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TYPO3 Playing Cards

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At the last T3CON7 the idea was born to create a card game with all the people behind TYPO3. A week ago we just came back to this idea while we were talking with the head of

We decided to realize the idea directly, in order to the positive feedback of Andy Lenz from T3N and some other members of the community

The Actual Game Version

The proceeding

On 09.03.2008 there was a session during the TYPO3camp in Hamburg to identify the attributes for each category. The session was be also broadcasted via mogulus which also enables everyone to participate via the chat function.

Based on the results of this session the card game will be produced by Unfortunatly as of today there is no option for shipment outside of germany, but we are working on a solution. Moreover 5 games will be drawn to all attendants. There will also be a chance to buy the card game on the TYPO3 Developer Days.

The nomination/votings on the wiki will be an ongoing process and we look forward to release a new card game every three months.

Until 01.07.2008 everyone may nominate candidates for the eight categories and/or vote for them on the wiki. It is also possible to nominate a candidate for more than one category, but there will be no more than one card with the same person on it. So a candidate with enough votes in different categories will only be placed in the category where he/she has the best place.

How to vote

The nominated persons should reflect the actual Scene behind TYPO3.
For every category you have up to two votes.
Which means you can give 1 or 2 votes to 1 person or 1 vote to each of 2 different persons.

To vote for a person, just write his/her name in the wiki (if it is not already there) and increase a counter after his name, e.g.

  John Doe, 1 

To join the drawing please also write your own name and e-mail address to the list of participants.

notice - Note

And since this already happened: Please be sure to not remove any name unless its your own name and you don't want to be part of the game.

The attributes

Finally we will decided for 6 attributes at the TYPO3camp. This results will be used also for all future versions.

* Date TYPO3
  When did the person start using TYPO3
* Number of (public available) written Extensions / total number of 
downloads of (public available) written Extensions
* Birthday
* Size
* Number of official Events
  Official Events are T3Con, T3DD and T3Board
* Google Results
  The number of results when Searching for -- "Firstname Lastname" TYPO3 --

On the Card (only Info)

Factor "Internationality" > Flag for Country (On the card)
Famous saying (of this person) or favourite citation (of a famous person) or own description (short sentence, may be funny ;-)

The Categories


These persons have made TYPO3 to the great system. They started from the very beginning and actively participated for ages.

Kasper Skårhøj 35
Michael Stucki 21
René Fritz 10
Robert Lemke 10
Ingo Renner 10
Ben van 't Ende 5
Daniel Hinderik 3
Mathias Schreiber 3
Ingmar Schlecht 2
Jan-Hendrik Heuing 1

CoreTeam 4.0

These people are responsible for the active development of the 4.0 Core. They release all these nice new features and do a lot of bug fixing.

Ingo Renner 19
Dmitry Dulepov 24
Ingmar Schlecht 14
Oliver Hader 11
Thomas Hempel 7
Peter Niederlag 6
Stanislas Rolland 5
Benjamin Mack 6
Karsten Dambekalns 5
Martin Kutschker 4
Wolfgang Klinger 3
Kasper Skårhøj 4
Christian Jul Jensen 3
Jeff Segars 2
Jan-Erik Revsbech 1
Michael Scharkow 1
Ernesto Baschny 1
Thorsten Kahler 1
Michael Stucki 4

CoreTeam 5.0

TYPO3 5.0 - the next generation. These persons are responsible for the next years of TYPO3 and make TYPO3 also the leading CMS in future

Robert Lemke 29
Karsten Dambekalns 15
Sebastian Kurfürst 14
Daniel Brün 3
Malte Jansen 3
Andreas Förthner 3
Ronny Unger 3
Thomas Peterson 3


One of the most important things about TYPO3 is the community and of course the regulary held events. These persons are responsible for the events like the legendary snowboard tour, the T3con and the T3 Developer Days.

Jürgen Egeling 17
Volker Graubaum 20
Mario Rimann 15
Gina Steiner 10
Mathias Schreiber 4
Daniel Hinderink 3
Stefan Bauer 3

Extension Development 1 - general Involvement

There are thousands of Extensions in the Repository. Here are some of the most successful and steady developers listed.

