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TYPO3 CMS 6.1 Release Notes

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS version 6.1 which has been released on April 30th 2013.[1]

System Requirements

The system requirements are the same as for TYPO3 CMS 6.0; compatibility for MySQL 5.0 has been dropped (as in 6.0).

  • PHP 5.3.7 - 5.4.x
  • MySQL 5.1.x-5.5.x



Download the packages from the download page at

To upgrade an existing installation of TYPO3 to 6.1, please follow these steps:

  • check your deprecation log if you are using deprecated stuff, which might have been removed in 6.1
  • link the new sources from TYPO3
  • Visit the Install Tool:
    • Run through "Update wizards" which are new in 6.1 (you can now go through them using the "Next" button)
    • Use the "Database COMPARE" section and apply all database schema changes

Changes and improvements

This will list all changes and improvements between TYPO3 CMS 6.1 and 6.0. For technical details see ChangeLog included in the typo3_src package or the end of the page.

Also see the Release Notes or the news announcement.


MD5 checksums

a667a94fc0cbaf989509fcb9e1d37597  blankpackage-6.1.0.tar.gz
c3b928e84d1821305b15273f2c35acc4  dummy-6.1.0.tar.gz
b5977d17bb27f17318328637c4b9dcfd  governmentpackage-6.1.0.tar.gz
9b84275d03e45b49f491a2cf8c980733  introductionpackage-6.1.0.tar.gz
059e9938ad6eb0bfb7303115d3144c9d  typo3_src-6.1.0.tar.gz


