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Community Tools

Volunteers who like work on community tools should get in touch with

Currently we have a team that changes it's composition based on the topics being addressed in the code sprints we do.

Team Sprints for 2015

6.11. - 8.11.2015

Code Sprints for 2014


Select: I want to donate, where can I do this?

Answer Page: Link T3A or Paypal

Select: Where can I meet the TYPO3 folks face 2 face?

Answer Page: Link -> Snowboard Tour, T3CON, T3DD, General Assembly->T3A Membership.

Select: I found a security issue in TYPO3 or an extension. What should I do?

Answer Page: Contact security team: link to team page, email


As a new “concept” for motivating and having more progress in the t3o-team, we would like to try and introduce remote developer days. It’s basically similar to a sprint but only one evening.

The idea behind is to have people more motivated to work, as we work together like a sprint, but this is different as it is meant to be done remotely, but we will be together in the online channels.

The next T3O Remote developer evenings will be: not planned currently

Dates in past:

  • Friday 29.8.14 18:00-23:00
  • Saturday 20.9.14 18:00-23:00
  • Friday 7.11.14 18:00 - 23:00
  • Friday 5.12.14 18:00 - 23:00

Dates in future:

So the suggestion is:

  • On the given dates and time
    • Login to Freenode channel t3o-remote
    • Start working on a ticket, if you have questions etc. feel free to connect to contact anyone available.
    • In this situation, as we don't have the physically kanban board, it's important to follow the processes of a task.

As the Dev-Days are meant for work-with-whatever-you-think-is-fun-to-do concept. You can pick up any tickets you like, we will not have a prioritised board or anything like that. We would like you to get the great feeling of the community, working together and to achieve a shared goal, and of course having fun at the same time.

If you meet in smaller groups or how ever you would like to organise it’s really not important.

If more questions feel free to contact me: tomasnorre(at)gmail[dot]com


Last code sprint - Code Sprint Frankfurt August 29 - September 1, 2013

  1. Ben van ‘t Ende
  2. Christian Zenker
  3. Thomas Löffler
  4. Tomas Norre Mikkelsen
  5. Kay Strobach
  6. Christian Händel
  7. Olivier Dobberkau
  8. Roland Schenke
  9. Sven Burkert
  10. Peter Förger

Most important topics - priorities

  • Integrate certification in
  • Integrate family of products
  • Modify homepage to reflect changes in the TYPO3 project
  • Enhanced user management
  • Integration of RabbitMQ (TER Upload, documentation rendering, search index, etc.)
  • TER
  • Re-installing newsletter
  • Integration of Buzz
  • content changes like the proposed swimming lane concept
  • commenting concept / userfeedback
  • vacancies on
  • Sven will create the listing and details page for certified integrators and perhaps finish the new snippets extension.


TER is a special subject and need to be dealt with in a way so we are sure we see some progress here. We need to realise that TER is our platform where the community can engage and participate.

Thomas says:

- Main topic is to fix the bugs with uploading extensions and other stuff - Maybe give a link to a wiki page with an overview and a guide how to upload an extension - Look at features which can be done at the weekend (depends on developers and time)


- ...and a guide on how to upload an extension ← will do the writing if somebody tells me how it’s accomplished Deployment Christian will take of deploying the changes. Master Tolleiv will instruct him.