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notice - This information is outdated

Most of this page was written in 2007.

This page contains improvements for the current The target is "making a good example of a modern community website" (quote RL)

The TYPO3 Association has been thinking about its priorities and believes is a key service to provide for the community and that it should serve to "enabling people to participate". (quote KS)

notice - Note

Our focus is yet on DocTeam/Online TSref
Please add your ideas & todos & support there



  • general - to check what TYPO3 should do and what other tools
    • a good, clear analysis of what the site needs, what TYPO3's strengths and shortcomings are, and exactly what it would take to get there (from newsgroup-entry, Alex Heizer)
    • when searching, search results reference pages within documentation, with search words displayed correctly in-context, but links point to entire list of all extensions.
  • "Upcoming Events" on the homepage which lists upcomming TYPO3 Events (T3BOARD, T3Con, T3DD etc), Usergroup meetings + events and Conferences related with TYPO3 - see
  • More visible links to other TYPO3-domains

better performance

This part looks like many todo-items - but is a brainstorming! The big problem in the moment is, that the current system can NOT be so dynamic as we - the community - need it. The main problem is the bad performance.

=> Aim is to find a good solution what gives a great performance for a dynamic using several servers (1 TCP/IP load balancer, 1 database-server, 1 reverse proxy to minimize the webserver-load, enough servers with Debian/Apache2/PHP/TYPO3). For a big site that's normal.

reverse proxy - the cache


  • see diagram with squid inside
  • in front of the webservers. This gives better performance because even if the html(php) page is dynamic, all pictures and css will be cached by the proxy (Allan Jacobsen/ newsgroup-entry)
  • 20 people want to see a page from our website (..) references to css and images, so shortly there are 5 connections (..) If we have squid in front of the webserver all 100 connections are handled by 1 process, and it serves the images and css from cache most of the time, so it is only 1/5 of the connections that reach apache (Allan Jacobsen/ newsgroup-entry)
  • At work we have 5000-10000 connections at peak hours, and I have never seen more than 50 apaches running at the same time. (Allan Jacobsen/ newsgroup-entry)



  1. mod_expires + several settings in apache configuration will do that without squid (all in one process -> less memory taken). This speed ups both BE & FE a lot. I did patch for BE and some parts of FE plugins for 4.1 branch. (tip from Dmitry Dulepov)
  2. apache2+mod_proxy (from Steffen Müller, tested this with impressive result of n*60 factor), +1 (Michael Scharkow, by newsgroup)
  3. apache2.1+mod_proxy+mod_proxy_balancer (Michael Scharkow, by newsgroup)


  • is the one good enough what is in use in the moment? 50 pages-per-minute in 2005, zend (Daniel Brüßler)
    • TCP/IP loadbalancer should not be necessary, because I think the problem is not network (Michael Scharkow, by newsgroup)

querycache of the database

  • MySQL 4.1 has a good querycache
  • innodb: Though I am sure some work was done to optimize servers, it still would be good to have a look to database settings + server specs. Good idea is to check engine type for many typo3 tables, changing them to innodb may give good performance boost. (tip from Dmitry Dulepov)

better TER2

  • copycat
  • better feedback to author (ext name + translation/template upload for logged users)
  • optimized dependency-list (by the way the current TER2 dependency is very good - this would just be a minor feature --Daniel Brüßler 13:31, 5 January 2007 (CET))
    • additional dependency by the version of an extension. for example DAM: what version of static_info_tables is needed, what version of DAM is needed for mm_dam_filelist (--Daniel Brüßler 13:16, 5 January 2007 (CET))
    • good way to collect the dependency-information: ratings by the users, who're installing the extensions (--Daniel Brüßler 13:16, 5 January 2007 (CET))

better documentation rendering - must

  • PDF document renderer... it was said it was to come as a plugin of the new doc render engine...
  • Working documentation links throughout (see Wishlist below for examples of links which display incorrect target page)
  • Minimum of 3 header-levels in TOC and as headers. Many manuals are growing into a size thats makes the two levels of links that exists today not quite good enough. (Staffan Ericsson in newsgroup)

Links to the bugtracker

  • a link from EXT in TER to the bug tracker --Jürgen Egerling via Newsgroup

Other things

READY for integration

Main Navigation Initiative Typoheads contact: office-at-typoheads . at Second Level Navigation for the Mainnavigation, made with nested ul/ li + CSS based on suckerfish Showcase tested: Mozilla, Safari, IE6/7 rating: ready to use, very helpfull state: waiting for integration
Better searchresult page Typoheads contact: office-at-typoheads . at 'Better' is meant as getting an easy overview of the result with keeping a relaxed eye and mind Example for Searchword "typo3" Win ie6/7, FF, Opera; Mac Safari, FF rating: very helpfull state: problem with "?0=" in the url of the path, but this is a rendering bug from indexed_search itself