Changes since TYPO3 CMS 6.0.0

2013-04-30  64e6ef0                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.1.0 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-30  5107dfe                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-29  0ac8138                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-29  e554594  #47455          [TASK] Introduce $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['DB']['port'] (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-29  053ecc5  #47656          [BUGFIX] Update warning text in System Environment Check (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-29  ec4599d  #42901          [BUGFIX] Filter for groups not working after revisit (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-29  61c1c75                  Revert "[FEATURE] Add a disable/enable button to tasks overview" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-29  22313c8                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-29  b115edb                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-29  b5c50c0  #47562          [TASK] Increase contrast for improved readability (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-29  7874eb7  #47681          [BUGFIX] Revert abusive deprecation (Francois Suter)
2013-04-29  7df43ec  #47687          [BUGFIX] Resolves typo in system environment check (Johannes Feustel)
2013-04-28  acba8b4  #47621          [TASK] Update URLs to documentation (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-28  0d28562                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-27  c6d9c28                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-27  73b2d23  #47529          [BUGFIX] Empty columns in Page Module view cause warnings (Christian Zenker)
2013-04-27  6411d0e                  [TASK] Activate travis for 6.1 branch (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-27  5439450                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-27  0d5d8ba  #47635          [TASK] Update sysext version numbers (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-04-27  5529c5b                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-25  f879a74                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.1.0rc1 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-25  5daf9a4  #42321          [TASK] Deprecate \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\MailUtility::mail() (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-24  55c874a  #43735          [TASK] Reduce severity for set_no_cache() from core (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-24  f537e00  #25038          [TASK] Described default value of lockingmode is wrong (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-24  c4524c9  #37494          [TASK] Move t3lib_tcemain::getUniqueFields to EXT:version (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-23  8c3d68f  #47467          [TASK] Add ext:install to unit test suite (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-22  475b764  #47411          [TASK] News.txt Entry for Extbase Property Mapper explicit persisting (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-22  b6c6a43                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-22  d2addd5  #47449          [BUGFIX] Incomplete mock raises PHP 5.4 warning (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-22  f4cc191  #47409          [BUGFIX] Select label element from suggest-list (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-22  34119ff  #47341          [TASK] Cleanup docblocks for MySQLi-results (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-22  db54371  #47274          [BUGFIX] RTE: Tab key in Chrome inserts weird SPAN tags (Stanislas Rolland)
2013-04-21  003b827  #47393          [BUGFIX] Resolve typo in ClassNamingUtility description (geetakshi)
2013-04-20  7062a6f  #40731          [BUGFIX] Suggest wizard: Display record icon (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-19  0212a64  #45254          [BUGFIX] excludeUidList not checked for ifsub state (Frederik Vosberg)
2013-04-15  932f1dd  #47221          [BUGFIX] Fix call to strpos to find port number (Alexander Opitz)
2013-04-14  55899f9  #38623          [TASK] Remove radio buttons from "new content elements" overview (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-14  cf063c8                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-14  bb29faf                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-14  c6834d8  #47140          [BUGFIX] ProcessedFile/Thumbnail is always regenerated (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-14  33f6b8e  #47123          [BUGFIX] Suppress double page entry in temporary mounted pagetree (Frank Frewer)
2013-04-14  c90ba98  #47199          [TASK] Add namespaing to WorkspaceService (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-14  aa665e4  #47204          [TASK] Adjust example from mediumDoc to DocumentTemplate (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-14  e921147                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-14  deaf258                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-14  c0727f7  #46880          [FEATURE] Lazy database connection (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-14  f86060f  #46259          [FEATURE] Add hook in csc to allow alternative renderings (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-14  e26578f  #47145          [BUGFIX] TypoScript stripProfile not forwarded to ProcessedFile (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  39bd3cd  #47189          [BUGFIX] Catch correct exception if file has been removed (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-13  f98cf60                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  4898612                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  338e4d9                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  292b6d2  #36793          [TASK] Add/drop usage of preg_quote() where needed (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-13  8e3f215                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  8ae61b9  #47184          [BUGFIX] Inefficient cache handling in LocalizationFactory (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  445ef13                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  dc3a4e8                  [BUGFIX] Language cache is not cleared anymore (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  bac77ac  #47181          [BUGFIX] Empty clear cache command logged (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  4e4ad0a  #46205          [BUGFIX] Cache file could not be written on concurrent actions (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-13  f8eaf5e                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-13  0efdb5e                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  b62c862                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  5f2dc8d                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  c205154  #44484          [BUGFIX] Don't set empty from-name when sending email (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-12  306eeb3                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  b1caf3b  #39103          [!!!][BUGFIX] Clear Language Cache Configuration broken (Marcus Schwemer)
2013-04-12  8ce0472  #38602          [BUGFIX] Fix Non-static method tslib_cObj::enableFields() (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-12  83bd5a4  #38601          [BUGFIX] Fix Non-static method tslib_cObj::getKey() (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-12  8ee916a  #47170          [TASK] Remove further t3lib mentions from codebase (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-12  cc81d19  #38600          [BUGFIX] Fix Non-static method tslib_cObj::calc() (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-12  54e8204                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  5e874a9                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  e4512ce  #47165          [BUGFIX] Variable access instead of function call (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  9eb00cf                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  79ffc76  #47163          [BUGFIX] t3lib_softrefproc referenced in DefaultConfiguration (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  73b7ab4  #47162          [TASK] Move two font files from t3lib to ext:core (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  ae4a795                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  f3bc1a9  #47160          [TASK] Remove last mentions of t3lib_formmail (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  c172319  #47158          [TASK] Clean up data submission handling (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  47e1cdc  #43052          [TASK] Cleanup for ClassNamingUtility (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-12  31ca9fe  #47157          [BUGFIX] Namespace forgotten t3lib_formmail (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  1498adf  #46278          [BUGFIX] Deprecate forgotten t3lib classes (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  c52c2c4                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-12  57c7283  #47153          [TASK] Use typo3/thumbs.php instead of t3lib/thumbs.php (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-11  c87a1f6                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-11  920bd29                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-11  b830361  #47138          [TASK] Update t3lib mentions (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-10  896d373                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.1-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-10  0fe1c3d                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.1.0beta2 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-10  3e36ac4  #39248          [BUGFIX] Make fetchUserRecord callable without username (Robert Heel)
