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Transition Days

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The TYPO3 Transition Days is a core developer event happening in the week after the T3CON08 in Berlin.

Goals and Target Audience


  • outlining ways to get the development strands of v4 and v5 closer together
  • learning the programming techniques behind TYPO3 5.0 / FLOW3
  • discussing how the transition to TYPO3 5.0 could look like and outlining what the preconditions regarding the transition are

It will be a workshop of a whole week, with an introduction to FLOW3 on the first one or two days and a mix of brainstorming and discussion as well as group work about TYPO3 5.0 and FLOW3 on the following days. The event will also be an educative event, in which the 5.0 guys will show how to develop with FLOW3 and should also give you the opportunity to do some hands-on development with and for TYPO3 5.0.

Target Audience

  • TYPO3 v4 Core Developers
  • TYPO3 v4 active developers (non-core members as well)
  • TYPO3 v5 active developers
  • those who want to be actively involved in TYPO3 v5 development really soon.

The Event is invitation-only. However, if you belong to one of these target groups above and did not receive an email, please write an email to ingmar (at) typo3 (dot) org or sebastian (at) typo3 (dot) org.

Date and Times

Monday, 13. October - Friday, 17. October.

In order to make it easier for those of you working in a company to attend, we're planning to start a little later each morning (like at eleven o'clock), so you can work about 3 hours for your companies/employers in the morning hours if you have to.

Start time on Monday: 11 o'clock.

Map and Location

The location is: TU Berlin (Technical University), Elektrotechnik-Neubau (Short: "E-N"), Stairway/Treppe D.
Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin

Main room: E-N 053
Other rooms: E-N 056 and E-N 058
You have to go one stairway up.

Show google map | TU Berlin campus plan (watch out for the building called "E-N")

How to get there

If you arrive by plane at Tegel Airport (TXL), the best way for you is to take the bus line X9.

  • To get to the TU Berlin / location of the T3TD: Depart at Ernst-Reuter-Platz
  • To get to the AO-hostel: Depart at Berlin Zoologischer Garten

Make sure to look up the right connection for your arrival time at the Deutsche Bahn TravelService.

Travel time from the airport is about 20 minutes, from Berlin Main Station about 15 minutes.

You'll have to buy a "Berlin Einzelfahrschein AB" (Single Ticket) which costs € 2,10. They are available at the ticket machines or at ticket offices (in bigger stations). You'll have to validate your ticket before entering the train by using one of the stamp machines.

Internet Access

Yes, we do have internet access on the location. Please bring your own LAN cables. We'll try to get a WLAN working, but finding spare frequencies might be difficult, so better be prepared for cable based LAN. We do have enough switches though.



  1. Benjamin Mack
  2. Ingo Renner
  3. Oliver Hader
  4. Michael Stucki
  5. Sebastian Kurfürst
  6. Ingmar Schlecht
  7. Robert Lemke
  8. Karsten Dambekanlns
  9. Jochen Rau
  10. Andreas Förthner
  11. Tobias Liebig
  12. Martin Kutschker (Monday - Thursday)
  13. Patrick Broens (Monday - Wednesday)
  14. Dmitry Dulepov (Monday - Wednesday, arrival 9:00, departure - 16:30)
  15. Peter Niederlag (Monday 13:00 - Wednesday)
  16. Jeff Segars (Monday - Wednesday)
  17. Steffen Kamper (Monday - Wednesday)
  18. Bastian Waidelich (Monday - Thursday, leaving on Friday morning)
  19. Thorsten Kahler (Monday - Wednesday, arrival on Saturday)
  20. Julle: (Monday-Wednesday)
  21. Martin Herr (Monday - Tuesday)
  22. Christian Kuhn (Monday - Friday)


  • Thomas Hempel
  • Ernesto Baschny
  • Andreas Wolf
  • Francois Suter
  • Stanislas Rolland

Don't know yet

  • Georg Ringer (Mail sent by Ingmar)

Still to be asked

  • more 5.x people

Hostel Places

As many people asked for joining rooms in AO-Hostel [1], this is the place to do it.

Room 1, Booked for the period 09. October to 17. October

  • Ingmar Schlecht (arrival: 09.10, departure: 17.10)
  • Sebastian Kurfürst (arrival: 09.10, departure: 17.10)
  • Oliver Hader (arrival: 09.10, departure: 17.10)
  • Michael Stucki (arrival: 13.10, departure: 17.10) (Andreas Wolf takes his room from 09.10-12.10)
  • Benjamin Mack (arrival: 09.10, departure: 17.10 (possibly the 15th, not 100% sure yet))
  • Ingo Renner (arrival: 09.10, departure: 17.10)

Room 2, Booked for the period 12. October to 17. October

  • Tobias Liebig (arrival: 12.10, departure: 17.10)
  • Andreas Förthner
  • Bastian Waidelich
  • Patrick Broens (arrival: 12.10. departure: 16.10 (morning))
  • Peter Niederlag
  • Steffen Kamper

Room 3, Booked for the period 12. October to 17. October (One room with four beds is booked, just in case.)

  • Martin Herr
  • Jochen Rau (arrival: 12.10, departure: 17.10)

Beds needed

  • (Add yourself to the list)

AO-Hostel Information

The location of the hostel can be seen in the Google Map. Bed linen can be rented for 3 Euro, so no need to bring your own. A car parking place is available for 10 Euro / day and can be booked on-location. The rooms are simple, but have lockers and a separate shower/toilet.

Work in progress

Files and Media






Jeff's Frontend Editing demo