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TYPO3 6.0.5

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Release Notes for TYPO3 6.0.5

This document contains information about TYPO3 version 6.0.5 which was released on May 3rd, 2013.


This release is a bug fix release.


This is a combined release of TYPO3 CMS 4.5.26, 4.7.11 and 6.0.5.


MD5 checksums

266a46064648faa00145efaffada4aae  blankpackage-6.0.5.tar.gz
593025ee397dc5a0b917805d541aeb58  dummy-6.0.5.tar.gz
b37620d591d57332e1791bdcf1bd4396  typo3_src-6.0.5.tar.gz


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.


Here is a list of what was fixed since 6.0.4:

2013-05-03  a9f6ab6                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.0.5 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-05-02  044c30e  #43735          [TASK] Reduce severity for set_no_cache() from core (Georg Ringer)
2013-05-01  23187dd  #38879          [BUGFIX] InlineSettings broken if extJs not loaded (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-30  63a6f54                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-29  ea23451  #42901          [BUGFIX] Filter for groups not working after revisit (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-29  13ca597  #47681          [BUGFIX] Revert abusive deprecation (Francois Suter)
2013-04-28  c01a7ba  #47621          [TASK] Update URLs to documentation (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-27  0965bda  #47529          [BUGFIX] Empty columns in Page Module view cause warnings (Christian Zenker)
2013-04-27  742932a                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-25  0918bd9                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-22  a8d4bac                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.0-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-22  1687956                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.0.5rc1 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-22  5bddd9a                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-22  295a327  #47449          [BUGFIX] Incomplete mock raises PHP 5.4 warning (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-22  c18160e  #47409          [BUGFIX] Select label element from suggest-list (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-22  780e7dd  #47274          [BUGFIX] RTE: Tab key in Chrome inserts weird SPAN tags (Stanislas Rolland)
2013-04-20  61c5e9b  #40731          [BUGFIX] Suggest wizard: Display record icon (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-19  977bb0a  #45254          [BUGFIX] excludeUidList not checked for ifsub state (Frederik Vosberg)
2013-04-14  c9a27c2  #47140          [BUGFIX] ProcessedFile/Thumbnail is always regenerated (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-14  00c8f0c  #47145          [BUGFIX] TypoScript stripProfile not forwarded to ProcessedFile (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  4150527  #47189          [BUGFIX] Catch correct exception if file has been removed (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-13  7790b12                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  c40805d  #36793          [TASK] Add/drop usage of preg_quote() where needed (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-13  5facaea  #47184          [BUGFIX] Inefficient cache handling in LocalizationFactory (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  c82d918                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  8b7ff01                  [BUGFIX] Language cache is not cleared anymore (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  75d4261  #47181          [BUGFIX] Empty clear cache command logged (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  3439e95  #46205          [BUGFIX] Cache file could not be written on concurrent actions (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  6d7fc2d                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  4062234  #38600          [BUGFIX] Fix Non-static method tslib_cObj::calc() (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-13  f5ddbf6  #38601          [BUGFIX] Fix Non-static method tslib_cObj::getKey() (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-13  0847df3  #38602          [BUGFIX] Fix Non-static method tslib_cObj::enableFields() (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-13  a701005                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  246b13e  #44484          [BUGFIX] Don't set empty from-name when sending email (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-12  f0c8f89                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  1c58b86  #21288          [BUGFIX] Flash uploader doesn't work in Filelist clickmenus (Lorenz Ulrich)
2013-04-12  919ccff                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  b907308  #47160          [TASK] Remove last mentions of t3lib_formmail (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  90c3038  #46278          [BUGFIX] Deprecate forgotten t3lib classes (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  832551b  #47157          [BUGFIX] Namespace forgotten t3lib_formmail (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  86b3560                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-10  e9520d5  #39248          [BUGFIX] Make fetchUserRecord callable without username (Robert Heel)
