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Important: #67216 - Default minimum log level is set to warning


The minimum logging severity for TYPO3 has been raised from DEBUG to WARNING in order to ship strong defaults for production. Log messages of the severities DEBUG, NOTICE and INFO will be suppressed in the default setup.

The previous behavior from TYPO3 <= 7.3 can be achieved with the following configuration:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['LOG']['writerConfiguration'] = array(
        \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG => array(
                \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Log\Writer\FileWriter::class => array(
                        'logFile' => 'typo3temp/logs/typo3.log'

Important: #67445 - DBAL support for ALTER TABLE ADD/DROP KEY added


The prefix used to build the name of indexes in a database schema has been changed. The prefix is used to ensure that an index name is unique within a database schema.

Formerly the requested index name was prepended with the table name to which the index was added. In some cases this results in index names that exceeded the valid identifier length on all DBMS except MS SQL Server. The silent truncation of these identifiers results in non-unique names or index names that can not be matched to the original name.

With TYPO3 7.4 the prefix used for index names has been changed to a unique constant length prefix. Due to this all non-primary indexes need to be dropped and re-created with a new name. The changes to the database will be performed by the Upgrade Wizard in the Install Tool.

Important: #67852 - Remove jsfunc.evalfield.js from FormEngine


After 12 years, the usage of jsfunc.evalfield.js has been removed from FormEngine. The JavaScript has been moved into FormEngineValidation AMD module. Processor and Validator have been split up in two different functions.

Including the jsfunc.evalfield.js still works, but will be removed on short notice.

Important: #68290 - Default behavior for TCA suggest wizard changed


The suggest wizard by default searches in the whole word instead only the beginning now. This might have performance implications for large sites with a lot of records and/or sites that have a lot of tables that are searched, as the search is done with a LIKE "%searchterm%".

To switch back to the old behavior add searchWholePhrase = FALSE to the config of the suggest wizard.

Example to reset it for page.shortcut:

'shortcut' => array(
    'config' => array(
        'type' => 'group',
        'internal_type' => 'db',
        'allowed' => 'pages',
        'size' => '1',
        'maxitems' => '1',
        'minitems' => '0',
        'show_thumbs' => '1',
        'wizards' => array(
            'suggest' => array(
                'type' => 'suggest',
                'default' => array(
                    'additionalSearchFields' => 'nav_title, alias, url',
                    'searchWholePhrase' => FALSE