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Topics/Workshops/... Snowboard Tour 2005 in Kitzbühel

Let't try to coordinate our wishes for the tour here. No discussion, no leader, just put your stuff here. ;) I'd go for a simple list, since table seems not to be supported by the wiki (they are, but that is basically 'back to hacking HTML').


Monday night.

  • The TYPO3 Association - presentation with Dominic followed by a discussion
  • TYPO3 latest tech goodies - presentation by Kasper Skårhøj

Tuesday night

  • Debian Installation - presentation by Michael Stucki
  • TemplaVoilà - presentation by Robert Lemke

Wednesday night

  • Marketing1 - Workshop lead by Sabina Loicht
  • DAM - presentation by René Fritz and Daniel Thomas

Thursday night

  • Authentication Layer and LDAP implementation - presentation by René Fritz and Daniel Thomas


  • Marketing2 - workshop


  • TYPO3 Awards/Farewell


  • ???????
    • Description: ???
    • Interest: ??? (raise by one)
  • ???
    • Description: ???
    • Interest: ??? (raise by one)
  • Design/Marketing
    • Description: Discussion in a group effort of designers and marketing guys about necessary developments around presentation of TYPO3 and planing activities. Also open to everybody to bring in thoughts and wishes.
    • Proposed by Jean-Marie Schweizer (documentation newsgroup)
    • Interest: 4 (raise by one)
  • Documentation needs
    • Description: An open discussion about how the documentations should look like in the future, what the problems are and how we could solve it, how developers and writers could work together etc.
    • Proposed by Jean-Marie Schweizer (documentation newsgroup)
    • Interest: 1 (raise by one)
  • The Future of TYPO3
    • Description: Esmeralda will look into the Cristall Ball and forecast TYPO3's upcomming destiny. This will be an open table discussion with all the Gurus...
    • Proposed by Olivier Dobberkau
    • Interest: 11 (raise by one)
  • Templavoila - The Year After
    • Description: Robert Lemke speaks about the actual development in TemplaVoila. [Ok, I'll do that - robert]
    • Proposed by Olivier Dobberkau
    • Interest: 11 (raise by one)
  • The Workflow Issue - new developments
    • Description: Christian Jul Jensen opens the doors to his laboratory.
    • Proposed by Daniel Thomas
    • Interest: 9 (raise by one)
  • Versioning
    • Description: A introduction.
    • Proposed by Daniel Thomas
    • Interest: 8 (raise by one)
  • TYPO3 Geeks on the Disco Streets
    • Description: Dancing to the Beats of the Kitzbuehel Nightlife Scene. Forget the pibase classes for some moments and have a good time with all the buddies from the mailinglist.
    • Proposed by Olivier Dobberkau
    • Interest: 8 (raise by one)
  • What we can learn from other CMS's
    • Description: For all us novices on the countless popular small-scale CMS solution, someone could give live demonstrations of the most significant (phpNuke, Mambo, Plone comes to my mind) and outline a shortlist of usability features and principles which could boost TYPO3s usability.
    • Proposed by Kasper Skårhøj
    • Speaker: ?
    • Interest: 2 (raise by one)


  • the TYPO3 Association
    • offered by: the TYPO3 Association
    • description: short presentation about the T3A and its goals and objectives, membership and application, bodies and practical work, committees
    • the presentation will be closed by an open discussion
    • interest: 15 (raise by one)

  • refresh and other Marketing Communication channels
    • offered by: Daniel Hinderink
    • type: workshop
    • description: The preliminary agenda is:

1. status of current project parts:

      • news + content
      • demo site + TYPO3Live

Each is not a presentation, but simply a short summary of work done and work in progress. Total for this section should be no more than 30 minutes.

2. Discussion of planned content

Total: 2 hours

3. round up of suggestions, prioritizing tasks, responsible people

      • collection of ideas from the discussion
      • rating of which by priorities
      • deadlines and responsible people for each priority 1 or 2 item

Total: 20 minutes

Suggestions for the Agenda are welcome. The goal of this workshop is practical input and work organisation for the above mentioned channels. However, is not part of this discussion for reasons of time and scope.

