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Guidelines to ensure hamonized and effective national sites

This info is written for

A) Webmasters on existing local divisions of official TYPO3 websites

B) People seeking to create local divisions of official TYPO3 websites

This info is collected to ensure hamonized national sites. It is collected and maintained by Frits Lyneborg / frits(at)

How to get started with "A local official TYPO3 website"

1) Check if there allready is a local official TYPO3 website to your .countrycode. (Enter typo3.yourcountrycode in your browser) If so, take contact to the persons behind, and see if you can help.

2) Check if you have a local Typehead in your region. If so take contact and see if there is allready work in progress, and if you can help. If you have a Typehead, but no website, please take contact to The TYPO3 association to get info and permit to start a new project.

3) If you have no local Typehead, please contact The TYPO3 association and ask if you can be the one ;)

How are "Official TYPO3 websites" run?

One person (often Typehead, but not necessarily so - the person appointed by The TYPO3 Association) gathers the desired group of people and needed sponsers, coordinates the work according to the information on this very page, and that´s it really ;)

What makes a website "Official TYPO3 website"?

Before a website can be an official typo3.countrycode, The TYPO3 Association needs to approve that a site follows the guidelines in here. The site should be approved by The TYPO3 Association and posted on once the criterias on this page are met

Must-have in every local official TYPO3 website

It is entirely up to the local webmasters to decide what the local site should be about, and what content it should have.. However: There are some elements each local site should have, a complete list follows:

1) One page describing in local language what "The TYPO3 Association" is. (Called something like "About TYPO3 Association")

This can be directly translated and allways updated info from The page shall also contain a "Read more about TT3A in english here..." -link to

2) One page informing who is behind this local TYPO3 website (Called something like "About this website")

As a minimum this should have means to contact "webmaster", and Local Typehead, referred to as something like "Press-relations". On this page also everyone contributing to the work, any sponser, any author can have

  • a title on the project - such as "Webmaster, copywriter, hoster etc"
  • a name with link to e-mail or other contact-form
  • a company-name with link to webpage of persons own selection.

There should be NO logos (but the TYPO3 logo) on this page.

3) A clear and easy-to-find link to "Download TYPO3 here",

4) A clear and easy-to-find link to "Consultancies", where local consultancies and/or international consultancies can be found.

5) A clear and easy-to-find link to "Documentation",

Must-have-elements on EACH PAGE

Each page should contain the following:

  • Link to the "About TYPO3-association" -page in the web. Link-text should be "(C) The TYPO3 association.
  • Link to the "About this web" -page in the web. Link-text should be translated version of "About this web"
  • Official TYPO3 logo, linking to the frontpage

It is also recomended that there is a "Contact webmaster" -link on each page.

Must-not-have on local official TYPO3 website

  • Any logo from any TYPO3-provider anywhere, including hosters. Only TYPO3-logo, and logos from TYPO3-references / users of TYPO3 will do.
  • Any advertizing for anything - anywhere.

".. But has logos from hosters etc"? Yes, but is pulling a substansional amount of traffic, compared to any local site. Only in very special occations, where a sponsor really is contributing with something out of the ordinary, a logo to this sponsor can be placed on the page where appropriate. Contact The TYPO3 Association when in doubt.

Visuals and templates:

Visually the national sites can have their own template, as long as it is according to the rules on

A template (copy of the danish TYPO3-website that is made according to the plans for the general CI) can be obtained by contacting frits(at)

Copying text from

National sites are allowed to use the text from ONLY if it is decided and confirmed that the site is to be supported by the TYPO3 Association. Copyright for the text belongs to the Association, also if translated.

On any page of the text that is copied, a link to the corresponding, originating text on should appear on a link stating something like "Read this text in the original form". This to ensure that visitors can obtain latest from the source even if a local project is on hold for one reason or another.

As a rule of thumb, text from should NOT be copyed to local sites.

Copying other elements than text from

Any web-related function such as the present "Evaluation-center", CSS-files, extensions to present lists of references etc can be copied if they can be obtained from the webmasters of

Any thoughts of direct download of TYPO3, or other download of existing material directly from a local site should be forgotten.

Local initiatives of downloads specielly created to the local site are welcome as long as they are not presented as "official TYPO3-downloads", and as long as they - if applicable - are also provided to the appropriate .com / .org sites, developer groups etc.

General about content on the local sites

  • No promotional material or text that promotes a person's company that is backing the site or directly promotes any individual local company more than other local companies working with TYPO3 is allowed.
  • Third-party sponsors (photographers typically) can have a link where their sponsored material is used such as "Image by Photoman X."
  • In case of individual webmasters for individual pages, a text can have a link stating "This text is maintained by 'Name'", linking to the "About this site"-page, nothing else.
  • In general content and references should be presented as region-specific, but worldwide TYPO3 references is also applicable in a seperated form / on a seperate page.