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TYPO3 4.1.8

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This document contains information about TYPO3 version 4.1.8 which was released on January 20, 2009. Warning: TYPO3 4.1.8 uses some functions only available in PHP5 - so if you are using TYPO3 4.1.7 on a system running PHP4.x, do not update to 4.1.8! Versions 4.1.9 and newer are compatible again.

Example for the problem: "public static function" in class.t3lib_div.php on line 1379

And another warning: FE anonymous session handling will no longer work with this update! Be careful! See TYPO3-bugtracker for details and a patch which seems to fix the problem.


to be completed...


MD5 checksums

8124f37d9aaf2182439c536d96b070f4  dummy-4.1.8.tar.gz
7ac7801885a92bf5e833ab7fd9bed2d3  typo3_src-4.1.8.tar.gz



Nothing special to do. Except you are running TYPO3 in a PHP4 environement. See below how to get TYPO3 4.1.8 working there.


shell script:
2009-01-20  Ingmar Schlecht

	* Release of TYPO3 4.1.8

2009-01-20  Ingmar Schlecht

	* Fixed bug #10146: Session fixation vulnerability in user authentication (thanks to the TYPO3 Security Team and especially Marcus Krause)
	* Fixed bug #10159: XSS vulnerability in workspace module (thanks to the TYPO3 Security Team and especially Marcus Krause)

2009-01-20  Ingo Renner

	* Fixed bug #10134: XSS vulnerability in sysext indexed_search (thanks to the TYPO3 Security Team and especially Marcus Krause)
	* Fixed bug #10133: Command execution in sysext indexed_search (thanks to the TYPO3 Security Team and especially Marcus Krause)
	* Fixed bug #10154: Weak encryption key generation vulnerability in sysext install (thanks to the TYPO3 Security Team, and especially Marcus Krause)

2009-01-18  Francois Suter

	* Cleanup #10125: Replace deprecated function calls in sysext indexed_search (thanks to Markus Krause)

2009-01-17  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #7677: Constants are not correctly substituted on some PHP5 distributions

2009-01-16  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #10157: t3lib/config_default.php textfile_ext should be updated to include xml and other text types

2009-01-14  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #10143 spamProtectEmailAddresses_atSubst does not work correctly if linktext contains email address with uppercase charachters (thanks to Helmut Hummel)

2009-01-14  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #10116: Remove/protect adodb testfiles (thanks to Marcus Krause)

2009-01-13  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #10109: Google reports duplicate title tag
	* Fixed bug #10120: Add .buildpath to svn:ignore

2009-01-12  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #7265: Submodules of Web module can't work with mod.php and the _DISPATCH system

2009-01-09  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #10083: Constant styles.content.imgtext.separateRows is not defined

2009-01-08  Benjamin Mack

	* Fixed bug #9194: Bug: wrong handling of 'is_in' list in TCA element type 'input' (Thanks to Vladimir Podkovanov)

2009-01-05  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #10055: Add contrib directory to list of allowed paths (thanks to Dan Osipov)
	* Fixed bug 10056: Misspelling english word "guesbooks"

2009-01-03  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #10047: typo3/contrib is not prefixed with config.absRefPrefix

2009-01-01  Benjamin Mack

	* Fixed bug #8361: Stage change notification emails not send when publishing from Live workspace (Thanks to Andreas Wolf)

2008-12-25  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #10012: TYPO3 generates incorrect ETag

2008-12-23  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9999: Setting [BE][compressionLevel]=true causes problems

2008-12-22  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #9977: Extensions class.ext_update.php scripts are executed even when extension isn't loaded

2008-12-20  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #8952: Flags are missing
	* Fixed bug #8525: added Korean flag
	* Fixed bug #5628: added Slovak flag

2008-12-18  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9947: gzip compression does not work in BE at all
	* Fixed bug #9741: wrong anchor links with absRefPrefix option enabled (thanks to Stefan Galinski)

2008-12-11  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #9836: RTE TSconfig lost when uploading files or creating folders

2008-12-09  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #9915: Typing error in tslib_content ($gifCreateor = $gifCreator)

2008-12-03  Martin Kutschker

	* Fixed bug #6415: preg_replace error on PHP 5.2 sometimes resulting in empty pages (thanks to Francois Suter)

2008-12-01  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9790: class.gzip_encode.php fails with open_basedir restrictions

2008-11-27  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #8944: PHP-Error in class.em_index.php on line 4333

2008-11-22  Steffen Kamper

	* Fixed bug #9798: Don't show fe_users password in page module

2008-11-01  Oliver Hader

	* Follow-up to bug #9664: t3lib_div::strtolower() is not implemented (thanks to Marcus Krause)
	* Fixed bug #9632: Multiple fileuploads into folders with special characters (umlauts) not possible (thanks to Marcus Krause)

2008-10-31  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #9659: TCEmain wrongly tests required input-type fields (thanks to Francois Suter)

