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TYPO3 Neos

This is the wiki homepage of the TYPO3 Neos development team. It's basically a hub to the different wiki pages which are related to our teams and projects.

Team Resources


See the instructions on the website

Further Information

For even more information please visit our project at forge and the TYPO3 Neos website.

Development Process

We are using the Scrum methodology (in adjusted form) to coordinate the project.

Definition of Done Done

A task for a story is "done done" if it meets the following things:

  • acceptance criteria defined for the story are meet
  • Code:
    • it meets the coding convention
    • code inventions are reviewed
    • as simple as possible
    • commit messages rules are followed
  • no workaround is used. There is no technical debt, instead necessary classes and unit-tests are refactored
  • Tests
    • Unit-Test written -> green -> reviewed
    • 80% coverage for the new classes
    • If Selenium Tests are part of the task:
      • Selenium Test run on the integration system
  • Documentation
    • Installation / Build / Deployment documentation is updated if required
    • Developers Reference documentation are updated and helpful
    • End User manuals are updated and helpful
  • cross browser and cross plattform compatible
  • markup is w3c valid

Definition of Done Done Done

A user Story is "done done done" in addition to just "done done" if:

  • feature is on the integration system deployed using the automated deployment/build process from a tagged version in versioncontrol.

Protocols and other (outdated) stuff