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Transition Days/MVC Brainstorming

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  • pibase 2
  • kickstarter
  • based on FLOW3's MVC code/concept
  • same names for methods / properties like in V5
  • V5-like file names / conventions
  • automatically resolve views
  • controller & view v5 compatible
  • model v4 specific
  • support for multiple templates engines (view)
  • REST service support
  • routing from V5? (instead of realurl)
  • forwards / redirects
  • TS for templates but not for configuration
  • TCA based active record (tcaobjects)
  • create frontend forms from TCA definitions
  • stick with v4 naming to avoid a mix
  • integrate RealURL for routing
  • OO template engine with view helpers
  • USER / USER_INT switching in kickstarter
  • support for domain models (naming conventions)
  • abstract repository base class (find all, persist all)
  • ORM (TCA based)
  • generic object based template engine (phptal?)
  • domain models for all db tables
  • object based MVC generator
  • good support for test-driven-development
  • new template engine (like phptal, smarty)
  • support for hooking in your own helpers
  • support handlers for different output formats (JSON, HTML)
  • should be possible to use MVC extensions (from TYPO3 v4 in v5)
  • selenium support for view testing