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In the moment it's the planning-phase for the Rebuilding See the list of things what needs improvement and the Team Summit in germany.

See also the mailing-list and the newsgroup and all relating pages for the improvements


Here you find a Map with the homes of the Team Members: (Last Update: o4.Jan.2oo7, 1o:3o)

  • It is not finished jet, i don't have more adress data. >> PLZ mail me >

See also the DATE-column in the table Current Project Members

Why we wanna do it

The target is "making a good example of a modern community website" (quote Robert Lemke)

The TYPO3 Association has been thinking about its priorities and believes is a key service to provide for the community and that it should serve to "enabling people to participate". (quote Kasper Skårhøj)

We need a long term strategy that doesn't rely on a mailing list "team" as it has been currently. Mailing lists are good to gather broad opinions and sometimes other things, but to end the frustrations with the website we need a team with responsibility to make it happen. (quote Kasper Skårhøj)

We need to build the team (quote Erik Svendsen)


See the table Current_Project_Members - and please update it, if you see that something has changed.

The areas

Daniel Hinderink and Kasper thought about how to take this to the next level. The idea was to set up a team and meet in real life to kick it off. From such a meeting these should be the results:

Main feature areas
(including TER stability, karma points, team platform, social mobility, ratings)
Plan for implementation Plan for process management
Basic concept

Daniel H. and Kasper would lead and participate in that meeting to help reach these results, but the clear goal is that when the meeting is over the responsibility for has been outsourced to someone else and both need not think about it again.

The team

Building the team are most important, because this will be the foundation for the future work in the team. Most of the team building can be done through practical work with problems, ideas and solutions for, but some time has to be used on team-specific problems.

Important in building the team are:

  • Get to know each other. Hobbies, family, interests, life experience.
  • The team goal. The team goal is both the goal for the task in hand, but also a goal for other outcomes from the team
  • Communication rules (both outside and internal), and which technology to use.
  • How to work, - processes.
  • Teamnorms and roles.
  • Decision rules.
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Conflictsolving rules
  • Team identity

-- Erik Svendsen