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TYPO3 CMS 6.2.22

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Release Notes for TYPO3 CMS 6.2.22

This document contains information about TYPO3 CMS 6.2.22 which was released on April 26th, 2016.


This version is a maintenance release and contains bug fixes only.


MD5 checksums

878238d163fddc43ed0e9eaeadd08659  typo3_src-6.2.22.tar.gz

SHA256 checksums

84d6d1226764380ea0b586e55248a9ea505e3e097f1920ef5720a82741376c91  typo3_src-6.2.22.tar.gz


The usual upgrading procedure applies. No database updates are necessary.
It might be required to clear all caches; the "important actions" section in the TYPO3 Install Tool offers the accordant possibility to do so.


Here is a list of what was fixed since 6.2.21:

2016-04-26  412080d                  [RELEASE] Release of TYPO3 6.2.22 (TYPO3 Release Team)
2016-04-26  1adf60b  #75860          [BUGFIX] Double encoding in image title-tag (Frank Naegler)
2016-04-25  ec7b229  #75519          [BUGFIX] Remember not rendered checkboxes in TCA treeSelect (Frans Saris)
2016-04-20  576677d  #73735          [BUGFIX] Check if folder is within the filemount (Frans Saris)
2016-04-18  8513140  #75548          [BUGFIX] RTE: Show content of link style dropdown again (Markus Klein)
2016-04-18  aed3061  #73567          [BUGFIX] Ignore cURL proxy header block (Albrecht Köhnlein)
2016-04-12  0dd0ce1                  [TASK] Set TYPO3 version to 6.2.22-dev (TYPO3 Release Team)

Past Release Notes

If you have skipped one or more versions while upgrading to this version, please make sure to read the ReleaseNotes of these versions as well.