2013-04-10  02f76f4  #47088          [TASK] Remove old code from css_styled_content (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-09  9583a50  #47082          [BUGFIX] Correct naming of TYPO3 database backend test (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-09  44f39b3                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-08  c56c76c  #26508          [TASK] Remove deprecated code from Core (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-08  1b1dda4  #22706          [TASK] Deprecate IconUtility::getIconImage (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-07  3e1f97a  #47007          [BUGFIX] File collection should request update after changing the storage (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-07  cfcdf18  #42223          [BUGFIX] Images from non-local storages are not displayed (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-07  24c9fc1  #46274          [BUGFIX] EM: add visual feedback for download+install (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-07  186e98b  #42996          [BUGFIX] Adjust category exception message to namespaces (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-07  d968e22  #47012          [BUGFIX] Function buildUrl does not handle port setting (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-07  a7c0794  #46614          [FEATURE] Migration wizard for RTE magic images missing (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-07  1befafd  #46965          [BUGFIX] Illegal string offset in EditDocumentController (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  6a472ab  #38705          [BUGFIX]  Hide move placeholder in WS preview (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-06  49f5814  #46595          [BUGFIX] Upload in backend does not index file (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-06  54a4a12  #46999          [BUGFIX] Write config to extTables destroys HTML output (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  4b98be8  #46996          [BUGFIX] EM ConstantsView crashs with dep/faulty types. (Alexander Opitz)
2013-04-06  35b431a  #46995          [TASK] Remove array items to perform string comparison (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-06  d1cbae8  #46997          [TASK] Sort version column enabled as default (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-06  a887fdc  #46940          [TASK] XLF core locallang files are still referenced with .php/.xml (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-06  60c3ec7  #46853          [TASK] Move code for clearing text fields to jquery plugin (Jost Baron)
2013-04-06  2d242c9  #46977          [BUGFIX] EM: sorting in dataTable incorrect (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-06  d32fbf1  #46993          [TASK] Remove unused TYPO3 configuration option (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-06  cda19cc                  [TASK] NEWS.txt thanks to all contributors for merge number 10.000 (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-06  d57609d  #42106          [BUGFIX] swiftmaileradapter should ignore empty headers (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-06  f9ebcda  #45221          [BUGFIX] Fix processed files if original has special chars (Helmut Hummel)
2013-04-06  d13dce5  #46983          [BUGFIX] EM manual links open in the same window (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  6c1df8d  #46984          [BUGFIX] BackendUtility::calcAge returns negative value for 0 (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  0817b84  #46976          [TASK] EM: remove nested pagination in showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  2f50626  #45748          [BUGFIX] Fix ResourceFactory Test (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-06  c27b83f  #46979          [BUGFIX] EM: increased visual significance of Upload .t3x (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  c6d1d85  #45748          [BUGFIX] Get folder object if a path is given (Ivan Kartolo)
2013-04-06  9f6e4d8  #46978          [BUGFIX] EM: show versions link to read manual (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  354a244  #46900          [TASK] Cleanup FrontendLoginController (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-06  c107bbc  #46958          [BUGFIX] EM: configuration view CSS corrections (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  61d45e4  #43241          [BUGFIX] saltedpasswords not installed by default (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  e8e920c  #46972          [BUGFIX] Fix phpdoc after namespacing (Philipp Gampe)
2013-04-06  6edce6d  #46971          [TASK] EM: easy access to showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  fdfc38f  #46967          [BUGFIX] EM: reduce prominence of state column (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-06  bb7bf33                  Revert "[BUGFIX] Throw Exception if typo3 extension repository is not defined" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-06  ac25c46  #46444          [BUGFIX] Sorting of file links CE is broken (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  84cec5d  #46959          [TASK] Add OpenSSL verification to system environment check (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-06  966d2a4  #46586          [BUGFIX] Automatic creation of processed files folder fails (Andreas Wolf)
2013-04-06  9dd0f26  #46962          [BUGFIX] Extension Manager does not use calcAge (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-05  1e13b5f  #45245          [BUGFIX] EM: Update button -> display version (Thomas Löffler)
2013-04-05  130a840  #42849          [BUGFIX] Throw Exception if typo3 extension repository is not defined (Sascha Egerer)
2013-04-05  84a1508  #46021,#46953   [BUGFIX] EM: Colorpicker in extension configuration is broken (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-05  5587641  #46582          [BUGFIX] Read permission check for folders is broken (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-05  a474529  #46955          [BUGFIX] EM: fix state columns' CSS (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  2fe60a6  #46605          [BUGFIX] RTE: Magic Images are put in root folder (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-05  2ae293b  #39106          [BUGFIX] Page module title obeys language overlay (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  efa41f5  #46948          [TASK] EM: Remove contentWrap container (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  b17ebec  #46951          [TASK] EM: Add title to "Show all versions" icon (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-05  e77a51e                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-05  cbfd2b7  #46949          [BUGFIX] Add version title in showAllVersion view (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-05  f7c53b9  #39919          [TASK] EM: extension info within "Get Extensions" (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  ee18f31  #46943          [TASK] Extract status identifier to separate property (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-05  c7107b6  #46941          [BUGFIX] Move EM extension configuration save button to DocHeader (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-05  dd3aae1  #46938          [BUGFIX] EM: Add return link to showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  c6aab2c  #45955          [TASK] Deprecated Big/Small/Medium/Standard-Document (Benjamin Mack)
2013-04-05  cae4134  #46942          [TASK] EM: Remove search form in showAllVersions (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  aa2e318  #46934          [TASK] EM: Modules deserve headlines (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  dbb9f99  #33651          [BUGFIX] Fix breaking t3editor by using hsc() (Georg Ringer)
2013-04-05  8e56888  #46931          [BUGFIX] Move EM tabs to function menu (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-05  645c5f9  #26753          [BUGFIX] List module shows thumbs on CEs of type text (Mario Rimann)
2013-04-05  75aa3de  #46877          [TASK] Ignore pcntl_* php function in disable_functions check (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-05  44f7114  #46932          [BUGFIX] Installer fix crash with faulty DB data (Alexander Opitz)
2013-04-05  3cb50ee  #46591          [BUGFIX] Caching framework tables depends on ext_tables.sql (Nicole Cordes)
2013-04-05  c8f88b0  #45928          [BUGFIX] Extension manager styling (Felix Kopp)
2013-04-04  933ca6f  #46911          [BUGFIX] Environment check does not detect Windows OS (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-04  c9b8ab6  #46902          [TASK] Cleanup CssStyledContentController (Wouter Wolters)
