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This list is a wiki extension to

Currently reorganising the team pages --Argument 13:13, 22 February 2012 (CET)

See also the current running Projects, and the Mission Statements - please watch the T3CON-keynote-video, where Kasper explains why they're very helpfull. (former name: "Team Contracts")

list in alphabetical order

Name Description
Content Rendering Group Pages to collaborate on the output of TYPO3 including accessibility
Core Development Team Current development and maintenance of the TYPO3 core
Documentation Team Support for good documentation, care for this wiki, help for document-writers
Editorial Team Collect, write and publish news about Typo3
Education Committee Create an education strategy, enabling community members and TYPO3 beginners to access TYPO3 related education easier.
Usability Defining usability for TYPO3 CMS
Security Team Security reviews for the TYPO3 core, Security as a major part in TYPO3 extension reviewing, Monitoring and response to potential security issues, Enhancements in TYPO3's security features
Translation Teams Teams who translate to several languages
Video Team Doing the videos at T3CON
Screen cast team Google Summer of Code administration