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Extension detail information
documentation state [[:Category:|]] [[Category:]] document state list
licence OCL
usergroups list of usergroups
TER category

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notice - Note

Using the Wiki for extension documentation is no longer recommended. You should add the documentation in the git repository of your extension and render it on or on the Git hoster, e.g. GitHub, see How to document an axtension and Publish your extension

Use the following code to create an extension manual header:

|description=A shop extension
|documentationstate=draft, needs a review, review, publish, stable
|usergroups=forEditors, forAdmins, forDevelopers, forBeginners, forIntermediates, forAdvanced
|authors=Ingo Schmitt, Volker Graubaum
|category=fe, plugin, module, misc, doc
|deps=<extension>tt_address</extension>, <extension>graytree</extension>