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Important: #66614 - Checksums for processed files have been changed


The base data used for the checksum calculation of processed files has been changed. The checksum is used to identify changes which require regeneration of processed files.

Formerly the GFX section of the TYPO3_CONF_VARS was included in this base data, which caused weird problems in some cases.

With TYPO3 CMS 7.3 (and 6.2.13) this has been changed. In case you are adjusting GFX settings and you want processed files to be regenerated, you need to manually clean the existing processed files by using the Clean up utility in the Install Tool.

Since the base data is different now, the Core would not recognize the existing processed files as valid files and would delete those and build a new version. In case you are having a large installation, you might want to avoid this costly operation. The Install Tool provides a dedicated Upgrade Wizard for you, which avoids the expensive regeneration of processed files by updating the checksum of all existing processed files.


The Upgrade Wizard is only relevant for you if you're upgrading from any TYPO3 CMS version below 7.3 or 6.2.13. Any upgrade from 7.3 or later or from 6.2.13 or later to a newer version does not require to run the wizard.

Important: #67248 - Clean up DataMapper::convertClassNameToTableName


As a side-effect of cleaning up DataMapper::convertClassNameToTableName the argument $className is now mandatory.

Important: #67401 - Dependency Injection is now done before initializeObject()


Formerly initializeObject() was called before the dependencies were injected when retrieving an Extbase Domain Model. This behavior didn't match either the documentation nor the behavior when using the ObjectManager.

With TYPO3 CMS 7.3 this has been changed, dependency injection using @inject annotations and inject*() methods is now performed before calling initializeObject() when retrieving Domain Models.

This may have impact on extensions that are relying on the reversed call order. In these cases adjustments are required to take into account that the injected objects are available.