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TYPO3 Neos Interface/Discussion Technical Base

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This page belongs to the TYPO3 Neos-Development (category Neos development team)

Discussion: What are your personal favourites to base a new interface on?

Please fill in your personal favourites and give us a short abstract telling us the reasons for your decision. Fill in your name so that we will know who to adress if we start the discussion here or in the list.

Traditional XHTML combined with JavaScript and DHTML

It's the most traditional way to create a dynamic website or in this case an interface. Via Ajax it can be connected to a database and therefore solve our needs. It's nearly the same like the 4.X branch and it's the way most CMS's like Joomla etc go too.


  • It can be modified by anyone. You don't need an expensive editor for it.
  • Everyone can learn it very quickly, as there are thousands of books about it. Most people already know how to code XHTML
  • It's faster then any other way
  • Accessibility1: Every browser from today is capable of opening and presenting those interface systems. Accessibility is only possible with this solution
  • Accessbility2: You can load those interface sites not only on every PC or MAC plattform but you can open them on Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and Palm mobile phones too. Even ePaper machines might be able to display such an interface.
  • It's very fast to create by TYPO3. TYPO3 can produce XHTML code without having to load thousands of libraries or modules to be able to do it. A single echo is enough.


  • XHTML is restricted to a set of tags so the layout will be restricted too
  • Forms can't be styled on every browser (i.e. Safari) so the look will be inconsistent
  • DHTML based animations and effects are rather slow and flickering especially on slower machines
  • You need a lot of hacks and tricks to get a consistent look (cross platform and cross browser)
    • I disagree: the effective extinction of browsers such as IE5 Mac, and the near death of IE5 Win, along with the growth of IE7 and standards-aware tools such as Firefox (and to a lesser extent Safari, Konqueror and Opera), makes browser-compatibility a minor annoyance rather than a major technical challenge (Christopher 31 May 2007 (CEST))

Adobe Flex (Joey)

This is a service that is already available for free as Apache Module. Adobe seems to be willing to work together with the Open Source community to give this solution a broader developer base. Basically it will deliver a ready made Flash interface based on user input. You can connect it to a DB and create the interface out of smaller Flash movies that will be put together on demand.


  • Flash is available for almost any platform
  • Flash can be used cross browser and cross platform so no hacks and other browser related tricks necessary.
  • It's fast and will handle animated actions with much less cpu usage than JavaScript or AJAX.
  • You can create a real interface with it and get rid of the HTML form look and feel.


  • Currently the module is not available for every system (i.e. AMD64 support still missing)
  • Flash players are not always available due to restrictive admin policies
  • There are not too many people out there who know how to create flex interfaces
  • Accessibility for people with impairments is not easy to achieve

Adobe AIR - Adobe Integrated Runtime (Johnny)

The interface(s) can be developed in Flash Actionscript, Flex, or XHTML/AJAX/JS. As with Flex, Adobe is becoming quite friendly with the Open Source community. The runtime allows for a bridging of the web-desktop gap.



-I will add more on this tomorrow evening.

Services (Radu)

It would be best to have in mind more possible front-ends (XHTML/AJAX, Flash, Java etc). This way the developers/clients can choose themselves between the pros and cons based on their needs. Building Typo3 as system that provides (protocol independent) services is the best option as those services can be called by AJAX,Flash,Java,Desktop applications or any other thing that can run on a certain device.