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TYPO3 4.1.3

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This document contains information about TYPO3 version 4.1.3 which was released on October 22, 2007.


A lot of bug fixes made it into this release. Areas which got special attention this time were HTMLArea and IRRE. See the below ChangeLog for details.


MD5 checksums

f0c520571ef8188620a3cf0b5ff4ca38  dummy-4.1.3.tar.gz
b3028c3f286cde5a6399902b10de102c  typo3_src-4.1.3.tar.gz


Nothing special to do.


2007-10-22  Ingmar Schlecht  <>

	* Release of TYPO3 4.1.3

2007-10-22  Andreas Otto  <>

	* Fixed bug #6340: JS errors with dividers2tabs and rtehtmlarea

2007-10-21  Thomas Hempel  <>
	* Fixed bug: #6531: Function getUpdateJS doesn't work properly (Thanks to Philip Almeida)
	* Fixed bug: #434: function getUpdateJS produce JS error messages
2007-10-20  Ingmar Schlecht  <>

	* Fixed bug #5949: BE-Shortcut to Tools->User Admin returns error. (By Oliver Hader)
	* Fixed bug #6210: UserTSConfig value "options.moduleMenuCollapsable=0" does not work.
	* Fixed bug #6071: Switch to User does not work from context menu in List Module. (Thanks to Christian Kuhn all patches above!)
	* Fixed bug #6553: Remove hardcoded strip_tags() from image altText and replacing it with TS stripHtml = 1 (Thanks to Georg Ringer)
	* Fixed bug: stdWrap for imgMax is not taken into account. (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)

2007-10-19  Stanislas Rolland  <>

	* Fixed bug 6546: Remove htmlArea RTE acronym from Insert-Record object

2007-10-17  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #6121: Reply-To field in formmails can contain invalid characters if formMailCharset different from site charset (patch by Wolfgang Zenker)

2007-10-17  Sebastian Kurfuerst  <>

	* Fixed bug #6202: Company field is missing for table fe_users in "View Item" (Thanks to Christian Kuhn)

2007-10-16  Michael Stucki  <>

	* Fixed bug #3552: Fatal error during backend edit

2007-10-16  Stanislas Rolland  <>

	* Fixed bug 4183: Incorrect display in htmlArea RTE of utf-8 labels for colors, classes and fonts defined in PageTSConfig
	* Fixed bug 4525: In htmlArea RTE, disabling personal dictionaries in UserTSConfig not honored

2007-10-15  Stanislas Rolland  <>

	* Fixed bug 5855: Missing unlink icon in htmlArea RTE
	* Fixed bug 5839: In htmlArea RTE, paragraph & text dropdown boxes inactive when using @media clause in stylesheet
	* Fixed bug 6152: AllowClipboard helper offered by htmlArea RTE doesn't work with 2.0.0.x Firefox
	* Fixed bug 6340: rtehtmlarea not working with "Editforms on page" option
	* Fixed bug 6152: Nullify default value AllowClipboard helper and use TYPO3-specific Firefox extension
	* Update version number of rtehtmlarea to 1.5.4

2007-10-08  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fix bug #6420: access key generation wrong with HTML tags in menu titles (TMENU)

2007-10-07  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fixed bug #5911: GIFBUILDER setting quality not honoured

2007-10-06  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fixed bug #6462: Wrong default locale charset on Windows
	* Fixed bug #6252: rteHTMLarea acronyms are not DBAL compatible
	* Fixed bug #5189: images with uppercase file extension aren't displayed in drag-n-drop listing

2007-09-24 Andreas Otto <>

	* Fixed bug #1471: Check if exif functions are available before using them.

2007-09-18  Oliver Hader  <>

	* (minor) Fixed bug #65: Thumbnails in Element Browser are only displayed if fileSuffix is lowercase

2007-09-09  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* fixed bug 5701: linkHandler Hook Not Initialized Properly , patch supplied by Jeff Segars

2007-09-09  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Require PHP 4.3 explicitely in init.php

2007-09-07  Ingmar Schlecht  <>

	* Bugfix: Highlight root page in pagetree

2007-09-05  Thorsten Kahler  <>

	* Fixed bug #4160: Moving content elements in frontent editing mode causes crash
	* Disable versioning in clickMenu if BE user doesn't have access to the versioning module

2007-09-03  Oliver Hader  <>

	* (minor) Fixed bug #6104: IRRE - IE7: Strange behaviour with hover event of nested Tabs/IRRE-levels with relative positioned HTML elements
	* (minor) Fixed bug #5906: IRRE - Default values defined in TCA are not used for children (thanks to Joscha Feth and Jeff Segars)

2007-08-15  Wolfgang Klinger  <>

	* (trivial) Added is_array checks in extension manager code (committed by Stucki)

2007-08-23  Dmitry Dulepov  <>

	* Fixed: hanging recordset in t3lib_BEfunc

2007-08-23  Andreas Otto  <>

	* (trivial) Fixed bug #4888: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

2007-08-06  Martin Kutschker  <>

	* Fixed bug #5941: Log reason of failure on DB connect

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.