2013-04-03  d7392fd  #46895          [BUGFIX] Skip some permissions tests if run as root (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-03  cd1bebf  #39135          [BUGFIX] Let Upgrade wizard recognize $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS'] (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-04-03  db21a21                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.1-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-03  c9f60a5                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.1.0beta1 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-03  290ae49                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-03  aef7a21  #43291          [BUGFIX] BE login form gives warnings in RteHtmlParser (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-04-02  b73314f                  [TASK] Clean up DatabaseConnection class (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-02  5cd8ec0  #46854          [TASK] Release installation procedure from LocalConfiguration file (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-02  1421f90                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-04-02  f2e104e  #46542          [FEATURE] Human readable names for special folders (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-04-02  565786a  #45699          [!!!][FEATURE] Implement pre- and post-hook around SELECT queries (Soren Malling)
2013-04-01  f17717e                  [TASK] Remove explicit strict test from TypoScriptParserTest (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  58db018  #46795          [!!!][BUGFIX] Scope of ProcessedFile cannot be modified (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  207ddf3  #28741          [BUGFIX] Respect line breaks in stdWrap.cropHTML (Alexander Stehlik)
2013-04-01  ad19f58  #46844          [BUGFIX][EM] TER repository page fails (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-01  12f7fc1  #46838          Revert "[TASK] Fix deprecated things in sysnote" (Alexander Schnitzler)
2013-04-01  f11606c                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-04-01  c6f8fda  #46839          [TASK] Integrate basic TypoScript parsing test (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  ccf835a                  [TASK] Adapt ArrayConstraints in IndexerTest (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-01  01fbf2e  #45982          [BUGFIX] PHP filesystem functions are locale dependent (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-01  024bc6c  #46596          [BUGFIX] IndexerService does not set creating user (Steffen Ritter)
2013-04-01  96e325c  #24582          [BUGFIX] Accept alternative notations for setDBinit (Michael Stucki)
2013-04-01  7516050  #46833          [BUGFIX] TypoScriptParserTest uses superfluous mock object (Oliver Hader)
2013-04-01  cf8336a  #36719          [BUGFIX] Javascript for TMENU_LAYERS and GMENU_LAYERS missing (Michael Stucki)
2013-03-31  856697f  #46824          [BUGFIX] MySQLi: FALSE not NULL from sql_fetch()/fetch_row() (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-31  eae3364  #28628          [FEATURE] Checkbox for confirmation in FormWizard (Florian Scholz)
2013-03-31  f0b6ca5                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-31  995086f  #46625          [TASK] Remove unused FAL class ImageProcessingService (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-31  99cb5f1  #46373          [BUGFIX] Fix of Close-button in flash messages (Jost Baron)
2013-03-31  0d34f7f  #46821          [TASK] Detect APC and APCu correctly (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-31  e831738  #44485          [BUGFIX] Sending fails on multiple email-addresses (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-31  4ef3d84  #46612          [FEATURE] Add wincache and zend to opcode cache check (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-31  fe3e0a8  #18211          [FEATURE] Support multiple display conditions in TCA (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-03-31  23fe8e1  #46142          [FEATURE] Introduce xcache cache backend (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-31  b7ee51b  #45091          [FEATURE] TS-list: allow to unique, reverse and sort (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-31  cf17067  #46461          [TASK] Extract displayCond functionality from FormEngine to new class (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-03-31  d830b43                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-30  b706dba  #46806          [BUGFIX] fetch_field_redirect returns object but not array (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-30  4a8277f                  [TASK] NEWS.txt entry about mysql to mysqli switch (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-30  3e30929  #46805          [BUGFIX] Integrity test fails (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-30  75d6db0  #46804          [TASK] Small cleanup in Typo3DatabaseBackend (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-30  cdb5026  #46802          [BUGFIX] Typo3DatabaseBackend get function does not return FALSE (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-30  b9129bf  #39622          [FEATURE] Add RequireJS to dynamically load JS files (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-30  61df9ce  #34403          [FEATURE] Add stdWrap feature: addPageCacheTags (Fabrizio Branca)
2013-03-30  f0d8ed9  #36419          [TASK] Migrate core from mysql to mysqli (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-30  5921742                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-30  6db8629  #46768          [BUGFIX][Cache] Wincache backend class constructor (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-29  da19a09  #46773          [BUGFIX] Static addFlashMessage calls in extended file utility (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-29  bdd5c9e  #46772          [TASK] Clean up form protection tests (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-29  61b6d47  #46606          [WIP][TASK] Replace static calls to FlashMessageQueue (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-29  a4e0897                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-28  9306751  #43382          [TASK] Optimize clearing file backend caches (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-28  7b65591  #46530          [!!!][BUGFIX] Crop-Scaled images have wrong file content type (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-28  b7e3041  #46617          [FEATURE] Provide flushing cache by table and record tags (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-27  1e1c26a  #46535          [BUGFIX] Image rendering of non-existing files throws exception (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-27  7aca24d  #46718          [BUGFIX] Wrong variable name used (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-26  98cfcf3  #46674          [TASK] NEWS.txt entry about fluid arrays in view helpers only (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  a5cfd74                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  0a24540  #45326          [TASK] NEWS.txt entry about extbase changed STI (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  1134fae  #38145          [TASK] Update Swiftmailer to 4.3.0 (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-03-26  0ec4779  #46699          [TASK] Remove not maintained md5 in ext_emconf (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  bb6c020                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  3e329e8                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  d4fc9b4  #43410          [BUGFIX] Remove needless "x " on TER-search (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-26  7af6dad  #46696          [BUGFIX] System environment report always says warning (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-26  baf5860  #46584          [BUGFIX] Segfaults on object comparisons (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-26  3e65a91  #38163          [FEATURE] Allow stdWrap on form-element-defaultvalues (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-26  3b0f8e0                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-26  3621e60  #46250          [BUGFIX] Exception with EXT:sys_note is installed (Oliver Hader)
2013-03-25  6a41c53                  Revert "[BUGFIX] TSConfig for fields with a dot in the name does not work" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-25  e1b5fa4  #46110          [FEATURE] Option to disable exports (csv / t3d) in dblist (Kai Vogel)
2013-03-25  c9dbea1  #29461          [BUGFIX] TSConfig for fields with a dot in the name does not work (Kai Vogel)
2013-03-25  4d47e88  #44593          [FEATURE] Introduce service to handle multiple flash message queues (Alexander Schnitzler)
2013-03-24  3982b75                  [TASK] Fix failing unit tests for LocalDriver (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-24  5a5f4aa  #46575          [BUGFIX] Error in filelist for Storage context menu (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-24  8feaf17  #20793          [FEATURE] Add splitChar to noTrimWrap (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-03-24  f6e8576  #46604          [BUGFIX] Default upload folder should be user_upload/ (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-24  3053d0e  #44288          [FEATURE] Add delete button in file list (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-24  b4bdc27  #46587          [BUGFIX] Resource storage does not emit signals (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-24  01cc42b  #46603          [BUGFIX] Folder Tree does not respect _temp_ and _recycler_ (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-24  60c80a2  #43939          [BUG] sys_file_reference: missing exclude fields for Non-Admins (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-23  b240754  #46568          [BUGFIX] Subfolders must use the identifier as identifier (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-23  74b3bae  #46599          [BUGFIX] Remove old require_once in index_ts.php (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-23  89e2c34  #46593          [TASK] Remove unneeded backupGlobals from Unit Tests (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-23  dd7cea5  #46497          [BUGFIX] FAL Upgrade Wizards do not set pid (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-23  73ee6ff  #46555          [BUGFIX] Settings for local drivers are not shown by default (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-23  a9538cd  #46564          [BUGFIX] Copy and move folders between storages is broken (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-23  26e634f  #46588          [BUGFIX][EM] Fix failing unit tests (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-23  c0652b5  #46573          [BUGFIX][EM] Fix of last update time after update (Jost Baron)
