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TYPO3 Neos-General goals discussion

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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Neos-Development (category Neos development team)

This are the goals we want to archieve in a TYPO3 5.0 final release. Please be invited in discussing these goals in the news group. Naturally this list is neither complete, carved in stone nor perfect, it is rather a draft. - Sebastian

We want to keep...

  • Extensions / Flexibility
  • Pagetree
  • TypoScript syntax
  • idea of TCEforms
  • FE editing
  • Access control lists / Fine-grained permission system
  • high customizability (currently through hooks / xclasses)

We want to add...

  • Unit Tests right from the beginning
  • Unified Data Access (no direct access to the Database anymore) and the possibility of different storage mechanisms
  • Relations should be handled automatically, even relations like "link"-Tags or files
  • better separation of logic and presentation (especially in the BE) -> Templating
  • stable versioning (including files)
  • Templating API
  • Form handling, rendering and validation in both FE and BE
  • Events-based "Kernel" to seperate the UI from the "code"
  • support more standards natively when it makes sense (LDAP, WebDav, iCal, ...)
  • more fine-grained packaging system to allow "Out-of the Box" deployment while the system gets more modularized<
  • the gap between FE and BE shrinks
  • No separation of BE/FE at the code level (of course, in the User Interface, FE and BE will be still available)