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TYPO3 4.5.1

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Release Notes for TYPO3 4.5.1

This document contains information about TYPO3 version 4.5.1 which was released on February 23, 2011.


This version is a maintenance release and contains bugfixes only.


MD5 checksums

b91e93d98e4f7bad0636788689eb179c  dummy-4.5.1.tar.gz
6b7012da6953010673d9990d9bf0ca9e  typo3_src-4.5.1.tar.gz
28027c7a6bb707ff006000b5912ab089  introductionpackage-4.5.1.tar.gz


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.


Here is an ordered list of what was fixed since 4.5.0:


  • Fixed bug #17520: Pagetree - Locked records are not indicated anymore (Thanks to Stefan Galinski)
  • Fixed bug #17702: Directly open "inline edit" of page title after creating a new page with drag and drop in the pagetree (Thanks to Stefan Galinski)
  • Fixed bug #17452: options.hideRecords.pages is ignored in page tree (Thanks to Andreas Kiessling)
  • Fixed bug #17457: Pagetree - User Mount Points are always expanded
  • Fixed bug #17479: javascript error after contextmenu -> delete a page
  • Fixed bug #17407: Pagetree cause endless loop in ExtJS events
  • Fixed bug #17434: Pagetree: when start edit, the text should be selected
  • Fixed bug #17406: Pagetree Editor remains with empty value

ExtJS / ExtDirect

  • Fixed bug #17502: ExtDirect Exception: "Error parsing json response: null"
  • Fixed bug #17500: Improve error handling in ExtDirect router (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • Fixed bug #17464: ExtDirectCode is added twice
  • Fixed bug #17057: StateProvider values not respected

t3lib_mail API

  • Fixed bug #17574: defaultMailFromName not used when defaultMailFromAddress is used in mailform (Thanks to Jigal van Hemert)
  • Fixed bug #17314: Swift_RfcComplianceException is always thrown in t3lib_formmail when forceReturnPath=1 is set
  • Fixed bug #17531: htmlMail - Can't send mails on port based systems with Swiftmailer substitution
  • Fixed bug #17518: Content type "mailform" no longer accepts list of addresses for "Recipient List" (also fixed function description in t3lib_mail_SwiftMailerAdapter)

Install Tool

  • Fixed bug #17511: tx_install_session::write doesn't fix permissions
  • Fixed bug #17374: implode() issues in Install Tool

Extension Manager

  • Fixed bug #17701: Generated t3x might be corrupted
  • corrected initial settings with no saved extension configuration
  • Fixed bug F#13180 Hardcoded Labels for Extension State and in menu "Filters"
  • Fixed bug F#13183 Saving Settings uses hardcoded labels
  • Fixed bug F#13179 Order in "Udate EM_CONF" is not ideal
  • Fixed bug F#13181 Unreplaced variable in headline when editing a repository
  • Fixed bug F#13182 Updating a repository gives wrong flash message
  • Fixed bug F#13178 GUI partly hidden with 1024x768 pixels and less
  • Fixed bug F#13177 Button "Refresh" in Extension > Details > Files misses tooltip
  • Many fixes for FileEditor
  • Fixed bug F#13164 EM GUI does not use translations
  • Fixed file saving, file diff, prepared file creation/moveing
  • Fixed bug F#17538: EM gets instantiated before XCLASS definition (Thanks to Jesper Paardekooper)
  • Prompt for save with new file load
  • Small fixes for init configuration in fileeditor
  • Prevent file actions before a file is loaded
  • Simplified codemirror configuration
  • Use mixed parser for php files for correct parsing
  • fix docPath in link generation for documentation
  • remote list should show installed extensions without search
  • log saving of ext files in be-log
  • Mark filename red when file content changed
  • Fixed bug F#11487 Edit Files - Download not implemented
  • Adjusted tooltips for filter
  • Fixed bug F#15019: Extension Manager does not free the DB result with sql_free_result
  • Fixed bug F#17363: Legacy extension manager does not allow to change category of configuration anymore
  • StateProvider for file tree adjusted
  • Prevent single click in translations while fetching languages
  • StateProvider for file tree added
  • Fixed bug F#11862 Updating translations fails
  • Fixed bug F#12799 Problem with Planer Task
  • Fixed bug F#12812 State destroys the columns menu in repository list
  • CSS - fixed links in grid header menus
  • Fixed bug F#12556 Upload comment not uploaded
  • CSS: remove border from filter trigger icons, cancel item displaced
  • remote list: do not deliver all data with empty search
  • CGL cleanups
  • CSS for filetree folder icons removed (use standard), filter with typo3 icons
  • Render settings and labels after the hook for easy additions
  • Implemented Hook to allow extensions to plug in the gui
  • Fixed bug F#17450 path to Documentation for sysextensions is wrong (Thanks to Simon Schaufelberger)
  • Fixed double form tag in configuration forms (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)


