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TYPO3 and OpenX

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Unfortunately not for TYPO3 until now. 

Available Solutions for others.

Thoughts and Ideas

Let us know your thoughts why it would be great to have a combination between this application and TYPO3. What are the benefits and advantages!

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Please list links to ongoing discussions about TYPO3 and this application so that people from our community can join and contribute their thoughts too.

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working Examples

List/Links of some working Example Websites where this combination is already working. Please describe why it has been combined!

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HowTo's to integrate this application to TYPO3

It is always good to share on how you've got it working. Please share it here with others. Thanks!

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TYPO3 Extensions

List/Links of already existing TYPO3 Extensions:

Not working Extensions with TYPO3 4.5 LTS + (please contact also the extension developer of this extension so he can get it working in 4.5+)

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Typoscript Examples 

List/Links of already existing Typoscript Solution:

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