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Tt products tutorial

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This is step by step tutorial on running simple shop with Tt products Extension.

Note: This tutorial was written for version 2.5.2 of the extension, but it should reflect last version available. Therefore if you find that any changes are needed, please correct the text and update the version above. Also any questions or just remarks where the text is unclear are welcomed. Either post on talkpage or make the change yourself. Some more complicated steps have links to pages where you can get more information.

Follow these steps:

  • Install extension tt_products.
  • On the server find the file <Extensions directory>/tt_products/template/products_template.tmpl and copy it to fileadmin/products_template.tmpl file.
  • Create new page with name Online shop.
  • Create an extension template for the page Online shop and put line plugin.tt_products.file.templateFile = fileadmin/products_template.tmpl to its constants and include static template Shop system Old style (tt_products) to this new template.
  • Insert plugin Products to Online shop and select Product: list to display. (Insert content element - plugin...)
  • Create System folder page Articles under the page Online shop.
  • Edit properties of Online shop and Set General record storage to Articles.
  • Add new record of type Product category to Articles page with name T-shirts.
  • Add new record of type Article to Articles page with name Plain T-shirt giving it Category T-shirts, price 10 and maybe some text or picture. You must fill in the product's 'In Stock (pcs)' field, or no item will be shown.
  • Add also records and articles in other languages if you have setup multiple languages.

Now the basic shop implementation should be running on Online shop page. You should see the Plain T-shirt icon with Qty input field and Put into basket button. It is not possible to look at your basket nor finish the order, but as least it is something. More to follow:

  • Add more records of type Article to Articles page to Category T-shirts, with some price and text.
  • Create new page Basket under Online shop and put the the Products plugin to it. This time select Basket: contents.