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Important: #67954 - Migrate CTypes text, image and textpic to textmedia


EXT:fluid_styled_content simplifies the available CTypes which results in types text, image and textpic being dropped in favor of type textmedia. The relation field is changed from image to media_references.


When EXT:fluid_styled_content is installed and EXT:css_styled_content isn't installed an "Upgrade Wizard" is available in the Install Tool to migrate all CE of type text, image or textpic to type textmedia. Furthermore the relations to field image will be adjusted to media_references for the migrated CE's.

The frontend rendering has to be adjusted so the new type is rendered after the migration is done. Migration will not happen automatically but has to be triggered manually.

Affected Installations

All installations where EXT:fluid_styled_content is installed and EXT:css_styled_content isn't installed.


First un-install EXT:css_styled_content and install EXT:fluid_styled_content. After that an "Upgrade Wizard" will be available in the install tool to migrate all existing CE elements of type text, image or textpic to type textmedia.

Important: #68128 - PHP Magic Quote Handling removed


In PHP versions prior to PHP 5.4 the option of adding slashes (magic quotes) to the superglobals $_GET and $_POST was causing inconsistent data handling. TYPO3 therefore always added slashes to these variables on every request to streamline the handling of the superglobals. The corresponding methods GeneralUtility::_GET(), GeneralUtility::_GP() and GeneralUtility::_POST() have been changed to not strip off slashes anymore.

Since the PHP option was completely removed, TYPO3 is not adding slashes anymore, and also does not strip the slashes anymore when using the methods within GeneralUtility.

Important: #68758 - Command controllers allowed in subfolders


Extbase command controllers can now reside in arbitary subfolders within the Command folder. This allows for better grouping and namespacing of commands.

Given a command controller resides in my_ext/Classes/Command/Hello/WorldCommandController.php, it can now be invoked like this:

typo3/ extbase my_ext:hello:world <arguments>

Important: #68917 - Updated jQuery to 2.x


With the step from jQuery 1.x to 2.x support for older browsers and "dirty workarounds" have been dropped. Since TYPO3 CMS doesn't support "older" browsers (IE < 9) anymore, jQuery was updated from 1.x to 2.x. For extensions that ran fine with an up-to-date 1.x-version that shouldn't really make much difference. There might however be edge-cases where extension-authors might need to adapt their jQuery scripts for 2.x.

Important: #69084 - Adding Extbase Objects with NOT NULL columns has changed


To better support databases that don't silently convert NULL values to an empty default value for database columns defined as NOT NULL the insertObject() method tries to determine the appropriate value for a column.

Extbase object properties that have a value of NULL will be skipped when preparing the record to enable the DBMS default value to be used. This behavior has not changed compared to TYPO3 CMS 7.4 but allows proper support for DBMS that are strict about NOT NULL columns by defining appropriate default values for properties in the models.

Example database schema:

CREATE TABLE tx_blogexample_domain_model_blog (
    title varchar(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL

Example model definition:

class Blog extends \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\DomainObject\AbstractEntity {

     * The blog's title.
     * @var string
    protected $title = '';


Important: #69137 - Link Wizard popup width and height fields removed


Opening links in popups with width/height definition is a very rare usecase nowadays.

For user convenience and to have less clutter in the UI, the width and height fields have been removed. The editor is not able to select a width and height anymore, it can still be entered manually though.

The RTE option has no effect anymore.

Important: #69531 - Remove SpriteManagerIconViewHelper


The \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\ViewHelpers\SpriteManagerIconViewHelper is not used anymore and has been removed. Use \TYPO3\CMS\Core\ViewHelpers\IconViewHelper instead

Important: #69846 - Have eIDs with PSR-7 without ControllerInterface


In order to allow the same logic as with the routing and the direct information which method to call, implementing ControllerInterface is not mandatory anymore.

Remove the implements ControllerInterface instruction in the affected class. The former processRequest method may (and should) be changed to:

public function anyMethodNameYouLike(ServerRequestInterface $request, \Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface $response) {

Please note that the $response object is now passed into the method directly, thus you must not create a new object by $response = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(Response::class); any more.

The eID_include registration in ext_localconf.php must be changed in such case to

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['eID_include']['identifier'] = \Foo\Bar::class . '::anyMethodNameYouLike';

Important: #69909 - FAL-based Database Fields moved to integer


The FAL-related fields in the database tables pages, pages_language_overlay and tt_content that contained a comma-separated list of paths to files were migrated at 6.2 with the shipped update wizards to IRRE fields. The database fields,, tt_content.image and now only contain numeric values, which are handled by the DataHandler and the Reference Index, holding the number of references. The database fields are now changed to be only int fields, instead fields of type text.