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Tt products

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The future of tt_products

This page serves as a central point to discuss the addons and corrections to tt_products. The general conversation is done on the multilingual (German, English, French, Italian) TYPO3 Forum. You can also write an email to Franz Holzinger. You can report issues and raise pull requests also at Github tt_products .

The extension tt_products is Open Source. Every programmer is invited to contribute his piece of code to the shop extension or to a separate extension with additional features which is based on hooks of tt_products. Nobody should create or use a fork.

You can get the latest version of tt_products and a much improved mbi_products_categories extensions including hooks for mm-categories in the shop of This sponsoring is needed to get the bugs fixed, questions answered and new features implemented and well tested. This development work cannot continue without regularly received payments. This is a fundraising where the contributors and sponsors will get the code in advance. The currently developed extension code will be published on the TYPO3 TER under GPL as free after some years of funds collection.

Info sites:
German site
tt products Tutorial

Der TYPO3-Webshop
TYPO3 4.2 E-Commerce

Video: adding & editing products with tt_products

Franz Holzinger is the maintainer of tt_products since version 2.0.0.


19th December 2018: TYPO3 >= 8.7.21, >= 7.6.32 and >= 6.2.40: You must set $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['enableRecordRegistration']=true in the Install Tool or in the file LocalConfiguration.php .

29th March 2017: Upload of version 2.8.15 into the TYPO3 TER which supports all TYPO3 8.x versions and all lower versions until 4.5.

4th November 2016: Upload of version 2.8.13 into the TYPO3 TER which supports all TYPO3 7.x versions.

10th March 2016: Make the source code available at Github.

18th August 2015: Upload of version 2.7.22 into the TYPO3 TER. Show the order HTML in the order record of the TYPO3 backend.

25th July 2015: Upload of version 2.7.20 into the TYPO3 TER. Ready for TYPO3 7.4

3rd June 2015: Upload of version 2.7.18 into the TYPO3 TER. Ready for TYPO3 7.2

11th April 2015: Upload of version 2.7.17 into the TYPO3 TER. Added all the XML files from tt_products 2.11.0 to make them available for the Translation Server.

17th October 2014: Upload of version 2.7.12 into the TYPO3 TER. Ready for TYPO3 6.2 and PHP 5.5.

8th September 2012: Upload of version 2.7.4 into the TYPO3 TER. Bug fix: add missing method getSingleExcludeList

10th June 2012: Upload of version 2.7.3 into the TYPO3 TER. This version works with TYPO3 4.7.x. Support for hierarchy tiers to filter products in the products list. It contains a workaround to set the page title in the products single view. It needs sr_feuser_register 2.5.x if you want to use the date of birth.

15th August 2011: Upload of version 2.7.2 into the TYPO3 TER. This version works with TYPO3 4.5.x. The TYPO3 backend can be configured in a way that only some fields of the tt_products tables are visible and used.

21th Mach 2011: Upload of version 2.7.1 into the TYPO3 TER. This add tax rate markers to the price sums.

20th December 2010: Upload of version 2.7.0 into the TYPO3 TER. This contains the possibility to have dynamicly changed prices on the display if another product variant is selected.

31th March 2009: Better English and new French and Spanish translations for the example marker template.

29th December 2008: The extension addons_tt_products has been published in TER. It contains the example shop templates and icons. The multiple language shop template contains only markers which are substituted by the texts from the file marker/locallang.xml (tt_products 2.8.0) or from TypoScript setup. Join this team to develop a common shop template usable for all languages.

The next things that have already been implemented into tt_products 2.8.0 are

  • change of all product attributes on the display with the change of a variant select box

In tt_products 2.8.0 you will have

  • Graduated prices which can be entered individually for each product
  • Multiple variants can be entered on the article side.
  • You can assign articles chosen from a group box to products . Each article can be assigned to more than one product even with an additional price. Support for IRRE.
  • Multi language text markers for the shop template (addons_tt_products)
  • Demo shops at and .

Send me any error messages per email or to the forum at .

Recommended extensions

The following extensions can be combined with tt_products to get more features.