2013-03-22  6625619  #46532          [BUGFIX] Title includes html tags (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-22  b380f9b  #46551          [BUGFIX] Context menu for offline storages raises exception (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-22  c5db57a  #46569          [TASK][EM] Truncate table if updating extension list (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-22  bf8ba72  #46156          [BUGFIX] Warning empty $GLOBALS['TCA'] in rootline utility (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-22  ced52d8  #46524          [TASK][EM] More readable "time since last update"-strings (Jost Baron)
2013-03-22  49117d8  #44732          [BUGFIX] fallbackRendering is always called (Simon Schaufelberger)
2013-03-22  c430cef  #46435          [TASK] Small clean up in the page tree code (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-22  4e7656f  #45503          [TASK] Update file type according to Iana standard (Fabien Udriot)
2013-03-22  41af677  #46308          [TASK] thumbs.php ease require/include path (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-22  83f6961  #36792          [BUGFIX] Update sys_refindex to reflect typolink to file in RTE content (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-22  3644020  #46510          [TASK] Remove Flash Uploader Functionality (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-22  b8bd34d  #46541          [BUGFIX] Sorting files in filelist is case sentive (Nicole Cordes)
2013-03-22  5eab791  #46547          [TASK] Remove unneded text in Install-Tool (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-22  0fc6d8c  #46546          Improve rendering of "System environment check" (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-22  6a4a33d                  [TASK] Small cleanup in Boostrap.php (Michael Stucki)
2013-03-21  d04f18f  #44763          [TASK] Remove deprecated code (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-21  6cfed69  #39137          [TASK] Remove deprecated code (Markus Klein)
2013-03-21  e434c7b                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-21  22b0e87                  [TASK] Remove deleted file reference from legacy index (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-21  9c20e15                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-21  cab7ef2                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-21  d3f0bde                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-20  6b11059  #46469          [!!!][-FEATURE] Remove ext:statictemplates (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-20  cec543f                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-20  75fb661  #45140          [BUGFIX] Fix .zip-export on windows and add unit test (Jost Baron)
2013-03-20  e68a0d4  #46075          [BUGFIX] ExtDirectApi uses an undefined variable (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-20  4c6d772  #46455          [BUGFIX][EM] Get extension show spinner icon in upper right table (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-20  75a5e6d                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-20  e34a12f  #46451          [TASK] NEWS.txt entry about removed f:form inline styling (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-19  372cd21  #46358          [TASK] Separate ext:statictemplates code from core (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-19  8297773  #36405          [BUGFIX] Usage of deprecated returnFilemounts() (Markus Klein)
2013-03-19  987f8e4  #46077          [BUGFIX] BELog module error: "vsprintf(): Too few arguments" (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-19  d813bd8  #21389          [FEATURE] Hardcoded CLI arguments from $_SERVER vars (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-19  8b8118f  #45937          [TASK] Deprecate class FE_loadDBGroup (Thorsten Kahler)
2013-03-19  4d46397  #46370          [TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-18  a8cbf42  #43186          [TASK] Use minimised version of jquery.dataTables-1.9.4 (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-18  1fbd023                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-18  a612a84  #45509          [TASK] Declare non static methods as static (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-18  c07cd40  #41280          [BUGFIX] Media element not working with FAL (Andreas Schütte)
2013-03-17  c6eb450  #46361          [BUGFIX] Fix PHP warning in BackendUtility::lockRecords (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-17  ae53e44                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-16  2fd2f06  #45528          [TASK] Remove old JS in page header (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-16  3bd2b3c  #35223          [FEATURE] Add stdWrap to config.pageTitleSeperator (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-16  2336e9c  #43184          [TASK] Use central jQuery (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-16  49b6aef  #45703          [BUGFIX] respect rootLevel=-1 in exec_foreign_table_where_query (Stefan Froemken)
2013-03-16  e304a7d  #46292          [BUGFIX] HMENU rendering uses old tslib_ class names (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-16  bd86bd1  #25292          [BUGFIX] Make sure XML parser is created everytime when needed (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-16  5c3c09b                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-15  48ad672  #46115          [BUGFIX] Importing extensions from repository fails (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-15  d5e711a  #45833          Revert "[BUGFIX] Fix wrong column title in web>list for field colpos" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-15  51774f9  #31953          [BUGIFX] Extra output block backend thumbnails (Francois Suter)
2013-03-15  78debdd                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  2dae51a  #45149          [TASK] Cleanup form (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-14  82f87d7                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  0181671  #45180          [TASK] Cleanup func and func_wizards (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-14  5cb8322  #46296          [BUGFIX] Missing labels in backend modules (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  0c95f5f                  [TASK] NEWS.txt entry about enabled new extbase property mapper (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  91c160d  #44672          [BUGFIX] LanguageController has "mixed" type annotations (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-14  6c1f329  #46294          [TASK] Remove rewrittenPropertyMapper setting in sysext (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-03-14  2ed5661                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  d10becf  #46286          [TASK] Integrate latest version of jquery (1.9.1) (Benjamin Mack)
2013-03-14  db962b5  #46269          [TASK] Release typo3/ajax.php from early t3lib_div usage (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  ea6c098  #46267          [BUGFIX] Skip unreliable APC test on PHP versions below 5.3.4 (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  5972c9b  #46264          [BUGFIX] Add .htaccess file to ext:extensionmanager/Resources/Private (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  1ea485b  #46263          [TASK] Relocate cache backend sql resource files (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  46e93257  #46262          [TASK] Move CF last_synched_revision file to ext:core/Classes/Cache (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-14  66d6334  #45795          [BUGFIX] Toolbar items with separator: fix white-space (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-14  cc2cfe7  #46143          [TASK] Cleanup sysext "wizard_crpages" and "wizard_sortpages" (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-14  fa907b2  #46144          [TASK] Cleanup sysext "tstemplate" and module functions (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-13  ad0a8b0                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-13  009f307  #46219          [FEATURE] Central system environment check (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-13  338cf5b  #39127          [BUGFIX] Translation of a form makes the form wizard unusable (Mario Rimann)
2013-03-13  76ec357  #45532          [TASK] Improve FAL performance (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-13  688d341  #45530          [TASK] Improve rootline cache handling (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-13  75ee5d8  #43906          [BUGFIX] Exception when deleted file is in clipboard (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-13  dbc89f7  #45319          [BUGFIX] inject* methods in FAL inhibit use of Extbase object manager (Andreas Wolf)
2013-03-12  23de492  #46058          [FEATURE] Add context-menu for template-icon in the "Template"-view (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-12  6c44c1d                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.1-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-03-12  cfe6958                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.1.0alpha1 (TYPO3 Release Team)