  • take a look to database of for possible performance optimization
  • a sitetree -> see #better main navigation
  • some improvent in the CSS: like a dotted horizontal line between news in home page (and in every news list).
  • the Who's who.. like at the old 3.8 times: a list of all active typo3 users with their little photo ^_^

Various improvements

  • Change DOCTYPE: Xhtml transitional is enough, strict means more work and gives no additional benefit for anybody. Some important attributes like target="_blank" are not possible at all, so a sponsor link will replace the site in the browser.Though validation is important, now it is html 4.0 with xhtml source... Also some standards like filled alt / title attributes and putting css and javascript in separate files would bring more benefit for all. (Andreas Schwarzkopf)
  • Width of website: The width is too small (800x600 is used by < 5% of users). It should be scaled ideally, may be made wider or at least centered. Now it fits in the left half of a usual monitor. That's why some extension records poke out.(Andreas Schwarzkopf) I would suggest a width of 960px (ben van 't ende) I would like to see a flexible layout (Kai Laborenz) +1 (Staffan)
  • URL's to documentation should be like this: document-library/references/doc_core_tsref/. That seems the most logical way to have permanant links to documentation. (Andreas Otto). Maybe the URL's to the pages with info about the document could be named like: document-library/references/doc_core_tsref/info/
  • Remove ' onfocus="blurLink(this);" '. This only adds k's to the page
  • Add title attribute All navigation items should have a title attribute. TS: ATagTitle.field = abstract // description // title
  • Search Results: search results that cover more then one page of results, the pages after page 1 are not displayed. When clicked on Page 2, 3 etc. you get the search box again. (Sander Vogels)
  • 404 PAGE At this moment every 404 points to homepage. That is bad, because this doesn't provide the visitor with any clue as to what has happened. Create a 404 page that provides relevant links like sections of and points to an advanced searchpage plus a Sitemap. Just create a hidden page in the root called '404' and point pageNotFoundHandling to '404'

ratings of manuals by the community

The rating of manuals - done by the community

  • needs no revision, good as it is
  • needs minor revision
  • needs major revision

This would be a 1 to 3 scale that would need to be updated every time someone votes. Then, we can prioritize and manage getting manuals revised and up to date.

better search page

better main navigation

  • a sitetree (since the structure is HUGE and many parts are scattered around...) - easy to do.. maybe in the footer?
  • More visibility' Lets make all subdomains visibile and easily accessible. Create a more shallow structure. +1(staffan)
  • Mockup:

better TER2

  • Document links from TER' The manual links from TER2 to the document tree does not work. Should be fixed. FIXED
  • Special chars are not displayed on some TER2 pages, e.g. 'Kasper Skrhj', 'Ren Fritz' on . Maybe a charset problem with the database? (Rainer Kuhn) Yes, a DB problem leading to broken characters being filtered completely for now. (Karsten Dambekalns)
  • TER2 - Extension 'Info' View: different issues as mentioned below, example for all mentioned issues: (Rainer Kuhn)
    • long extension description texts and uploads comment texts from TER1 are cut - TER2 seems to use shorter field length for these texts than TER1 did
    • strange layout in 'Info' view: table column used for description texts is much to narrow - currently about 15 chars per line only. This should be changed to a more readable layout
    • clicking links to an extensions' documentation chapters leads to the 'Extension Manuals' overview page - should be fixed
    • a good-looking donate-button at a place where it fits good. See how bet-and-win made it for people who want to pay-in for a bet. (Daniel Brüßler)
  • TER2 - Extension 'Details' View: clicking a 'view' link for displaying a file's source code takes very long time or does not do anything at all (especially for larger files). Example: , click on 'view' for file 'pi/class.tx_ttnews.php' (Rainer Kuhn)
  • Upload comment gets a scroll box that is hard to use. NewLine is not implemented
  • There is no display of ratings in list view.
  • You can't list only Stable/reviewed extension in search/list.
  • You can't read feedback sent to the ext. dev. that could contain import information when deciding if the ext. is right.
  • Sort search results by update/rating/name and so on.
  • Hide extensions older than a certain time. There is a lot of alpha/beta extensions that hasn't been updated for years. There presentation ruins the impression of TYPO3. So hiding unmaintained extensions should maybe be a good idea?
  • New and updated list could maybe be filtered so that not Alpha and Beta extensions are shown as default. User setting of that should be saved in a cookie.

