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Example how to use this template for a NEW CATEGORY

notice - Note

Categories are the way to go. DocumentationTeam
You can ask in our mailinglist about this

This is what you can copy-paste for a new category:

{{DesignCategory| head=Core Team
 | backToPageName=Teams
 | usage=pages of the Core Team
 | example=(n o w i k i){{Head-Core Team}}(/n o w i k i)
 | seeAlsoAsWikiLink=[ Core Team]
 | glossaryText=The core team consists of members who are invited to the team. It's a bunch of developers who form a group to continuously work and  contribute to TYPO3's core.
 | note= 
 | parentCatName=ResearchAndDevelopmentCommittee}}

You have to remove the prefix spaces, so that it works. instead of ( n o w i k i ) you have to write an html-tag.

The following is the template for categories


<< Back to [[{{{backToPageName}}}]]   |   see also: {{{seeAlsoAsWikiLink}}}

In this category you will find {{{usage}}}. You can make a page belong to this category by inserting this text at the top of the page: