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TYPO3 CMS 6.2.1

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Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 6.2.1

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 6.2.1 which was released on April 16th, 2014.


This release is a bug fix release.


This is part of a combined release of TYPO3 CMS 4.5.33, 4.7.18, 6.0.13, 6.1.8 and 6.2.1.


MD5 checksums

c0b26d2ff257536c5b8367f853951113  typo3_src-6.2.1.tar.gz


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.


Here is a list of what was fixed since 6.2.0:


  • [FEATURE] Provide API to add cached TCA changes (#57942)
  • [FEATURE] Introduce signal in loadBaseTca (#57863)
  • [SECURITY] Prevent XSS in scheduler form (#57603)


  • [TASK] Updates prototype and scriptaculous, fixing IE9+ issues (#51768)
  • [BUGFIX] Properly detect HHVM with fastcgi (#57785)
  • [BUGFIX] Use last result line of identify command (#56574)
  • [BUGFIX] Enable backend login for Internet Explorer 8 users (#56988)


  • [BUGFIX] Don't run processIncludes more than once (#54903)

File Abstraction Layer

  • [TASK] Release file and folder permission check (#57354)
  • [BUGFIX] ResourceStorage does not sanitize folder/file name (#57681)
  • [CLEANUP] Clean up comments and error messages in ResourceStorage (#57871)
  • [BUGFIX] FAL: Prevent invalid NULL value on metadata creation (#57495)
  • [BUGFIX] Use return values of array_map in local driver (#57415)
  • [BUGFIX] CSC: file references not working with image compression (#57346)

DBAL / DatabaseConnection

  • [BUGFIX] DBAL sql_fetch_* must return boolean or array (#57957)
  • [BUGFIX] Run scheduler from cli fails on DBAL (#57246)
  • [BUGFIX] sql_free_result does not work with all allowed types (#50378)

Importer / Exporter

  • [BUGFIX] impexp has to use module dispatcher (#57873)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix impexp for importing exports from version 4.x (#52593)

Install Tool / Extension Manager / Distributions

  • [BUGFIX] Improve database scheme updater (#57421)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix relative path calculations in EM (#57327)
  • [BUGFIX] Extension update fails if needed by other extensions (#57264)
  • [BUGFIX] Update for sys_file_metadata returns SQL error (#57420)
  • [BUGFIX] Install Tool-FAL metadata migration fails for big sets (#57103)
  • [BUGFIX] Install tool update wizards show html tags in error message (#57285)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix initial file import in EM (#57312)
  • [BUGFIX] TceformsUpdateWizard shows up too often (#57497)
  • [TASK] TceformsUpdateWizard: Throw exception if database query fails (#57572)
  • [BUGFIX] Backup of LocalConfiguration.php missing on update (#57458)
  • [BUGFIX] Remove the need of PackageStates.php in tests (#57490)


  • [BUGFIX] TCA tree fail to load with IRRE (#39035)
  • [BUGFIX] Set maxLevels of generated sys_category TCA (#57750)
  • [BUGFIX] BE ignores l10n_mode for record titles (#33499)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not reset Page Renderer on partial rendering (#57294)
  • [BUGFIX] Check if lock directory is writable (#57463)
  • [BUGFIX] Check default salting method first (#54833)
  • [BUGFIX] Check WorkspaceEnabled for MM field related table (#57291)


  • [TASK] Remove hardcoded module name in AbstractDatabaseRecordList (#55314)
  • [BUGFIX] Admin users should ignore user mounts (#57587)
  • [BUGFIX] T3editor description loading (#57708)
  • [BUGFIX] User settings do not obey setup.override (#57690)
  • [TASK] Return to "Admin Tools > User Admin" when exiting simulated BE User (#22020)
  • [BUGFIX] Fetch RSA public key by Ajax before login (#37421)
  • [BUGFIX] Add correctly escaped css selectors for js (#56874)


  • [BUGFIX] Add available jQuery version to PageRenderer (#57466)
  • [BUGFIX] Improve the admin panel (#57579)
  • [BUGFIX] Marker missing for page.includeCSSLibs (#57467)
  • [BUGFIX] Allow user defined locales to work with TSFE->sL() (#53973)
  • [BUGFIX] Respect config.debug setting for displaying parsetime (#57365)
  • [BUGFIX] Load adminPanel styles for FE editing (#55896)


  • [BUGFIX] Make Extbase Cli\RequestBuilder a Singleton (#57591)
  • [BUGFIX] Extbase: Follow up foreign_match_fields not fully supported (#47694)
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly apply Extbase validator options and add tests (#52208)
  • [BUGFIX] Make Extbase EnvironmentService a Singleton (#57518)
  • [BUGFIX] Make Typo3DbQueryParser a Singleton (#57338)


  • [BUGFIX] Tests: Namespaced usage of vfsStream (#57872)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix incomplete mocking in ExtensionManagementUtilityTest (#57700)
  • [TASK] Activate all packages in unit tests (#57487)
  • [TASK] Avoid sysLog calls in MailUtilityTest (#57676)


  • [CLEANUP] Category related tests cleanup (#57949)
  • [CLEANUP] Remove unused [BE][usePHPFileFunctions] option (#57921)
  • [BUGFIX] Do not unset() PageRenderer class members (#57920)
  • [CLEANUP] Remove unnecessary @todo annotations (#57865)
  • [CLEANUP] ImportExportController code style (#57855)
  • [CLEANUP] Improve comments in TypoScriptFrontendController (#57814)
  • [TASK] Improve comments and phpdoc blocks in PageRepository (#57859)
  • [CLEANUP] Fix length of comments to meet CGL (#57819)
  • [CLEANUP] Error handling classes (#57661)
  • [CLEANUP] Remove deprecated filemount functions in BE_USER (#56772)
  • [CLEANUP] Code style of authentication classes (#57788)
  • [TASK] Improve deprecation msg of GeneralUtility method (#57499)
  • [CLEANUP] Remove option "edit_wideDocument" (#57295)
  • [TASK] Readd search string in module "Configuration" (#57486)
  • [TASK] Web>Page Search: Remove duplicate CSS (#57451)
  • [TASK] Remove space in Page module notification (#57449)
  • [TASK] Cleanup ChangeLog from duplicate lines
  • [BUGFIX] PHP warning due to missing preg_quote (#55662)

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.