2013-04-09  ca9df6e  #47082          [BUGFIX] Correct naming of TYPO3 database backend test (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-09  05b55cc                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-09  a9d3a5b  #15771          [BUGFIX] Numeric check for upper/lower bound of flexform-values (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-07  e710f62  #47007          [BUGFIX] File collection should request update after changing the storage (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-07  f11699d  #42223          [BUGFIX] Images from non-local storages are not displayed (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-07  a4abc47  #46274          [BUGFIX] EM: add visual feedback for download+install (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-07  68a113b  #47012          [BUGFIX] Function buildUrl does not handle port setting (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-07  7dde3eb  #42996          [BUGFIX] Adjust category exception message to namespaces (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-07  1eec6dc  #46596          [BUGFIX] IndexerService does not set creating user (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-07  8065390  #46965          [BUGFIX] Illegal string offset in EditDocumentController (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  1b284b7  #38705          [BUGFIX]  Hide move placeholder in WS preview (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-06  efd4292  #46435          [TASK] Small clean up in the page tree code (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-04-06  879da98  #46999          [BUGFIX] Write config to extTables destroys HTML output (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  35fd78e  #47002          [BUGFIX] Warning in getCompressedTCarray due to missing extTables.php (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  8ebc9ae  #46853          [TASK] Move code for clearing text fields to jquery plugin (Jost Baron)
2013-04-06  d7ed7bd  #45467          [BUGFIX] Fix wrong string formatting (Fabien Udriot)
2013-04-06  51fca3f  #46996          [BUGFIX] EM ConstantsView crashs with dep/faulty types. (Alexander Opitz)
2013-04-06  d0f802c  #43291          [BUGFIX] BE login form gives warnings in RteHtmlParser (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-04-06  938b504  #46997          [TASK] Sort version column enabled as default (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-06  458c00f  #46977          [BUGFIX] EM: sorting in dataTable incorrect (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-06  f56233e  #42106          [BUGFIX] swiftmaileradapter should ignore empty headers (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-06  ed988a8  #45221          [BUGFIX] Fix processed files if original has special chars (Helmut Hummel)
2013-04-06  34f30db  #46983          [BUGFIX] EM manual links open in the same window (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  8efa2f6  #46984          [BUGFIX] BackendUtility::calcAge returns negative value for 0 (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  47dcd13  #46976          [TASK] EM: remove nested pagination in showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  c46f2a9  #45748          [BUGFIX] Get folder object if a path is given (Ivan Kartolo)
2013-04-06  1433faf  #46979          [BUGFIX] EM: increased visual significance of Upload .t3x (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  91fe224  #46588          [BUGFIX][EM] Fix failing unit tests (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-06  d871648  #46978          [BUGFIX] EM: show versions link to read manual (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  679641e  #46958          [BUGFIX] EM: configuration view CSS corrections (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  aa502f9  #43241          [BUGFIX] saltedpasswords not installed by default (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  a96cd0a  #46972          [BUGFIX] Fix phpdoc after namespacing (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  5422a0a  #46967          [BUGFIX] EM: reduce prominence of state column (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  52f3bf1  #46971          [TASK] EM: easy access to showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  c56ecf9                  Revert "[BUGFIX] Throw Exception if typo3 extension repository is not defined" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-06  4d44159  #46444          [BUGFIX] Sorting of file links CE is broken (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  cffa4fd  #46586          [BUGFIX] Automatic creation of processed files folder fails (Andreas Wolf)
2013-04-06  c4733a0  #46962          [BUGFIX] Extension Manager does not use calcAge (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-05  5cc0580  #46573          [BUGFIX][EM] Fix of last update time after update (Jost Baron)
2013-04-05  59f9963  #46524          [TASK][EM] More readable "time since last update"-strings (Jost Baron)
2013-04-05  c6319f1  #45245          [BUGFIX] EM: Update button -> display version (Thomas Löffler)
2013-04-05  c24f31b  #42849          [BUGFIX] Throw Exception if typo3 extension repository is not defined (Sascha Egerer)
2013-04-05  f38e2e6  #46021,#46953   [BUGFIX] EM: Colorpicker in extension configuration is broken (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-05  adb2097  #46955          [BUGFIX] EM: fix state columns' CSS (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  e467e39  #46582          [BUGFIX] Read permission check for folders is broken (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-05  f007375  #46605          [BUGFIX] RTE: Magic Images are put in root folder (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-05  422550f  #28741          [BUGFIX] Respect line breaks in stdWrap.cropHTML (Alexander Stehlik)
2013-04-05  edb9fd3  #44288          [FEATURE] Add delete button in file list (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-05  90733dd  #45703          [BUGFIX] respect rootLevel=-1 in exec_foreign_table_where_query (Stefan Froemken)