2013-03-12  6c11c39                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.1.0alpha1 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-03-12  2a0ce1b  #36067          [BUGFIX] Prevent encoding of HTML entities in backend previews (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-11  4b0c8c6  #45143          [TASK] Cleanup filelist (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-11  b70403a  #46145          [TASK] Cleanup sysext "taskcenter" and "tsconfig_help" (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-11  e564ba7  #46030          [TASK] Show better error messages on failed TER update (Jost Baron)
2013-03-11  d952d1d  #43496          [FEATURE] sys_note: Display/functionality for hover/context menu (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-03-11  41ed02c  #46029          [TASK] Make the update-from-TER link more visible (Jost Baron)
2013-03-11  6939112  #46158          [BUGFIX] Handle symlink on extension update (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-11  f5401a1  #46160          [TASK] More descriptive error message on file upload failure (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-10  0f7fe6b  #46161          [BUGFIX] Correct check for extTables script (Francois Suter)
2013-03-08  9be1dcb  #45887          [BUGFIX] Typo in sys_log TCA (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-08  929a2c8                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-08  fffe917  #45579          [TASK] Don't render table header if no files given (Georg Ringer)
2013-03-08  f54d1ef  #46119          [BUGFIX] Wrong cmd example in INSTALL.txt (Markus Klein)
2013-03-08  3eda95d  #45826          [BUGFIX] Fix SQL syntax (Michael Stucki)
2013-03-08  be4887e  #36597          [BUGFIX] Allow Setting colorspace in the Install Tool. (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-03-07  6c543d0  #43361          [BUGFIX] Deactivating "install" extension leads to exceptions (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-07  524951c  #45349          [TASK] Fix deprecated things in sysnote (Markus Günther)
2013-03-07  d07887a  #36904,#26141   [BUGFIX] RTE: Empty paragraphs are not correctly transformed (Stanislas Rolland)
2013-03-07  142cd97  #43282          [TASK] Flatten row-headers (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-07  cdd31cf  #45595          [BUGFIX] Clearing cache from toolbar fails in IE8 (Andreas Kießling)
2013-03-07  dd4df19  #44454          [BUGFIX] pageNotFound_handling never happens (Thorben Kapp)
2013-03-07  3f17d64  #45785          [TASK] Remove unused files: images & templates (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-07  56360ea  #46074          [BUGFIX] ExtensionManagementUtility tries to include non-existing files (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-03-07  e62b1c3  #46085          [TASK] Update copyright year to 2013 (Ernesto Baschny)
2013-03-06  e429270  #46071          [BUFIX] External URL regression by jumpurl security fix (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-06  6b0b8c7                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-03-06  62a17a2  #28587          [SECURITY] Open redirection with jumpurl (Franz G. Jahn)
2013-03-05  036ed56  #45415          [BUGFIX] Fix warning in adapter service (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-05  8fe18b1  #45415          [BUGFIX] Do not overwrite imagecaption in content adapter (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-05  7946492  #45416          [BUGFIX] Fix inconsitency of file reference property getters (Helmut Hummel)
2013-03-05  bb69e83  #46000          [BUGFIX] Wrong usage of array_unique() (Andreas Lingott)
2013-03-04  e2096a0                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-04  9c998cd  #45998          [BUGFIX] Invalid replacement hints in t3lib/ (Xavier Perseguers)
2013-03-04  a06768a  #45996          [BUGFIX] Invalid SQL result after four login failures (Philipp Gampe)
2013-03-03  a18a5d6                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-03-03  8409753  #45186          [TASK] Cleanup impexp (Wouter Wolters)
2013-03-02  a0b6274  #45965          [TASK] CGL ResourceStorage double quote (Felix Kopp)
2013-03-02  2b9be5a  #45162          [BUGFIX] Extbase Plugin for Indexed Search not working (Matthias Nitsch)
2013-03-01  bf60746  #15771          [BUGFIX] Numeric check for upper/lower bound of flexform-values (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-03-01  3527e46  #37818          [FEATURE] Add option removePageCss to remove styles set in _CSS_PAGE_STYLE (Dan Untenzu)
2013-03-01  0a98796                  [TASK] Update NEWS.txt with TCA refactoring information (Christian Kuhn)
2013-03-01  574b7f7                  [TASK] Clean up NEWS.txt for 6.1 (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-28  14ce470  #45927          [TASK] Follow-up to TCA refactoring (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-28  39f0409                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-28  389e183                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-28  3fa8dcc  #45805          [TASK] Increase Web>List title column width (Felix Kopp)
2013-02-28  60117b5  #45767          [FEATURE] Refactor TCA handling (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-26  53fd8b2  #45865          [TASK] Remove not necessary require_once in LiveSearchDataProvider (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-26  c7ee07f  #45625          [BUGFIX] Make backend user global available early (Helmut Hummel)
2013-02-26  736dbac  #45786          [TASK] Remove default files (DirectoryIndex) (Felix Kopp)
2013-02-20  d279d40  #45548          [FEATURE] Show contentelement "header" in wizard (Georg Ringer)
2013-02-18  a5c22b9  #45552          [BUGFIX] Fix errors in sys_note annotation (Georg Ringer)
2013-02-17  3381ef6  #45404          [BUGFIX] Fix of .zip exports of extension (Jost Baron)
2013-02-17  da16ffa  #45538          [BUGFIX] Fix the display of references in filelist (Helmut Hummel)
2013-02-17  7535c0e  #45135          [BUGFIX] Install Tool: Error message gives wrong info (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-17  3363c89  #45156          [FEATURE] Click the whole row to de-/select a task (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-17  4c82769  #45154          [FEATURE] Add a "Run task" button to task overview (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-16  58abc87  #45343          [TASK] Cleanup "beuser" sysext (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-16  4c15ae0  #45392          [TASK] Cleanup "belog" sysext (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-16  9ef1601  #40085          [BUGFIX] Invalid RSA key when submitting form twice (Benjamin Mack)
2013-02-16  c44e060  #44370          [BUGFIX] LocalDriver needs to respect "is_writeable" (Georg Ringer)
2013-02-14  0a1e274  #44099          [BUGFIX] L10n fallback does not work for TS labels (Xavier Perseguers)
2013-02-14  b53938f  #44273          [BUGFIX] L10n fallback does not work for ExtJS in BE (Xavier Perseguers)
2013-02-14  b48bfc9  #42084          [BUGFIX] Allow "en" as language key (Daniel Alder)
2013-02-14  a77b41f  #45467          [BUGFIX] Fix wrong string formatting (Fabien Udriot)
2013-02-13  5879e8d                  Revert "[!!!][TASK] Get rid of loadTCA and simplify FE cache behavior" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-13  40fb18c                  Revert "[TASK] Move t3lib/stddb/tables.sql to ext:core/ext_tables.sql" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-13  c18a8df                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-13  af5e0fb                  Revert "[TASK] Move t3lib/stddb/DefaultConfiguration.php to EXT:core" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-13  2f3768a                  Revert "[TASK] Move t3lib/stddb files to ext:core" (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-13  c6351b7                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-10  0e615bb                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-10  185d0e6  #43052          [FEATURE] Introduce ClassNamingUtility (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-02-10  2060097                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-10  0949c1b  #45338          [TASK] Remove not used viewhelper in beuser (Markus Günther)
2013-02-10  6287ea1                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-10  cb92653  #45333          [TASK] Replace ObjectManager create with get (Marc Bastian Heinrichs)
2013-02-10  086b8ac  #45265          [BUGFIX] Exception when scheduling "at" execution time (Andreas Wolf)
2013-02-09  6c377b2  #45287          [TASK] Enable "pageNotFoundOnCHashError" by default (Georg Ringer)
2013-02-09  699f4a6  #44626          [BUGFIX] Numeric translation keys aren't translated right in XML files (Reinhard Führicht)
2013-02-09  5fa08ba                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-09  5516c30  #45308          [BUGFIX] Processed files get corrupted when regenerated (Andreas Wolf)
