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TYPO3 Neos-DiscussionMeetings

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To keep the daily meetings as short as possible we want to introduce bi-weekly meetings to discuss topics in a more detailed way.

For each meeting we will predefine an agenda of topics to be discussed.

The date for the upcoming meeting is not fixed yet

Todos/Updates from the previous meetings

See TYPO3 Neos-DiscussionMeetings TODOS

Summary of the previous meeting from 16th January 2015


Suggested topics for the upcoming meeting

How to make Entities extendable

  • Initiator(s): Marc Neuhaus


Currently there is no way to extend third party entities with properties. This is sometimes cubersome because it sometimes make the use of third party packages difficult because you have no way to extend them if needed. TYPO3.CMS implemented a way to replace a certain entityClassName. This approach would be difficult to implement in the Flow world, because we don't use the "makeInstance" approach to instanciate the requested class.

I had an idea to use the ProxyClassBuilder to enable extending entities:

Possible discussions:

  • use the ProxyBuilder to inject ExtensionClasses
  • try to implement a way using objectManager->get(...)
  • endorce an Interface based relation approach based on (
  • alternatives?

<your topic>

  • Initiator(s): <your name>


<short description of the issue, with links if possible>

Possible discussions:

  • <list of sub-topics/questions to be discussed>