better documentation rendering - wishlist

  • Extension documentation: The author's name is linked to a nonexistent URL instead of a mailto-link with correct email adress. Example: . Seems to be an accidentally conversion of email addresses to URLs.(Rainer Kuhn)
  • No numeric links in documentation: Before the site upgrade we used to have documentation links in the form document-library/doc_core_tsref/condition_reference/ which becomes document-library/references/doc_core_tsref/current/view/4/1/ now. I find it hard to remember the numbers of chapters and subchapters. Is there any way to make this more userfriendly? (Andreas Otto)
  • Extension documentation: in special cases faulty display with whole text page linked to a non-wanted URL. Example: . Seems to be a conversion error from OO docs to HTML (Rainer Kuhn)
  • I'm missing the comments to OpenOffice-documents. They should be activated again (if it is OK with the performance), or moved to the wiki or to the Jive KB as base for document-updates. In case of wiki see Category:T3Doc (Daniel Brüßler)
  • cells in tables can't be concatenated/united (example: search for "Global Wraps" in the tt_news reference table) (rupi)
  • colored text (syntax highlightning) does not work anymore (I used this in all code/TS examples in the tt_news reference which are very hard to read now) (rupi)
  • bold text is not working anymore (rupi)
  • the font of preformatted text is too big, it stretches the table. (rupi)
  • some linebreaks in preformatted text are lost (example: altMainMarkers, TEMPLATE_LATESTTEMPLATE_LISTTEMPLATE_SINGLE ....) (rupi)
  • linebreaks in lists are lost (also in the "FAQ" section -> "Q" and "A" are written in the same line) (rupi)
  • the orange table header starts with a fixed with graphic which looks quite ugly if the table is stretched wider than than this graphic (rupi)
  • the font inside of table cells is generally too big. On the old side this font was smaller than the font of normal text. (rupi)
  • 4th level headers are ignored (example: "FAQ" below the big reference table) (rupi)
  • Avoid "dead links" in sourcecode - provide "soft-" or "permalinks" for URLs that are provided via PHPDoc-Tags like "@see" or "@link". See class "tslib_cObj" function "cObjGetSingle" => "@link[extUid]=270&cHash=4ad9d7acb4". How is this handled in other opensource projects? (ctrabold)

better Other ressources section

Fixed issues

  • 16725: TYPO3 Core - - missing ext/podkast/pi1/m4v.png [Closed; assigned to Michael Stucki]
  • Table rendering: In Mozilla browsers (Linux) the tables in the documentation are not rendered with their css layout. In Opera (Linux) the tables are rendered correctly. This is probably some inheritance problem. I couldn't locate the problem until now. (ben van 't ende) This was caused by "invalid whitespace" in the CSS, fixed this yesterday. (Karsten Dambekalns)
  • it's not possible anymore to jump directly to an anchor inside a page (f.e. if you click directly on "reference" in the TOC of the tt_news manual you get to the top of hte page "1.4. Configuration" (rupi) +1 (staffan) FIXED. (Peter Förger)
  • Snippets (Steffen Kamper)
  • Optimized TYPO3-caching (Core Team)


Current Project Members

We'll having the Team Summit meeting in February/ March.

  • Here you find a Map with the homes of the Team Members who attend TeamSummit (contact Jens Hoffmann to get inserted):
  • insert into the table what date is possible/ not possible

suggestion for possible team members (?? is a free column, yet, what you can use!!, please update this table, if you see that something has changed):

who task address L possible DATE in Jens' map ???
Erik Svendsen Management/Concept Norway, Lillehammer no, en anytime except March 1-4 No ?
Espen Svebak Concept ? ? ? ? ?
Jens Hoffmann Design Germany, Mainz de, en Anytime! yes ?
Andreas Dolleschal Coder Austria, Vienna de, en not before May no ?
Michael Scharkow Coder ? ? anytime from the second half of February and except March 12-18 ? ?
Stucki Core team leader, bugtracker-team ? ? might be useful the have a quick kick-off meeting at t3board, and start with the real discussion at a later time ? ?
Ingmar Webmaster ? ? ? ? ?
Sebastian Webmaster ? ? ? ? ?
? Web 2.0 expert: SugarCRM, MySpace, YouTube ? ? ? ? ?
Daniel Brüssler Support for documentation (Wiki, Export/Import, DocBook), Coder, Resources-linklist Germany, Nürnberg de, en anytime - but t3board isn't possible for me yes ?
? Documentation ? ? ? ? ?
Kasper Skårhøj Initial Facilitators ? ? ? yes ?
Daniel H. Initial Facilitators ? ? ? ? ?
Thomas Hempel Blogging / News Germany, Hamburg de,en quick kick-off meeting at t3board ? ?
Ingo Renner Blogging / News Germany, Bad Vilbel de, en anytime no ?
Steffen Kamper Coder/Configuration/Site issues Germany, Haan (NRW) de,en March sounds good ? ?
Peter Niederlag TS-Coding, XHTML/CSS quality ensurance and coordination Germany, Hannover de,en almost anytime, T3DD07 thursday/friday ? ?
JoH asenau TS-Coding, XHTML/CSS quality ensurance and coordination Germany, Düsseldorf de,en almost anytime No ?
ben van 't ende XHTML/CSS quality ensurance and coordination Netherlands, Arnhem nl,en,de almost anytime No ?

todo list - responsibility - who cares for what task

This will be decided while the Team Summit meeting (February/ March). See also the newsgroup.

Jens (Me): Desing new Frontpage / new EM 2.0 / new Buzz / stucture Elements