2013-02-09  533d9b2                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-09  7d799fb  #44585          [BUGFIX] FAL: file properties are not updated (Stefan Froemken)
2013-02-08  8e25295                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-08  2fde160                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-08  ef90adc  #45220          [TASK] Move t3lib/stddb files to ext:core (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-08  379748c                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-08  dffd710  #45262          [BUGFIX] No title tags for new enable/disable icons (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-07  e91556c                  [BUGFIX] Follow-up clean up to #24389 (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-07  9e5153b  #34129          [BUGFIX][Cache][PDO] Duplicate cache entry possible (Leon Dietsch)
2013-02-07  c02d2d3  #41002          [FEATURE] Enable multiple emails in reports task (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-07  a467d46  #45257          [BUGFIX][Cache] Method parameter CGL fixes (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-07  451669a  #24389          [FEATURE] Speed up typoLink function by caching domain records (Steffen Gebert)
2013-02-06  42f98ac                  Revert "[BUGFIX] TS is fetched from cache incorrectly sometimes" (Oliver Hader)
2013-02-06  4fbb2b5  #43540          [BUGFIX] TS is fetched from cache incorrectly sometimes (Dmitry Dulepov)
2013-02-06  631d583  #37440          [BUGFIX] Crash after file upload on Windows without finfo (Christian Weiske)
2013-02-06  53e0f6e  #44911          [BUGFIX] Wrong SQL statements in TCA for sys_category (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-05  cf59e1f  #45188          [TASK] Move t3lib/stddb/DefaultConfiguration.php to EXT:core (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-05  72216f4                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-05  21e6d9f  #45187          [TASK] Move t3lib/stddb/tables.sql to ext:core/ext_tables.sql (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-05  867e074  #25631          [FEATURE] Add a disable/enable button to tasks overview (Thomas Löffler)
2013-02-05  8823df6  #45185          [TASK] ext:cms Remove some obsolete files (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-05  103938c                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-05  d7b5d82  #45107          [!!!][TASK] Get rid of loadTCA and simplify FE cache behavior (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-04  5910c27  #45122          [BUGFIX] Additional extTables script might not exist (Philipp Gampe)
2013-02-04  46284a6  #45116          [TASK] Cleanup feedit (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-04  924f9ff  #45115          [TASK] Cleanup css_styled_content (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-04  4c98202  #45123          [TASK] Cleanup felogin (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-03  024eab3                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-03  54809c3                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-03  1096fe0  #45098          [TASK] Deprecate 'path' of extra click menu option registration (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-03  f2e56ba  #45096          [TASK] Cleanup extra_page_cm_options (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-03  dfc7180  #33936          [BUGFIX] Misspelling in scheduler documentation (Tomita Militaru)
2013-02-03  8d19500  #45113          [TASK] Cleanup cshmanual (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-03  42a6756  #45112          [BUGFIX] tools_dbint needs to be called via mod.php (Philipp Gampe)
2013-02-03  6c96f5b  #45111          [TASK] Cleanup context_help (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-03  d4604c8  #45097          [TASK] Cleanup sys_action (Wouter Wolters)
2013-02-03  0661013  #36364          [BUGFIX] IE9 compatibility clear cache menu (Andreas Kiessling)
2013-02-02  cd5eff7  #45095          [BUGFIX] OpenId needs library after removing classFile (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-02-02  aa1d95e  #44416          [BUGFIX] Hook call modifyDBRow in ContentContentObject (Alina Fleser)
2013-02-02  62cf973  #44682          [BUGFIX] Install tool documentation default installTollPassword (Tomita Militaru)
2013-02-02  f38a26c  #44691          [BUGFIX] Labels for grouping bookmarks are missing (Bindea Silviu)
2013-02-02  d470ca9  #43886          [BUGFIX] Fix misspelling in RTE meta menu (Tomita Militaru)
2013-02-02  1adb3aa  #44331          [BUGFIX] Impossible to save the TCA configuration (Philipp Gampe)
2013-02-02  48ce585  #38505          [BUGFIX] load TCA before manipulation (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-02-01  6154e36  #43244          [BUGFIX] Restore support for Update script (Francois Suter)
2013-02-01  03e97a7  #44965          [TASK] Cleanups for CSS Styled Content (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-02-01  59fe113  #43464          [BUGFIX] Misspelled class name FrontendUserAuthtenication (Christian Kuhn)
2013-02-01  1e7bac2  #28606          [BUGFIX] add check for empty form values in FORM View (Alexander Stehlik)
2013-02-01  0f9f5bc  #37115          [TASK] Remove classFile option from services (Benjamin Mack)
2013-02-01  9c7ef6f  #44630          [BUGFIX] StorageRepository must respect 'deleted' flag (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-02-01  a9a0942  #43495          [FEATURE] Rebuild sys_note to match extbase scheme (Kai Vogel)
2013-02-01  e5d2ba5  #45065          [BUGFIX] Remove delete button for sys_file (Helmut Hummel)
2013-02-01  764e359  #44476          [CLEANUP] Cleanup calls and docheaders in Core/Classes/Resource (Anja Leichsenring)
2013-02-01  662b0b7  #44527          [TASK] Remove EXT:lang FormEngineBasedCheckboxGroupViewHelper (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-31  29d120c  #45050          [TASK] DataHandler::getAutoVersionId() should be public (Oliver Hader)
2013-01-31  2c5fd1e  #45044          [BUGFIX] Remove save and new button for sys_file (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-30  63c2269  #40218          [BUGFIX] ext:aboutmodules broken link to ext:reports (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-30  ed3651f  #44537          [BUGFIX] displayWarningMessages uses wrong returnUrl (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-30  603c37c  #44938          [BUGFIX] LocalConfiguration extListArray should be written without keys (Jan-Erik Revsbech)
2013-01-30  a67b11c  #44941          [BUGFIX] Add missing labels for Extension Manager (Wouter Wolters)
2013-01-30  9e06d7c  #44963          [TASK] Create CSS Styled Content TypoScript configuration for 6.0 (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-30  6676624                  [FEATURE] FLUIDTEMPLATE cObj settings array support (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-30  f5674cb  #44988          [BUGFIX] Reset legacy fields if no relations are found (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-29  e67bb79  #44937          [BUGFIX] Remove obsolete flushByTags() from wincache (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-29  5993fc3  #44936          [BUGFIX] Register suite integrity tests again (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-29  17ba001  #39767          [FEATURE] Accept template from content objects FLUIDTEMPLATE (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-29  610649d  #44610          [BUGFIX] FLUIDTEMPLATE cObj uses wrong template file (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-29  bdfec04                  [TASK] EXT:reports Minor typo in HTML (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-29  acb3f1b  #44895          [TASK] EXT:reports Improve xclass reporting (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-28  be8e8a4  #43726          [TASK] Remove function usage ctype_alnum in PageRenderer (Ingo Pfennigstorf)
2013-01-28  57f59c1  #44890          [BUGFIX] tt_content: exclude config fields (Felix Kopp)
2013-01-28  db67528  #40866          [BUGFIX] Backend groups: exclude config fields (Felix Kopp)
2013-01-28  6c110eb  #44892          [BUGFIX] Possible warning in about module (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-28  c41d73a  #44876          [BUGFIX] Make submit button save all tabs in extension manager (Jan-Erik Revsbech)
2013-01-28  cbdef85  #44818          [TASK] EM: Refactor Configuration handling (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-26  0982258                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (Christian Kuhn)
2013-01-26  43ade89  #43730          [BUGFIX] Invalid description of noPHPscriptInclude (dprecup)
2013-01-25  0505503  #43797          [BUGFIX] Fix error listing in belog (Tomita Militaru)
