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TYPO3 Dialogue Days

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Welcome to Dialogue Days

The TYPO3 Association (T3A) is proud to announce the Dialogue Days. It is a new event and the first time we try this concept. If it turns out to be successful, we will add the Dialogue Days to the list of official events like the Snowboard Tour, the TYPO3 Conference, and the Developer Days.

What are the Dialogue Days about?

As a Swiss association we have to hold a yearly General Assembly (GA). The GA was never a very exciting event and because of its formal character was not an attractive event to go to. Few members take the opportunity to join the GA, use their right to vote and meet up with members of the board, the expert advisory board or the business control committee of the TYPO3 Association. One of our major goals as an Association is to improve the communication towards our community and members. It is our vision to act as bridge builders to support our products success, to uphold the spirit in the community, and to act as a professional organisation to the outside world.

Combining the General Assembly with the “TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015: share, inspire, work” provides us, as an association, the possibility to share this vision with the community and to involve you. What we aim for at the event is to have the different teams meet at one location and have joint teams sprints. It provides the basis to build “cross team / mixed teams” and to work on interdisciplinary issues. One major goal is to create an intense dialogue between the TYPO3 Association and all the TYPO3 teams.

Our goals in details are:

  • visualise the work of the TYPO3 Association and provide transparency inspiring people to participate in the TYPO3 project,
  • improve the interaction with our members,
  • communicate with members about their expectations and problems,
  • attract more members or potential contributors for teams, working groups, committees or official bodies (Board, EAB, BCC),
  • involve active contributors and people of our community.

TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015

All Informations about the TYPO3 Dialogue Days 2015