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Translated validation error messages for Fluid

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The Problem

Right now, all strings in a validator are hard-coded. This means, if there is any error in validation, there is an english error message displayed. Currently, there is no standard way to translate this error message.

The pragmatic solution

All errors also have an error code, which is a long number unique to each error. The idea is that we will use this error number as the identifier for the locallang file. This solution with the error number is kinda ugly, but it works :-) We will work on a more robust solution built right into FLOW3 / Extbase.

Please create a partial called @formErrors.html@ which contains the following contents: (This is taken and adapted from the Blog Example)

<f:form.validationResults for="{for}">
	<div class="error">
		<!-- {error.code} -->
		<f:translate key="error.{error.code}">{error.message}</f:translate>
		<f:if condition="{error.propertyName}">
				<f:for each="{error.errors}" as="errorDetail">
					<!-- {errorDetail.code} -->
					<f:translate key="error.{errorDetail.code}">{errorDetail.message}</f:translate>

Inside the Resources/Private/Language/locallang.xml of your extension, create language keys with the following form:

<label index="error.1242859509">Validation Error ...</label>

Now, you can call the just created partial like the following to output an error message:

<f:render partial="formErrors" arguments="{for: 'blog'}" />

Instead of blog in the above snippet, you can use the following things:

  • Empty string: Then, all error messages are displayed.
  • blog or a similar object: All validation errors for this *object* are displayed.
  • blog.title or a similar property path: All validation errors for this property are displayed.

Individual error messages

If you want to face the user with more individual error messages considere taking the property name into account. E.g:

<f:translate key="error.{error.propertyName}.{errorDetail.code}">{errorDetail.message}</f:translate>

First error only

If you have a bunch of validators for a certain parameter e.g. :

@validate $zip notEmpty, regularExpression(regularExpression="/^[0-9]{5}$/")

And don't want to bother the user with someting like: "Zip code is empty, Zip code is invalid"

You could just display only the first validation error for a certain property by:

	<f:translate key="error.{error.errors.0.code}" />