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Tt news/configuration

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Official Documentation

constant editor:

#sysfolder or page on which the news are stored
plugin.tt_news.pid_list = 14
#page on which the news are shown single
plugin.tt_news.singlePid = 4
#page on which the news are archived
plugin.tt_news.archiveTypoLink.parameter = 104

typoscript setup:

Parameters archive

plugin.tt_news.enableArchiveDate >
plugin.tt_news.enableArchiveDate = 1
plugin.tt_news.datetimeDaysToArchive >
plugin.tt_news.datetimeDaysToArchive = 30
plugin.tt_news.archiveMode >
plugin.tt_news.archiveMode = month
plugin.tt_news.archiveMenuNoEmpty >
plugin.tt_news.archiveMenuNoEmpty = 1
plugin.tt_news.limit = 3
plugin.tt_news.reverseAMenu = 1
plugin.tt_news.displayArchivedInLatest = 1

##separting languages
plugin.tt_news.showNewsWithoutDefaultTranslation = 1

Parameter drawing

Build a lib.newslatest object that you can use in TypoScript on any page:

# displayCurrentRecord : list drawing
tt_news.displayCurrentRecord = 0
lib.newsLatest < plugin.tt_news
lib.newsLatest {
    code >
    code = LATEST
    catImageMode = 0
    catTextMode = 0

When you select a news the link sends you to the single page with the id of the news

Put this page hidden in the menu so that the user can't go there without submitting an ID, an error might appear (something like, no news id given)

If you configured tt_news to show the archives, a link to them should appear.


New news not hidden by default

That might seem strange but it is very useful if your users want to add news in the frontend (with fe_news, which will be shown later). The new news being hidden by default, the user adding a news don't see it on the website. So he has to log into the backend to unhide the news.

To do this automatically you can add this to your user TSconfig:

//default news not hidden


//clear cache for news page TCEMAIN.clearcachecmd = id //of the page or "all"

The cache part is commented here because in my case the news are shown on every page.

But if you have a list of news on only one page don't hesitate on using it.

Fill in author name and mail by default

Add this to your user TSconfig:

//default author = full name
TCAdefaults.tt_news.author_email = name@domain.tld