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Transition Days/Berlin Manifesto

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Berlin Manifesto

In October 2008, the TYPO3 Core team gathered for development meetings in Berlin. The primary focus of these meetings was the roadmap for TYPO3, both the current TYPO3 v4 and the upcoming TYPO3 v5. In addition to the details of the roadmap, the team also clarified the future of v4 and v5 for agencies and developers using TYPO3.

  • TYPO3 v4 continues to be actively developed and future releases will see its features converge with those in TYPO3 v5.
  • TYPO3 v5 will be the successor to TYPO3 v4, but v4 development will continue after the the release of v5.
  • Migration of content from TYPO3 v4 to TYPO3 v5 will be easily possible.
  • TYPO3 v5 will introduce many new concepts and ideas. Learning never stops but resources will be available to ensure a smooth transition.