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Transition Days/New Backend Brainstorming

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New Backend Ideas

  • Consistency between v4 & v5 is important
  • Even simpler interface for basic users
  • mobile interface
  • How difficult is REST in v4?
  • Easier to configure for basic users (don't let everyone run as admin!)
  • Easily insert new buttons & elements into various parts of the interface
  • Reduce duplicate options
  • Event based, clicking a button results in an event in PHP
  • Task based UI
  • configurable layout, D'n'D
  • widget based
  • legacy backend modules (mod1, ...)
  • only one backend!
  • documented REST APIs
  • usability tested
  • fast and clean
  • "original" TYPO3 CI
  • remove or revise unnecessary modules (functions, task center)
  • minimize number of clicks
  • Actions (eg. create a news item / and don't care where to store it)
  • CLI
  • more commands like tt_content:123 (shortcut to edit form)
  • D'n'D support (for content elements?!)
  • edit offline (Gears)
  • UI *not* designed by developers
  • tie in BE modules through iframes (emergency solution!)
  • Accessibility
  • Shortcuts
  • Makros
  • Annotations, Notes
  • keep pagetree
  • no toyish gimmicks
  • desktop application like UI
  • some mechanisms like FE editing
  • develop for 5.x, migrate to 4.x
  • save forms while editing
  • make concurrency aware
  • locking
  • automatic page tree update
  • compatible with old modules (Ingmar wants that)
  • save module / window state in session