jigal van Hemert Not there
- Marc Bastian Heinrichs not there, sorry
- Steffen Ritter n.A.


Rooms will be booked for all participants that request a room.


  • Sun-Wed (3 nights)
    • DR: Georg Ringer, Markus Klein
    • DR: Xavier Perseguers, Benjamin Mack
    • DR: Frans Saris, (spare bed)
  • Mon-Wed (2 nights)
    • DR: Thomas Maroschik, (spare bed)

Maps & Routing




Sponsoring is not bound to a specific package. Any amount is appreciated and can be contributed via the TYPO3 shop. Our budget number is #4000.

Please consider sponsoring travelcosts / paid time of your employees.