  • CD Internals
    • offered by: Juergen Egerling
    • description: ideas on how to incorporate your *own* content, where to put it, what scripts to run, ... Could be a brief overview in about 1 hour or a "workshop" if the attendees bring in their own Laptops.
    • interest: 13+ (raise by one)
    • day/time: ???
  • Debian Workshop
    • TYPO3 install
      • Offered by: Ben van 't Ende
      • description: TYPO3 install thru Debian with apt-get
    • interest: 9 (raise by one)
  • Authentication Services - LDAP
    • Description: There will be an extensive demonstration of the Authentification Service System and the ldap_* extensions.
    • Proposed by Patrick Gaumond
    • Speakers: Daniel Thomas feat. René Fritz
    • Interest: 12(raise by one) (plus 4 from proposal)
  • DBAL - The Year After
    • Description: What is the current status of DBAL for different DBs, future plans, uses.
    • Proposed by Daniel Thomas
    • Speakers: Karsten Dambekalns
    • Interest: 5 (raise by one)
  • DAM - Digital Asset Management in TYPO3
    • Description: Rene Fritz gives an introduction to the DAM module(s) and provides an overview of the API.
    • Proposed by Olivier Dobberkau
    • Speakers: René Fritz
    • Interest: 14 (raise by one) (plus 6 from proposal)
  • The Dummy User Interface
    • Description: Benoit POUYET (Dassault Systemes, FR) and Kasper Skårhøj presents a vision for a parallel, reduced backend interface for really, really "dum" users. Depending on interest we may form a project group which will implement that vision during 2005.
    • Speakers: Benoit POUYET and Kasper Skårhøj
    • Interest: 9 (raise by one)
  • The TYPO3 Documents Suite
    • Description: Robert Lemke introduces a new set of extensions for your daily work with narrative documents and gives an overview of how to use its API in your own extensions.
    • Speakers: Robert Lemke, Adrian Zimmermann
    • Interest: 10 (raise by one)
  • Extension Reviews - the next generation
    • Description: Robert, Daniel and Dominic explain the new reviewing approach, the upcoming extension-review-power-workshop in Denmark and why reviews are important for your daily work with TYPO3
    • Speakers: Robert Lemke, Daniel Thomas, Dominic Brander
    • Interest: 9 (raise by one)

Trying to get something together with Michael.

    • Offered by: Ben van 't Ende (Sacha Vorbeck?) Sacha: yes I`m in. Have made some nice sites this year.
    • description: Show some TYPO3 sites that are XHTML compliant and explain the technique behind it.
    • description: Show how to transform a table to div layout. For instance guestbook.
    • Show developers and maybe Kasper that layout via CSS positioning is better than the common table-way
    • Show how to transform those templates into extension.
    • interest: 12 (raise by one)
  • CVS Introduction by Andreas Otto
    • Offered: by Andreas Otto and Thorsten Kahler from d.k.d
    • Developing TYPO3 Extensions using CVS
    • Plus: Introduction to TYPO3xdev
    • Duration: 1 h.
    • interest: 8 (raise by one)
  • Cool tools for SCM: Subversion & trac, PHPDocumentor
    • Offered by: Karsten Dambekalns
    • A short(!) overview of Subversion and it's differences to CVS, show some features of trac, documenting source with PHPDocumentor
    • Duraction: 30min - 1h
    • interest: 1 (raise by one)
  • Search Engine Visibility and Visiter Conversion with TYPO3: How to improve ROI on your site
    • Offered: by Franz Ripfel (, which is still building up, only german so far)
    • How to get visitors to your website to take action, subscribe, download, register and buy.
    • Concepts covering search engine visibility, marketing, consumer psychology and TYPO3
    • Duration: 2 h (discussion may prolong).
    • interest: 8 (raise by one)
  • TYPO3 Awards 2005
    • Offered by: Dan Jensen and Mikael Conley
    • Description: Show with the best TYPO3 work in catagories. It would be a great way to check out the work of others, and to get inspired... With nominations and voting before the tour...
    • I have made a page wih nominations/categories - feel free to add your suggestions
    • Typo3-awards nominations
    • Duration: about 1 hour
    • Interest: 7
  • The improved Import/Export feature
    • Offered by: Kasper
    • Description: Demonstrate the features of the improved import/export functionality in TYPO3 and how it may be useful for site maintenance, transport, synchronization but in particular; serve an upcoming template archive!
    • Interest: 5 (raise by one)

  • Object-TypoScript seminars, talks and tutition
    • Offered by: Dan Frost
    • Description: I would like to do another ObTS talk in which I'll build front- and backend interfaces from scratch. Also, i would like to be available to teach / show ObTS things to anyone who is interested. (BTW: ObTS is stable and we will be able to do some "real world" things.)
    • Duration: Talk 1 hour; other - as long as you like
    • URL:
    • Interest: 13 (raise by one)
  • Food for Thought
    • Offered by: Rie & Kasper Skårhøj
    • Description: A short session each night (maybe before dinner, best time yet to be decided) where we will focus on existential issues and bring peace over the mind. Each night someone (please volunteer below) might share their particular view on life, what makes it worth living. Is it love, is it money, is it TYPO3, is it your kids, is it your religion of some kind. Rie will play a few songs on Jan Wischnats guitar if wanted. The forum is free for every one and every thought.
    • Please add your name and a subject line if you want to share:
      • Tuesday: Rie and Kasper Skårhøj - What we live for.
      • Wednesday: ?
      • Thursday: Franz Ripfel - Bringing the world together, example World Youth Day in Cologne 2005
      • Friday: ?
      • Saturday: ?
    • Duration: 15-30 minutes, tuesday - saturday
    • Interest: 5 (raise by one, please notify