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Transition Days/SVN Brainstorming

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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)

SVN Support

  • upload to TER = Check in to SVN
  • connection to any svn repository
  • default mode = check out tags; advanced mode = check out revisions
  • svn url in ext_emconf
  • history of all versions of one extension displayed in the EM (diff)
  • roll-back and -forth / svn switch
  • create and apply patches in EM (as easy as tortoise or cornerstone)
  • report tools
  • TER release produces tag in svn
  • release to TER via forge
  • strip off .svn
  • pre-commit checks (CGL, unit tests)
  • other approach: nightly builds on forge getting stored as .t3x (as an alternative to TER)
  • svn externals support
  • integrate subversion in fileadmin (np_subversion)