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TYPO3 4.4.12

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Release Notes for TYPO3 4.4.12

This document contains information about TYPO3 version 4.4.12 which was released on November 22th 2011.


This version is a maintenance release and contains bug fixes only.


MD5 checksums

69205390982c9caf6f8f707578e72d55  blankpackage-4.4.12.tar.gz                                                        
c2a15e2f915733d076b52401a93be537  dummy-4.4.12.tar.gz                                                               
027b244cab664b1d63812934c57ea388  typo3_src-4.4.12.tar.gz                                                           


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.



  • [TASK][!!!] Replaces die() calls with RuntimeException (#31826)

Other Bugs/Tasks

  • [BUGFIX] Log date picker broken (#31450)
  • [BUGFIX] Recycler: Wrong placed brackets (#28835)
  • [BUGFIX] Extension configuration of saltedpasswords broken (#31501)
  • [BUGFIX] Options checkboxes are hidden in BE admin user form (#30492)
  • [BUGFIX] Make extbase modules appear in access lists (#24122)
  • [BUGFIX] TCA: Suggest wizard doesn't work in wizard_edit popup (#28930)
  • [BUGFIX] Check for rsaauth being usable (#31178)
  • [BUGFIX] Enable "0" as token for TypoScript split function (#31062)
  • [BUGFIX] Improve check for started session in rsaauth (#30270)
  • [BUGFIX] Replace debug with call to deprecationLog (#30759)
  • [BUGFIX] date expects parameter 2 to be long, string given (#30931)
  • [BUGFIX] Copyright year in HTML comment is hardcoded (#30725)
  • [BUGFIX] t3lib_Compressor breaks absolute paths in CSS (#29904)
  • [BUGFIX] Email links marked as external when preceded by external link (#29782)
  • [BUGFIX] RTE: Add TYPO3 version to hash of cached scripts (#30534)
  • [BUGFIX] Don't unnecessarily start PHP session (#29274)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix backpath for add wizards in IRRE records (Backport fix from master) (#29770)

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.