Georg Ringer (just2b) 21
Dmitry Dulepov 19
Tim Lochmüller 10
Thomas Hempel 7
Bernhard Kraft 9
Stanislas Rolland 6
Patrick Broens 7
Franz Holzinger 3
Jo Hasenau 3
Elmar Hinz 3
Robert Lemke 2
René Fritz 2
Steffen Kamper 1
Daniel Pötzinger 3
Sonja Scholz 1

Extension Development 2 - GreatSingleProjekt

Besides the lot of small Extensions, there are some of them which point out in complexity and amount. Here we have the authors of those Extensions.

Rupert Germann 29
Jérome Schneider (formidable) 11
Rene Fritz 10 (NOTE: Rene left TYPO3 team, should he be here???)
Ingo Renner 9
Dmitry Dulepov 7
Mario Matzulla 9 (cal)
Volker Graubaum 7
Ingo Schmitt 5
Franz Holzinger (tt_products II) 3
Patrick Broens 2

Teams + Communication

Organization and a well performed marketing were the basics for the success from the beginning on. Regarding professional hosting, press reports and a superior code there are a lot of sectors, where some people have done brilliant achievements. In this area we look at the persons, who are undertaking official tasks, that are located beyond the the actually programming.

Daniel Hinderik 12
Sander Vogels 11
Steffen Kamper 8
Sabina Loicht 9
Andreas Otto 7
Luc de Louw 5
Rasmus Skjoldan 4
Lars Houmark 4
Michael Hirdes 2

Community + TUG

Certainly an OpenSource Project would be nothing without its supporting community. Supported by the official organization, the community of TYPO3 is very huge and still continues increasing.

Several things like books, magazines, blogs, usergroups and so on arised from the community itself, and contributed their part for the success of TYPO3. This should not be burried in oblivion, and some of the persons behind those projects stand below.

Jo Hasenau 12
Andy Lenz 9
Patrick Lobacher 8
Olivier Dobberkau 12
Tim Lochmüller 7
Antoine Monot, Jr. (Junior) 6
Frank Nägler 8
Ries Van Twisk 2 I would like to exchange my votes for a general #TYPO3 card ( They are a great bunch of people (including me ;) that deserve a card 8
Peter Niederlag 5
Thomas Hempel 5
Jochen Weiland 6
Georg Ringer 5
Alexander Ebner 3
Sacha Vorbeck 1
Thomas Esders 2
Sander Vogels 2
Christian Trabold 1
Benjamin Geyer 1
Georg Kühnberger 1
Kurt Dirnbauer 1
Patrick Gaumond 1
Stefan Beylen 1
Daniel Doesburg 3
Bodo Eichstädt 1
Hans Olthoff 2


participants of this survey

The Winner of the raffel can be found here!

Volker Graubaum
Andy Lenz
Frank Nägler
Patrick Lobacher
Tim Lochmüller
Ralf Merz
Steffen Kamper
Francois Sutter
Ingo Renner
Thomas Hempel
Christopher Schnell
Luc Muller
Michael Fritz
Loredana Zeca
Alexander Heinze
Alexander Ebner
Bernd Wilke
Sabina Loicht
Mario Rimann
Benjamin Todd
Stefan Beylen
Georg Ringer
Benoit Chambard
Phillip Tulers
Frank Mahnus
Tobias Weinhorst
Raphael Geyer
Patrick Scholman
Daniel Brüßler
Jo Hasenau
Jerome Schneider
Bodo Eichstädt
Marcel Hübner
Kirstin Vorbeck
Jan Christe
Ben van 't Ende
Sander Vogels
Dmitry Dulepov
Peter Kraume
Robert Wolz
Martin Holtz
Antoine Monot, Jr.
Franz Holzinger
Thomas Steiger
Florian Schaeffer
Anoop Atre
Tom Rüther
Sven Heising
Mark Marquis
Peter Müller
Robert Lemke
Jonas Dübi
Sandro Baumann
Benjamin Fischer
Oliver Hader
Michael K.
Ingo Schmitt
Onkar Marathe