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TYPO3 and Oxid

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OXID eShop

Thoughts and Ideas

Let us know your thoughts why it would be great to have a combination between this application and TYPO3. What are the benefits and advantages!

  • since there is no Module to manage more content in OXID, TYPO3 could fill that gap
  • the other way round, OXID could give TYPO3 a good shopping-extension
  • ...


Please list links to ongoing discussions about TYPO3 and this application so that people from our community can join and contribute their thoughts too.

working Examples

List/Links of some working Example Websites where this combination is already working. Please describe why it has been combined!

HowTo's to integrate this application to TYPO3

It is always good to share on how you've got it working. Please share it here with others. Thanks!

TYPO3 Extensions

List/Links of already existing TYPO3 Extensions:

Not working Extensions with TYPO3 4.5 LTS + (please contact also the extension developer of this extension so he can get it working in 4.5+)

  • ...

 Typoscript Examples 

List/Links of already existing Typoscript Solution:

  • ...