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TYPO3 4.0.3

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This document describes all the important information for the TYPO3 release 4.0.3 that where not mentioned in the official article on (


2006-12-05  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Release of TYPO3 4.0.3
	* Updated font-copyright information in t3lib/fonts/readme.txt - many thanks to Christian Welzel for taking care of this!
	* Security enhancement: Prevent image access through thumbs.php. For details, see - thanks to Marc Bastian Heinrichs for discovering and reporting this issue.
	* Security enhancement: Refuse BE logins of usernames starting with "_CLI_" (they are only used by real CLI scripts)

2006-11-21  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fix a problem with PHP4 and UTF-8 byte order marks (BOM) in t3lib_div::xml2array()

2006-11-17  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #4059: options.hideRecords.pages doesn't work for mounted pages - Thanks to Marc Bastian Heinrichs for providing a fix!
	* Fixed bug #4379: pageNotFound_handling ignores forceCharset setting
	* Fixed bug #3115: JavaScript error on clickmenu in filelist module
	* Fixed bug #4515: Input field with settings eval "date" and readOnly shows 01-01-1970 if the value is empty - Thanks to Marc Bastian Heinrichs for providing a fix!

2006-11-16  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Added freeIndexSetId GROUP BY in tx_indexedsearch->execFinalQuery() to make SELECT work on DBs other than MySQL
	* Add an index prefix to MySQL key definitions when (var)chars are changed to text when multiplyDBfieldSize is set
	* Reverted change to key of sys_refindex on 2006-09-01 (key prefix is set now automatically)

2006-11-07  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #4348: Wrong time format in syslog output

2006-11-06  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #3495: Endless recursion with some MySQL versions

2006-11-03  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #4411: Popup-menues appearing in topframe in Internet Explorer 7. Thanks to Mads Brunn for providing a fix.
	* Fixed bug #4425: Garble code in adodb extension
	* Fixed Cross Site Scripting issue in For details, see - thanks to Andriu Isenring Ritsch for discovering and reporting this issue.

2006-11-02  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #1655: t3lib_div::substUrlsInPlainText() did not support HTTPS links
	* Fixed bug #1236 again: 404 error while using the new content wizard
	* Fixed bug #4443: Items in CE "Insert Records" don't have edit options in context menu any longer
	* Add security hints in typo3/mod/tools/em/class.em_index.php

2006-10-30  Karsten Dambekalns  <>

	* Fixed bug #3637 in EM (translation handling)

2006-10-17  Dmitry Dulepov  <>

	* Fixed bug #3199: SUing to myself?
	* Fixed bug #3720: Multilanguage Flexforms don't work after migrating a site from one language to more languages

2006-10-17  Ernesto Baschny  <>

	* Fix: no more "ERR" or "Unpacking the language pack failed" in the translation handling with curl enabled.

2006-10-14  Dmitry Dulepov  <>

	* Fix: t3lib_db::exec_SELECTgetRows() did not free recordset

2006-10-13  Karsten Dambekalns  <>

	* ADOdb system extension updated to upstream 4.93. Added danish translation, thanks to Peter Klein!

2006-10-12  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fixed bug #4021: array_merge error with PHP 5.0

2006-10-10  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fixed bug #3777: thumbs.php looks for file in t3lib/gfx instead of typo3/gfx

2006-09-20  Bernhard Kraft  <>

	* Fixed a missing space in typo3/template.php

2006-09-15  Sebastian Kurfuerst  <>

	* Fixed bug #3862: Tools>User Admin allows switching to disabled user

2006-09-14  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #4219: := appendString() did not work because the check was made for "apppendString" (typo)

2006-09-11  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Release of TYPO3 4.0.2
	* Fixed a tiny security problem in indexed search (for details, see

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.