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TYPO3 Template and standardization projekt

There is currently a new templating project on the horizon. The base extension of this project is called ext:themes.

Themes aims to provide a standardized way to handle and build themes in TYPO3 CMS. As Themes itself just depends on pure TYPOScript it's possible to build themes easily and standard compliant.

Additionally pure TS themes can be used as a standalone extension in TYPO3 CMS.

The Project is inspired by Templavoila Framework, therefore there are some additional extensions available, which offer different standardelements:

Extension Solves
themes basic TYPOScript / PageTS include and userinterface
themes_builder Makes it easy to build the basic structure of a skin, will later on help you to build skins visually
themes_settings Makes it possible to setup TSConstants as non privileged user if EXT:sitemgr is installed
themes_fces_fluidcontent_basic add basic (and nearly always used) content elements
themes_adapter_templavoilaframework use tvf skins with ext:themes
themes_adapter_wordpress use wordpress themes with themes (highly experimental)

The current state can be found on github

Free templates

Commercial TYPO3 Templates

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