2013-04-05  335831f  #46948          [TASK] EM: Remove contentWrap container (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  da8f1e3  #46951          [TASK] EM: Add title to "Show all versions" icon (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-05  278a0ed  #46575          [BUGFIX] Error in filelist for Storage context menu (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-05  bef89a6  #46949          [BUGFIX] Add version title in showAllVersion view (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-05  5b8035f  #39919          [TASK] EM: extension info within "Get Extensions" (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  725e630  #46941          [BUGFIX] Move EM extension configuration save button to DocHeader (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-05  d5bc670  #46938          [BUGFIX] EM: Add return link to showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  842cd76  #46934          [TASK] EM: Modules deserve headlines (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  a925e5b  #46931          [BUGFIX] Move EM tabs to function menu (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  2f22b9d  #46942          [TASK] EM: Remove search form in showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  c79eeb3  #33651          [BUGFIX] Fix breaking t3editor by using hsc() (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-05  3a56664  #46591          [BUGFIX] Caching framework tables depends on ext_tables.sql (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-05  b8c3d45  #45928          [BUGFIX] Extension manager styling (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  7765942  #26753          [BUGFIX] List module shows thumbs on CEs of type text (Mario Rimann)
2013-04-03  f3e5fff  #39135          [BUGFIX] Let Upgrade wizard recognize $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'] (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-02  bfd6b78                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-02  1da7354  #43382          [TASK] Optimize clearing file backend caches (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  c05fe21                  [TASK] Remove explicit strict test from TypoScriptParserTest (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  91783bd  #46795          [!!!][BUGFIX] Scope of ProcessedFile cannot be modified (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  0fe3945  #46839          [TASK] Integrate basic TypoScript parsing test (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  fa2c8b2                  [TASK] Adapt ArrayConstraints in IndexerTest (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-01  2f72201  #45982          [BUGFIX] PHP filesystem functions are locale dependent (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-01  3d64329  #24582          [BUGFIX] Accept alternative notations for setDBinit (Michael Stucki)
2013-04-01  66dc994  #36719          [BUGFIX] Javascript for TMENU_LAYERS and GMENU_LAYERS missing (Michael Stucki)
2013-03-31  46cde8a  #46821          [TASK] Detect APC and APCu correctly (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-31  c8714f0  #44485          [BUGFIX] Sending fails on multiple email-addresses (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-31  18c28be  #46373          [BUGFIX] Fix of Close-button in flash messages (Jost Baron)
2013-03-31  ab1f90d  #46817          [TASK] WincacheBackend: Add a "Testing"-context to the tests (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-30  cfd53f6  #46768          [BUGFIX][Cache] Wincache backend class constructor (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-28  106cd20  #46530          [!!!][BUGFIX] Crop-Scaled images have wrong file content type (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-27  dddf13d  #46535          [BUGFIX] Image rendering of non-existing files throws exception (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-27  1c9901f  #46718          [BUGFIX] Wrong variable name used (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-27  8e9d7f9  #45805          [TASK] Increase Web>List title column width (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-27  11553c8  #46568          [BUGFIX] Subfolders must use the identifier as identifier (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-27  1bcedde  #46555          [BUGFIX] Settings for local drivers are not shown by default (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-27  b139de7  #46532          [BUGFIX] Title includes html tags (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-26  3edbf52                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  2e35142  #43410          [BUGFIX] Remove needless "x " on TER-search (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-26  7279443  #46584          [BUGFIX] Segfaults on object comparisons (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-26  d7c25af                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  6646e4f  #46250          [BUGFIX] Exception with EXT:sys_note is installed (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-25  3bfe200  #45162          [BUGFIX] Extbase Plugin for Indexed Search not working (Matthias Nitsch)
2013-03-24  57d3c1a                  [TASK] Fix failing unit tests for LocalDriver (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-24  7607382  #46497          [BUGFIX] FAL Upgrade Wizards do not set pid (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-24  43b2b7b  #46604          [BUGFIX] Default upload folder should be user_upload/ (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-24  8be37d5  #46603          [BUGFIX] Folder Tree does not respect _temp_ and _recycler_ (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-24  883e92e  #46587          [BUGFIX] Resource storage does not emit signals (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-23  6e7769c  #46564          [BUGFIX] Copy and move folders between storages is broken (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-23  58d76c8  #36792          [BUGFIX] Update sys_refindex to reflect typolink to file in RTE content (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-22  dcd60aa  #44732          [BUGFIX] fallbackRendering is always called (Simon Schaufelberger)