2013-01-25  8783494  #44526          [TASK] Use property injection in LanguageController (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-25  2c93dc8  #44744          [TASK] Cleanups for sysext belog (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-25  a682885  #42775          [BUGFIX] Fix problem with saving extension configuration in different tabs (Jan-Erik Revsbech)
2013-01-25  30ab0a5  #44808          [TASK] Add cursor:pointer to inline header (Georg Ringer)
2013-01-25  218072a  #44540          [BUGFIX] Avoid PHP Warning if there are empty columns in Page Module (Roland Waldner)
2013-01-25  ecd57db  #43856          [BUGFIX] EM: un/install visual feedback (Felix Kopp)
2013-01-25  d0bc2d0  #44145          [BUGFIX] Correct TCA inclusion for uploads rendering (Alexander Stehlik)
2013-01-24  c34da50  #44761          [TASK] Remove deprecated code from "about" and "aboutmodules" (Wouter Wolters)
2013-01-23  472d2e8  #44701          [BUGFIX] Missing subcategories labels in EM (Francois Suter)
2013-01-23  357ce73  #44152          [TASK] Add save only button to Scheduler task (Lorenz Ulrich)
2013-01-23  75e42c3  #44549          [BUGFIX] IRRE forms not using full width (Ingo Renner)
2013-01-22  4b1d5c9  #44718          [BUGFIX] Instantiate new classes in typo3/* files (Francois Suter)
2013-01-19  263543f  #44665          [BUGFIX] ConfigurationUtility loses extension key (Francois Suter)
2013-01-14  c0defbe  #43874          [BUGFIX] array_merge_recursive_overrule: __UNSET for array values (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-14  f57b442  #44506          [TASK] Remove references to oldstyle Login News (TYPO3_CONF_VARS) (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2013-01-13  6bd8f71  #44439          [BUGFIX] Fix incomplete mocking in ResourceStorage test (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-13  8575f7b  #44439          [BUGFIX] Persist files that are updated in ResourceStorage (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-13  63f89df  #44481          [BUGFIX] Use array in check for new CE button (Jigal van Hemert)
2013-01-12  ea2feb4                  Revert "[BUGFIX] LocalDriver needs to respect "is_writeable"" (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-12  047b639  #44470          [BUGFIX] Content elements in wrong column in page module (Oliver Hader)
2013-01-12  e954373  #44370          [BUGFIX] LocalDriver needs to respect "is_writeable" (Georg Ringer)
2013-01-12  6acbc08  #42882          [BUGFIX] FAL: update wizard fails if file does not exist (Andreas Wolf)
2013-01-12  be00d47  #42873,#42933   [BUGFIX] Problem with special character in files and folders (Christian Weiske)
2013-01-12  2bc44da  #42925          [BUGFIX] File-Upload does not sanitize umlauts in filenames (Christian Weiske)
2013-01-12  d88eeb7  #44425          [BUGFIX] Add access check in FAL renameFolder() (Georg Ringer)
2013-01-12  b0f9a2c  #43676          [BUGFIX] Adjust hooks after moving/namespacing (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-01-12  37bc611  #44429          [BUGFIX] Fix array_merge when creating FAL access rights (Georg Ringer)
2013-01-12  51f4166  #43668,#44312   [BUGFIX] Fix rootline translation (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-11  b09bc75  #38135          [BUGFIX] Apc Cache backend has side effects (Daniel Pötzinger)
2013-01-06  7ac01fe  #42453          [BUGFIX] Fix shown references of files (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-05  fa2cb03  #44242          [BUGFIX] Include file tables in access list (Helmut Hummel)
2013-01-04  160712c  #43425          [BUGFIX] Change localconf.php to LocalConfiguration.php (Adrian Giurgiu)
2013-01-04  8c821aa  #44301          [BUGFIX] Invalid call to t3lib_TCEmain::processRemapStack() (Oliver Hader)
2013-01-04  6768880                  [TASK] Raise submodule pointer (TYPO3 Release Team)
2013-01-02  d8d7a18  #42092          [BUGFIX] Suggest wizard is behind form inputs (Xavier Perseguers)
2013-01-01  45ac541  #44263          [BUGFIX] phpdoc: $urlParameters can be a string (Stefan Neufeind)
2013-01-01  31a768e  #43796          [BUGFIX] Syslog error icons problem (Tomita Militaru)
2012-12-31  312915e  #43330          [BUGFIX] BE login shows unaesthetic scrollbars (Torben Hansen)
2012-12-27  b05dcad  #44237          [BUGFIX] Fix erroneous replacement of language label (Helmut Hummel)
2012-12-22  9ebde06  #43919          [BUGFIX] Fix typos in stdWrap_crop description (Markus Klein)
2012-12-18  04e09b9  #43715          [BUGFIX] Missing Task.php (Philipp Gampe)
2012-12-18  ad50d08  #44051          [TASK] Fix phpDoc of BackendUtility::displayWarningMessages (Sebastian Michaelsen)
2012-12-17  7d88ffc  #44073          [BUGFIX] Update checksums after file processing (Helmut Hummel)
2012-12-17  b7942cf  #28880          [FEATURE] Enable INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT for be_layouts (Anja Leichsenring)
2012-12-14  57207d5  #44013          [BUGFIX] Always allow access to processing folder (Helmut Hummel)
2012-12-12  4145bf2  #43909          [BUGFIX] Element Browser rendering hook is wrong (Oliver Hader)
2012-12-11  ff7e623  #32605          [BUGFIX] Incorrect RTE transform of external URL with @ character (Stanislas Rolland)
2012-12-10  e92f753  #43603          [BUGFIX] Enable the RTE with WebKit version 534 on iOS and Android (Stanislas Rolland)
2012-12-10  ad8b08b  #43426          [BUGFIX] Fix broken logo file in Install Tool (Tomita Militaru)
2012-12-10  6f505d4  #40986          [FEATURE] Add a TS option to disable body tag generation (Michael Kunze)
2012-12-08  883779e  #43766          [BUGFIX] IE9 crashes after saving with RTE (Stanislas Rolland)
2012-12-07  b72dd0e  #38472          [BUGFIX] Remove HTML in RuntimeException from sysext 'install' (Philipp Gampe)
2012-12-07  6062769  #43506          [TASK] Provide a reason if set_no_cache() is called (Philipp Gampe)
2012-12-07  7373c6c  #43584          [TASK] CleanUp References to old ClassNames (Steffen Ritter)
2012-12-07  03f40e4  #43484          [BUGFIX] Catch all errors in EM ViewHelper (Georg Ringer)
2012-12-06  6ebb279  #32278          [BUGFIX] INTincScript_loadJSCode() causes PHP warnings (Markus Klein)
2012-12-04  b4a4cdd  #34964          [BUGFIX] FE session records are never removed (Steffen Müller)
2012-12-04  5aff2a5  #39287          [BUGFIX] Compatibility fix for get_html_translation_table() (Michael Stucki)
2012-12-04  ccb1d71  #40001          [FEATURE] stdWrap for string-padding (like PHP-function str_pad) (Stefan Neufeind)
2012-12-02  3759059  #43234          [FEATURE] Expand db function searchQuery to handle AND and OR constraints (Nicole Cordes)
2012-12-02  59dc8fb                  [BUGFIX] Errorpage background color (t3skin) (Felix Kopp)
2012-12-02  a80455c  #43510          [BUGFIX] Misspelled functionname in GeneralUtility (Stefan Neufeind)
2012-12-02  97abd0f  #43433          [BUGFIX] Wrong category assignment in sys_note (Wouter Wolters)
2012-12-01  d06f0c9  #43323          [TASK] Rename bg-image (login/error) to avoid browser caching issues (Ernesto Baschny)
2012-12-01  0d74a6a  #43321          [BUGFIX] Prevent type hinting for user functions in EM configuration (Nicole Cordes)
2012-12-01  8e50e50  #25113          [BUGFIX] Fix wrong column title in web>list for field colpos (Martin Kästner)
2012-12-01  c7e16c6  #43470          [BUGFIX] SqlParser: trim all kinds of whitespaces (Stefan Neufeind)
2012-11-30  f9e3d21  #43459          [TASK] Remove typo3.pageModule.js (Falk Kühnel)
2012-11-30  993223a  #43468          [BUGFIX] Fix Task examples in scheduler (Wouter Wolters)
2012-11-30  aedad25  #42292          [BUGFIX] Installer: Reference images wrong (Stefan Neufeind)
2012-11-30  3dae372  #43473          [TASK] ext:form Unit test all filters (Andreas Lappe)
2012-11-30  21a5787  #40706          [BUGFIX] Error in configuration of scheduler task (Philipp Gampe)
2012-11-30  ea8e74d  #43381          [BUGFIX] ClassLoader error after installing extension (Oliver Hader)
2012-11-30  78d98f0  #43466          [BUGFIX] Page module Drag&Drop broken (Christian Kuhn)
2012-11-29  7a30909  #32515          [BUGFIX] Form values with newlines escaped in email (Helmut Hummel)
2012-11-29  36e4088  #43456          [BUGFIX] ContentObjectRenderer instantiates old class names (Christian Kuhn)
2012-11-29  be90763  #43330          [BUGFIX] Remove BE login scrollbars (Markus Klein)
2012-11-29  4c0aa1f  #43460          [BUGFIX] EM does not update extension list (Helmut Hummel)
2012-11-29  203d5c8                  [TASK] Activate travis also for 6.0 branch (Helmut Hummel)
2012-11-28  9a18c04  #43092          [TASK] Prepare AbstractRepository of FAL for FLOW sync (Alexander Schnitzler)
2012-11-28  42eb598  #43373          [BUGFIX] HTML syntax error in login.html (Markus Klein)
2012-11-27  badb69d                  [TASK] Set version to 6.1-dev (Oliver Hader)
2012-11-27  ac3c16a                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.0.1-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)
2012-11-27  59b7d46                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.0.0 (TYPO3 Release Team)

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