  • Fixed Bug F#12649: Linkvalidator: Split up analyzeRecord()
  • Fixed bug F#12652: Linkvalidator: If none of the link types are marked to be checked, all of them are checked
  • Fixed bug F#12650: Linkvalidator: tx_linkvalidator_tasks_validator: exec() is too long
  • Fixed bug F#12454: Linkvalidator: Use setting "defaultMailFromName" and "defaultMailFromAddress"
  • Fixed bug F#12517: Linkvalidator: Replace exec_SELECTgetRows with exec_SELECTgetSingleRow whenever a single record is expected (thanks to Jo Hasenau)
  • Fixed bug F#12549: Linkvalidator: Unify capitalization of language labels


  • Fixed bug #17399: Install Tool "COMPARE" fails to update mysql Tables
  • Fixed bug #17327: Alter table in install tool does not work


  • Fixed bug F#12457: Split view und grid don't use StateProvider yet
  • Fixed bug F#12855: Generate preview link visible in Live-Workspace and on non-content pages
  • Fixed bug F#13074: missing cache_frontend configuration
  • Fixed bug F#13098: Hide sys_workspace_stage in list view (Thanks to Andreas Kiessling)
  • Fixed bug F#13003: singleIndex rows not showing up due to browser security violations
  • Fixed bug F#13002: singleIndex page much have invalid workspace id


  • Fixed bug #16656: ImageMagick does not work with quotes in exec() path on Windows


  • Update codemirror to recent version 0.9.4
  • Fixed bug #17719: Move donation popup to about module (thanks to Steffen Kamper)
  • Fixed bug #16636: Suggest wizard does not work with drop-down select fields
  • Fixed bug #17715: Wrong variable name used in recycler (Thanks to Peter Beernink)
  • Fixed bug #14224: Redirect URL for backend login is lost when entering wrong information (Thanks to Reinhard Führicht)
  • Fixed bug #15771: Docheader (save, save+view, save+close etc) missing
  • Fixed bug #17564: Red question marks in QuickEdit instead of icons (Thanks to Jürgen Ettmueller)
  • Fixed bug #17541: cookies are not required in CLI mode / cookieSecure blocks cli
  • Fixed bug #17501: User setup - pressing return creates installtool file
  • Fixed bug #17087: BE user password not changable via setup module with "saltedpasswords" (Thanks to Marcus Krause)
  • Fixed bug #17413: ExtJs Theme - use grey folder items for tree by default
  • Fixed bug #17493: Filelist misses open folder icon
  • Fixed bug #17411: DatePicker middle selector not readable
  • Fixed bug #17402: Error page should use TYPO3_copyright_year constant (Thanks to Johannes Feustel)


  • Fixed bug #16890: tcaTree in flexforms still breaks
  • Fixed bug #17478: Wrong behaviour of "$TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['sqlDebug'] = TRUE" (since #15425)