  • mbi_products_categories to have many hiearchical categories for a product (see
  • transactor extension for payment gateways like PayPal, Saferpay and Concardis
  • agency extension for FE user registration
  • addons_tt_products extension for basket icons and example shop template files
  • static_info_tables extenson for country selector box
  • static_info_tables_taxes extension for taxes out of a country table:
 UIDstore = 2       ... uid of the fe_users record with the data of the store
 UIDstoreGroup = 2  ...  the UIDstore FE user must be a member of this comma separated list of group ids
  • patch10011 for a possibility to check the basket content and the shipping country in a TypoScript condition
  • taxajax extension for dynamic changes of the output when clicking on the variant selector box
  • tcpdfbill_tt_products to automatically generate a PDF bill and send it with each order attached to the order confirmation email.
  • tsparser to have an enhanced constants editor which does not add many zero constants which are already existent by default.
  • voucher to deal with voucher codes
  • (given up) myDashboard for several lists: a most recent order list, newest products, out of stock, few on stock

Patches for TYPO3 6.2

Unfortunately TYPO3 6.2 introduces bugs and misses some features. You should apply these patches from


You are welcome to join the team to implement your features of tt_products. (see the tt_products news list. If you have already a working shop and want to be sure that it will remain compatible to future versions of TYPO3, help us to achieve this: Give us a full copy of your TYPO3 tt_products implementation. This is necessary to test it during the development process.


TER: tt_products

You will find the tt_products 2.9.5 sources (and all older versions) with the Extension Manager. The official sources with small corrections (maybe not working) are downloadable from Github tt_products .

git pull

Only the latest code of the master of a version specific branch may be uploaded into TER.
See the tt_products manual for upgrade steps from previous versions of tt_products.

Newer versions of tt_products are availble and can be ordered from the website Shop.


See the extension addons_tt_products for example shop template files.



This is documented on the subpage tt_products Marker

Installation Instructions

Remove your tt_products extension from the Extension Manager, download the file above and copy its contents to the local folder typo3conf/ext/tt_products or the global typo3/ext/tt_products on your server.
Then use the Extension Manager's "Available extensions to install" and add the Shop system again.

Install Tool:


Add these: eID,search,tt_products[search],tt_products[pp]


You have several setup options to configure the display and the behaviour of category lists and menues.


Put your recommendations here. Send error messages directly to the author.

  • Recommendation 1:

If you use PIDthanks then you have to use also the BASKET_ORDERTHANKS_TEMPLATE used for displaying a thanks page.

  • Recommendation 2:

I had the problem, that when choosing a variant of a product and the marker ###ARTICLE_NOTE### was used in conjunction with id="###ARTICLE_NOTE_ID###" all german special characters showed up as "?". Setting ['t3lib_cs_convMethod'] = 'recode' and ['t3lib_cs_utils'] = 'recode' solved the problem. It seems to me that the standard conversion methods used in TYPO3 (used version was 4.2.8) screwed up a little bit here.

  • Recommendation 3:

No extension is added as suggested for tt_products due to misunderstanding from some users who thought that these extensions were required. So here comes the list of suggested extensions: agency, pmkhtmlcrop, static_info_tables, static_info_tables_taxes, taxajax, transactor


It's much easier to upgrade from one shop-version to the current one, when addons are added using hooks. When a hook exists what is not listed here, then just add it to this page! --Daniel Brüßler 09:45, 21 April 2007 (CEST)


example usage: I need to add certain parameter to the "back to list" links

documentation@2007-03-17 - available in the next version (suppose 2.5.3):


You can define your method with the $addQueryString as a reference. Then you can change the contents.

function getLinkParams($excludeList='',&$addQueryString, ...) {
  $queryString['backPID'] = 0815;


example usage: I need to add "global" content what comes from the FlexForm or what is defined by TypoScript

documentation@2007-04-21 - available since version 2.5.2:

You define the method in an extra class:

class tx_ttproducts_markeradd {
   function addGlobalMarkers(&$markerArray)     {
     $markerArray['###EXT_PRODUCT_YOURNEWMARKER###'] = 'YOURNEWMARKER-content';

if (defined('TYPO3_MODE') && $TYPO3_CONF_VARS[TYPO3_MODE]['XCLASS']['ext/YOUREXTENSIONKEY/marker/class.tx_ttproducts_markeradd.php']) {

if (defined('TYPO3_MODE')) {
  $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXTCONF'][TT_PRODUCTS_EXTkey]['addGlobalMarkers'][] =

and load it in the main class class.tx_ttproducts_pi1 using require_once.


You can use the hook at function getItemMarkerArray in model/class.tx_ttproducts_article_base.php to add markers on a product/article base.

Migration to TYPO3 9.5

Speaking Url

If you have formerly used realurl and want to keep the already existing links, then you can migrate the speaking urls by this method. Just execute this SQL:

   SELECT CONCAT('UPDATE tt_products SET slug = "',value_alias,'" WHERE uid = ',tt_products.uid,';'), tt_products.uid, slug, value_alias FROM tt_products,tx_realurl_uniqalias WHERE tx_realurl_uniqalias.tablename = 'tt_products' AND tx_realurl_uniqalias.expire=0 AND tt_products.uid = tx_realurl_uniqalias.value_id

Or here is an alternative php script: File:Migration-Routing-Enhancer.odt

Upgrade scripts

Use the tt_products upgrade scripts in the Install Tool if necessary. Before TYPO3 9 you must do everything by yourself using phpMyAdmin or another database tool.

