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Transition Days/TypoScript 2.0 Brainstorming

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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)


  • maintain common code base as far as possible
  • tutorials, examples, documentation
  • do not implement bad ideas just because they are in old TS (e.g. GIFBUILDER)
  • meta language to describe available options


  • $conf array vs. parsed object tree
  • make old TS blocks (re-)usable in new TS
  • encapsulated v1 objects embedded in v2 code
  • migration script for TS
  • install tool option for switching back to old TS
  • 100% v2 support in 4.3 plus 100% v1 support
  • v4 TS parser exchangeable
  • legacy code v1 -> v2 or v2 -> v1 ?
  • semi automatic conversion


  • t3editor
  • automagically documented
  • syntax checking
  • syntax check
  • unitialized var detection
  • conditions not only based on TRUE/FALSE
  • extensible stdWrap
  • validation / connection to validation framework
  • TS-to-PHP compiler
  • compiling TS2?
  • debugger with breakpoints
  • easy merging with flexform options
  • targeting TS options to specific content elements
  • file-based typoscript (read: add automated change detection)
  • make possible to store TS filebased, add TS2 to v4 using different file extension
  • easy possibility to add own processors and new elements
  • make addToList and removeFromList (+= / -=) available in TS2

Development model

  • maintain unit tests
  • unit tests for typoscript