Admin Panel

  • Fixed bug #17708: wrong link in adminpanel: edit page properties (Thanks to Bjoern Pedersen)
  • Fixed bug #17684: Admin Panel renders invalid markup (Thanks to Markus Klein)
  • Fixed bug #17436: typo in class.tslib_adminpanel.php (Thanks to Bjoern Pedersen)

Frontend / TypoScript

  • Fixed bug #17483: GifBuilder - meaningfulTempFilePrefix can cause invalid image urls
  • Fixed bug #16902: Fatal error in tslib_content_text (Thanks to Jo Hasenau)
  • Fixed bug #17428: Parsetime comment is inserted BEFORE !doctype and html tag (Thanks to Georg Ringer)
  • Fixed bug #17371: Typo in MEDIA renders wrong height
  • Fixed bug #17372: stdWrap .current and .setContentToCurrent do not return content
  • Fixed bug #17422: cObj->FORM() wasn't processing the $formData parameter (Thanks to Hubertus Golf)
  • Fixed bug #17385: Restore proper behavior of LOAD_REGISTER (Thanks to Jo Hasenau)
  • Fixed bug #17553: css_styled_content ext_tables.php links to wrong static file for TYPO3 4.4
  • Fixed bug #12230: Function tslib_cObj::crop() is not fully multibyte safe (Thanks to Vladimir Podkovanov)
  • Fixed bug #17507: Extension using stdWrap hooks are broken due to stdWrap refactoring (Thank also to Jo Hasenau)
  • Fixed bug #17351: PHP_SCRIPT_EXT/INT in 4.5 doesn't work (Thanks to Jo Hasenau)
  • Fixed bug #17360: beforeWrap/afterWrap properties of TMENUITEM not working anymore (Thanks to Jo Hasenau)


  • Fixed bug #17695: htmlArea RTE: Removing format may remove content
  • Fixed bug #17669: htmlArea RTE: Dialogue window positioning properties not honoured
  • Fixed bug #17676: htmlArea RTE: Some combo stores are loaded twice
  • Fixed bug #17677: htmlArea RTE: Classes configuration is loaded twice
  • Fixed bug #17616: htmlArea RTE: Link dialogue doesn't open when anchor class is set with double quotes
  • Fixed bug #17587: htmlArea RTE: RTE should not be enabled on Android
  • Fixed bug #17373: Standalone images in RTE-enabled field not rendered in frontend
  • Fixed bug #17349: htmlArea RTE: JS error when using "Edit element"
  • Fixed bug #17438: htmlArea RTE: non-xhtml markup in image dialogue (Thanks to Georg Ringer)


  • Fixed bug #17653: t3editor: wrong size calculation in Chrome for the code completion window (Thanks to Stephan Petzl)
  • Fixed bug #17654: t3editor: some code completion descriptions have " entities instead of real quotes (thanks to Christian Kartnig)

Backwards compatibility

  • Fixed bug #16891: showpic.php causes a fatal error if parameters GET variable is not an array (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • Fixed bug #17412: PHP Warning in class.t3lib_matchcondition_abstract.php (Thanks to Sven Jürgens)
  • Fixed bug #17355: Dependencies in sysext 'version' and 'workspaces'
  • Fixed bug #17244: Error Message while Updating 4.4.6 > 4.5
  • Fixed bug #12998: Icons for Word documents missing (Thanks to Tobias Schäfer)

Performance / Caching

  • Fixed bug #17672: CSH - each label fires one request
  • Fixed bug #17592: ExtDirect API calls are splitted in single requests and slows down page loading
  • Fixed bug #16534: Exception message for missing memcache wrong
  • Fixed bug #15721: Memcache::delete() without timeout param causes loss of memcache server in pool (Thanks to Michiel Ross)

Security / Tokens / Login

  • Fixed bug #17383: Open forms cannot be saved after "Relogin" (Security Token errors) (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • Fixed bug #17498: The refresh login dialogue is shown even if the session already timed out (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)
  • Fixed bug #17490: After introducing the locking in #17289 no CSRF token will ever be deleted (Thanks to Helmut Hummel)

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.