2008-10-28  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #9664: EM fails on retrieving files of uppercase extension keys (thanks to Marcus Krause)

2008-10-21  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #9553: Form validation script jsfunc.validateform.js sometimes fails in IE (thanks to Vladimir Podkovanov)

2008-10-14  Martin Kutschker

	* Fixed bug #9501: Titles of content columns in classic page module doesn't take into account backend charset (thanx to Steffen Kamper and Vladimir Podkovanov)

2008-10-10  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9522: t3lib_BEfunc::BEenableFields generates invalid SQL

2008-10-04  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9479: Selected items are not visible after saving the form in BE

2008-09-20  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9384: FE session hijacking

2008-9-18  Martin Kutschker

	Fixed bug #8588: Admin tools - User Admin - List users online broken when [BE][lockIP] is set to  4

2008-09-10  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9315: Description of tslib_fe::includeTCA is incorrect

2008-09-09  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9268: TCA is not loaded in FE when config cache is disabled

2008-09-08  Stanislas Rolland

	* Fixed bug #3546: htmlArea RTE: wrong charset used by mb_regex in spell checker

2008-09-01  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9249: Misspelling in Install tool (thanks to Christian Kuhn)

2008-08-25  Stanislas Rolland

	* Fixed issue #9196: In htmlArea RTE, unable to create an external URL containing german umlauts
	* Updated htmlArea RTE version to 1.5.7 for TYPO3 4.1.8

2008-08-21  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #8826: calls to ini_set produces warnings

2008-08-20  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #5205: pi_loadLL() + no language file == full path disclosure

2008-08-18  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #9141: Update Wizard uses wrong scheme to write compat_version to localconf.php
	* Fixed bug #9152: Deprecated code into stdgraphic

2008-08-11  Ingo Renner

	* Reverted Change from 2008-08-06 in t3lib_div leading to nonfunctional clipboard

2008-08-06  Ingo Renner

	* Fixed bug: PHP 5.3 throws a warning in class.t3lib_befunc.php on line 3348: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given
	* Fixed bug: PHP 5.3 throws a deprecation warning in typo3/mod/tools/em/class.em_soap.php on lines 108, 112, 115, 213, 218: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated
	* Fixed bug: PHP 5.3 throws a warning in class.t3lib_div.php on line 3286: strcmp() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given

2008-08-05  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #6992: t3ib_refindex requires t3lib_BEfunc but does not include it

2008-08-01  Benjamin Mack

	* Fixed bug #9099: Wrong path to pages.gif in linkbrowser (Thanks to Xander Damen)

2008-07-30  Martin Kutschker

	* Fixed bug #9076: iso-ir-109 detected as iso-8859-2 instead of iso-8859-3

2008-07-23  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Changed LICENSE.txt to reference GPL "version 2 or later"

2008-07-14  Dmitry Dulepov

	* Fixed bug #8566: Unable to match TS condition when variable is not set

2008-07-13  Martin Kutschker

	* Fixed bug #5476: links entered in th-tag with the RTE are not parsed on the frontend because parseFunc doesn't recognize th as cells (thanks to Daniel Ellermann)

2008-07-12  Martin Kutschker

	* Fixed bug #8922: setStage operation of t3lib_TCAmain::process_cmdmap() overwrites $id parameter making it inaccessible for post-processing hooks

2008-07-07  Ernesto Baschny

	* Fixed bug #8703: More OptionsAccess wasn't being shown in the pages click-menus (Thanks to Andreas Wagner)

2008-07-03  Ernesto Baschny

	* Fixed bug #7711: Element browser ignores "Hide in menu" flag (Thanks to Christian Kuhn)
	* Fixed bug #8840: Wrong title of edit icon of "Include basis template" section when editing template records (Thanks to Christian Kuhn)

2008-06-22  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #8724: getElementsByClassName does not work properly in Firefox 3 and Safari 3.1 (thanks to Helmut Hummel)

2008-06-13  Oliver Hader

	* Fixed bug #8239: Wrong parameter order for strpos in t3lib_div::getHostname
== Past Release Notes ==

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.

Patching TYPO3 4.1.8 to work with PHP4

You have to change two files:

Open typo3_src-4.1.8/t3lib/class.t3lib_div.php, search for

public static function generateRandomBytes($count) {

and replace it by

function generateRandomBytes($count) {

Within this function search for line

$output .= md5(mt_rand() . $randomState, true);

and replace it by

$output .= pack('H*', md5(mt_rand() . $randomState));

Then open typo3_src-4.1.8/typo3/sysext/cms/tslib/class.tslib_content.php and search for

$linktxt = str_ireplace($mailAddress, $spamProtectedMailAddress, $linktxt);

and replace it by

$linktxt = preg_replace('/'.preg_quote($mailAddress,'/').'/i', $spamProtectedMailAddress, $linktxt);

That's it. Your TYPO3 4.1.8 should now work in an PHP4-only environement.