2013-03-22  7d95aa3                  [TASK] Small cleanup in Boostrap.php (Michael Stucki)
2013-03-22  64226f1  #46541          [BUGFIX] Sorting files in filelist is case sentive (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-20  3418d4d  #45140          [BUGFIX] Fix .zip-export on windows and add unit test (Jost Baron)
2013-03-20  7218ab0  #46075          [BUGFIX] ExtDirectApi uses an undefined variable (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-19  a8117c0  #36405          [BUGFIX] Usage of deprecated returnFilemounts() (Markus Klein)
2013-03-19  027ba83  #46077          [BUGFIX] BELog module error: "vsprintf(): Too few arguments" (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-18  1387046  #43186          [TASK] Use minimised version of jquery.dataTables-1.9.4 (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-18  d632c28                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-18  b9d7fea  #41280          [BUGFIX] Media element not working with FAL (Andreas Schütte)
2013-03-17  fa0b04c  #46361          [BUGFIX] Fix PHP warning in BackendUtility::lockRecords (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-16  e64683c  #46292          [BUGFIX] HMENU rendering uses old tslib_ class names (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-16  7718387  #25292          [BUGFIX] Make sure XML parser is created everytime when needed (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-16  a3936a7                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-15  0d5119f  #46115          [BUGFIX] Importing extensions from repository fails (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-15  6f4b778  #31953          [BUGIFX] Extra output block backend thumbnails (Francois Suter)
2013-03-15  1484023  #45833          Revert "[BUGFIX] Fix wrong column title in web>list for field colpos" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-15  333ced6                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  8b7b603  #44672          [BUGFIX] LanguageController has "mixed" type annotations (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-14  70587c5  #46267          [BUGFIX] Skip unreliable APC test on PHP versions below 5.3.4 (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  2859391  #46264          [BUGFIX] Add .htaccess file to ext:extensionmanager/Resources/Private (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  2db1c48  #45795          [BUGFIX] Toolbar items with separator: fix white-space (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-14  746bac8  #44626          [BUGFIX] Numeric translation keys aren't translated right in XML files (Reinhard Führicht)
2013-03-13  082208c  #39127          [BUGFIX] Translation of a form makes the form wizard unusable (Mario Rimann)
2013-03-13  35c038b  #43906          [BUGFIX] Exception when deleted file is in clipboard (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-13  171761f  #45319          [BUGFIX] inject* methods in FAL inhibit use of Extbase object manager (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-12  71686a8                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-03-11  4e65a12  #46155          [BUGFIX] Old files of filelist extension are wrong (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-11  0ea503a  #46030          [TASK] Show better error messages on failed TER update (Jost Baron)
2013-03-11  561822a  #46029          [TASK] Make the update-from-TER link more visible (Jost Baron)
2013-03-11  072e438  #46158          [BUGFIX] Handle symlink on extension update (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-11  0c5cd69  #46160          [TASK] More descriptive error message on file upload failure (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-10  0d0a17b  #46161          [BUGFIX] Correct check for extTables script (Francois Suter)
2013-03-08  ad96958  #45887          [BUGFIX] Typo in sys_log TCA (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-08  3570c57  #46119          [BUGFIX] Wrong cmd example in INSTALL.txt (Markus Klein)
2013-03-08  3986b9f  #45135          [BUGFIX] Install Tool: Error message gives wrong info (Thomas Löffler)
2013-03-08  970a33b  #45826          [BUGFIX] Fix SQL syntax (Michael Stucki)
2013-03-08  64f5f36  #36597          [BUGFIX] Allow Setting colorspace in the Install Tool. (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-03-07  ffb9347  #43361          [BUGFIX] Deactivating "install" extension leads to exceptions (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-07  3a2844e  #36904,#26141   [BUGFIX] RTE: Empty paragraphs are not correctly transformed (Stanislas Rolland)
2013-03-07  4973b07  #45595          [BUGFIX] Clearing cache from toolbar fails in IE8 (Andreas Kießling)
2013-03-07  51cae9e  #44454          [BUGFIX] pageNotFound_handling never happens (Thorben Kapp)
2013-03-07  e11d541  #46074          [BUGFIX] ExtensionManagementUtility tries to include non-existing files (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-07  c266e22  #46085          [TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 (Ernesto Baschny)
2013-03-07  a0e7582  #46085          [TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 (Ernesto Baschny)
2013-03-07  c33f974                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.0.5-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-03-07  92844e8                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.0.4 (TYPO3 Release Team)

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.