  1. Upgrade the products to articles relations if you change the articleMode from 0 to 1 or 2 in the Extension Manager. useArticles must be changed too.
  2. If you use the graduated tables then you must once change the renamed fields of table tt_products_mm_graduated_price. Rename product_uid into uid_local, rename graduated_price_uid into uid_foreign, rename productsort into sorting, rename graduatedsort into sorting_foreign
  3. The order to product relation fields of table sys_products_orders_mm_tt_products have been changed. Rename sys_products_orders_uid into uid_local, rename tt_products_uid into uid_foreign .

Speaking Url

Since TYPO3 9.5 the speaking urls are implemented by the Routing Enhancer. In former versions the extension realurl has been used in most cases.

Configure the slug extension:

# Module configuration for extension slug
module.tx_slug {
           tt_products {
                label = Products
                slugField = slug
                titleField = title
                icon = EXT:tt_products/res/icons/table/tt_products.gif

example Yaml file for the routing enhancer with tt_products support:

File:Yaml ttproducts.odt


newly implemented

  • credit card payment via Paypal: Paypal extension can be used together with the Payment Library and tt_products

Add your wishes here

what should be implemented in the next step.

  • integration with other backend shop data, for example stock, shipping services like Hermes, CRM
  • using rg_slideshow for product pictures would be nice
  • it would be nice if it was possibly to select autorotation of highlights and offers. I.e. two 'offers' or 'highlights' displayed on the front page – each time the page is updated, the next (or random) two 'offers'/'highlights' are displayed. I know 'ke_showproducts' have this feature, but it do not allow you to use al the fields of tt_products (only 'image' and 'title').
  • XML product feeds, to import products from supplier XML DB.
  • category support by page. Select category when you create an article or product and save all products and acticles in one sysfolder. Create new page, insert shop, selct list, chose category that is to be displayed, or select all
  • it would be nice if multiple price discount percentage user groups could be added. Ie. admin adds a user COMPANY 3 to user group 1 and this user group has 10% off price (configureable) and prices are automatically cut off 10% when he logs in, or even better - under the price his discount is displayed as: Your discount: 10%. Then, 10% is deducted from total in his basket or total sum. This way it could enable nice reseller purchasements or wholesale. It would be absolutely GREAT if additionally products or products groups could have different discount rates. Ie. Prod group 1 for user group 1 discount: 8%.
  • Always check if the amount of products is on the stock before making an order possible.
  • Create a price value where shipping costs nothing
  • Ratings : rate popularity of the product
  • opinions/feedback left by others(registered users) who used the product.
  • Possibilitie to have a Main product and from there a link to accessoires which you also can buy if you want.
  • Backend module for order processing, product and user administration
  • Possibility to use 4 decimals (0,0231) for wholesale items.
  • Possibility to sell downloadable items, e.g. pictures or software.
  • display error message for wrong entries on the entry page
  • make TMENU usable with the products sysfolder
  • possibility to save automatically if the customer is male or female.
  • More options when showing the variants in single view ex. use radio buttons instead of droplist; show variant price next to option. ex. SIZE - PRICE
  • would be nice to have this module using Flex and Templavoila, instead of traditional TS templating
  • Resize images to a exact size (ex: 150px x 120px) even if they are horizontal or vertical sized

Implemented Shops

Here you can enter the URLs of the shops you have implemented with tt_products.
Please, keep the alphabetical sorting by the URLs.

Minishop modified list/put in basket
Goldene Zeiten Juweliere
KRAMSKI Putter Golfausrüstung
LignoPlant - Der Pflanzgutshop von Lignovis
Traditionelle Weihnachtskunst aus dem Erzgebirge
Schimonski's Kulturkaufhaus
Shop für Sonnenschutzfolien
Silkes Schmuckmuschel
tt_products shop
Shop für den Orgelbau

TYPO3 Solutions

The records are not shown

If you use the Fluid Styled Contents and want to insert a tt_products record as a content element by "Insert records [shortcut]", then you must put this into the constants:

 styles.content.shortcut.tables := addToList(tt_products)


How shall the code be improved in the future? Please send me your recommendations. You can also put a link to a patch file here which you want to be added to the code. Please also add an info to which version in svn you have written your patch.

  • The function headers shall be completed.

--Franz Holzinger 09:20, 12 October 2008 (CEST)